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  2. hetolaz

    Repaint Requests

    hola me encanta esta aerolínea espero y alguien me ayude se llama AEROMAR
  3. Wow! That looks amazing! Will buy immedeately!
  4. Denzel

    Repaint Requests

    Thanx for advising guys, it's fixed Regards
  5. Holy moly! That's awesome! Well done! Thank you so much!
  6. Took a bit longer, but here's a preview...
  7. tttocs

    FlyTampa's Las Vegas (KLAS) now available!

    Just looking at some of the final screenshots and they definitely look good! Been looking forward to this one for some time. Scott
  8. Nice!! Congrats on the new build and prices you paid!! No doubt you'll like how the system performs with P3D. Greg
  9. HighBypass

    Is Photoreal scenery the way to go?

    Don't forget that the mesh will give you the contours - you can then find more realistic landclasses and textures (better than stock FSX to lay on top of the mesh. EDIT - of course if you have photoreal then use that
  10. And it's looking mighty fine, hoping to see some user screenshots 🙂
  11. astro_liam

    DH selector

    Its below the FMS the button that says TEST below the FMS button that says GSPD TGT
  12. rjfry

    Does PMDG have sales?

    There is a waiting list for a new roller in the UK, if a dealer want`s to give some of there profit that's up to them, same goes for Aerosoft.
  13. Alistair Logie

    Does anyone use Track IR anymore ?

    I have a window directly behind me, but TrackIR is fine with the passive clip as long as I close the blinds (or it’s dark😁) and turn down the camera sensitivity.
  14. Scenery Box France PR + FranceVFR PACA 1 V4.5
  15. HighBypass

    Repaint Requests

    True! It's tricky to differentiate when surfing for images though..
  16. astro_liam

    DH selector

    Cant find it either!
  17. Hi, New to PTA, and I have very basic question that I think I know the answer to based on forum searches, but I want to be 100%: Do PTA and REX work together? For example, if I have my PTA preset the way I want it, but I change the textures in REX4, it will change the visuals in the sim or no? I'm pretty sure the answer is yes. I just want to make sure. In which case it seems to me that PTA allows you to delve deeper into visual customization beyond what you can do with REX4 alone. Which I find pretty awesome. Thanks!
  18. Today
  19. Camsdad13

    AVSIM and Flight Sim Expo 2019

    I noticed AVSIM is not listed anywhere as an exhibitor, sponsor or media partner list for the 2019 Flight Sim Expo. How come? It looks to be a pretty big event and surprised that AVSIM is not listed.
  20. Appreciate the kind words, it was quite hard to get it all setup to not look out of place and fit in correctly with the rest of the gauges. Cheers, Thomas
  21. eslader

    Blue and Green Stripes on Runways

    Yeah. Weird color artifacts are often a sign of an overheating video card. Next time it happens open up the box and see if your video card's fans are running. And make sure they're not full of dust. If they are, get a can of compressed air from an electronics department and blow it all out, paying particular attention to getting it out of the heat sink below the fan. There's also a program you can download called HWmonitor. If your graphics card software doesn't tell you the card temperature, grab that and check what the reading is when the artifacts start. If you've cleaned out the dust and the temp is still too high (generally over 80 degrees C) then the thermal compound under the heat sink might have failed. If none of that or lownslo's suggestions work, it might be time to replace the card.
  22. After additional work today I deemed this a roadblock -- the cockpit panel that paints the GPS screens on are in a file that I can't import/export successfully. It's unfortunately due to many circumstances out of my control and obviously Carenado reports zero plans to ever implement it. So here is where I ended up. - I graciously used Bourrinopathe models (which are freaking AMAZING!) and added them to cockpit - I removed the knob acutators from the cockpit.obj file using text editor; no more mouse over GPS and picking up the random buttons/knobs from GNS 430 It's pretty decent for what it is -- though really the screen could be just bit bigger. Overall I'm happy and done (after 3 days of going at it.) Major thanks to Bourrinopathe for my PM's and the models.
  23. GarminFlyer

    Official Panel Configuration Mods

    Hi Frank, Thanks, and yes, all touch screen functionality is fully operable in both the VC integrated 3D-panel, as well as through the single right-click popup 2D-panel. The GTN's 2D-panel additionally has operative dials and DTO button functionality. Cheers, Thomas
  24. MarkDH

    Does anyone use Track IR anymore ?

    Well okay, for those who use 'Track Clip Pro'. I would venture that a better tip for newcomers is to try it with the passive (hat) clip first. This works perfectly well as long as you take some care with the lighting conditions and it means you don't need wires.
  25. Ray Proudfoot

    Unable to login to FSDreamTeam

    Richard, that should fix it but if not you should contact FSDT support if able. Umberto does visit this forum so he may spot this and reply. It hasn't happened since so once fixed stays fixed.
  26. I only get speakers game dac game Headset earphone game DAC chat
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