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  2. Wink207

    Ethiopia crash

    This is the best post I have seen on this subject for at least 3 months.
  3. Can someone tell me what the beep every few seconds is after engine shutdown, its driving me insane. Its like the takeoff warning noise but just the single beep.
  4. Hello, I recently purchased the QW's 787 but I am having a difficult time programming the flap axis control using the registered version of FSUIPC that I am familiar with. I did a search and didn't find much so it's probably on my end but I have not found the culprit yet. The issue I am having is if I assign the flap axis to FSUIPC and calibrate that axis accordingly it ends up being an all or nothing affair. In other words if I assign the flap axis to lever on my Saitek Throttle or GF TQ6 and then cycle it through it's range of motion the flap lever in the virtual cockpit will not move at first but, you can hear it cycling through the steps/settings, once my hardware lever reaches the top or bottom of its range, then all of a sudden the VC flap lever will move to that limit either fully retracted or fully extended but it will not stop at any of the steps/settings in between. I'm running the latest version of QW787 available from Flight One. Curious if anyone else, have a similar occurrence?
  5. Christopher Low

    Flight1 Citation Mustang and FPS

    So, are these obstacles displayed on your Mustang G1000 without having to actively select the option? If so, this is the part that confuses me. They were presumably disabled in default mode when I used the plane.
  6. ryanbatcund

    Flight1 Citation Mustang and FPS

    I always have had an issue...the G1000 is probably the best you can find for a sim (that's cheap) but all that rendering and computing comes at a cost
  7. I run recently my 2600K 5.0Ghz rig with the 1060GTX in the "Heaven 4.0" benchmark with Ultra settings in 1080P with 8x AA I collected a score of 89 fps. For me is Flightsim a better benchmark and as a have stated many, many times here on AVSIM, I collect 30fps in P3DV4 with high settings and all the ORBX candy loaded.
  8. Sounds more like Taburet to me. I stear away. I recommend to be patient and wait for shortfinal design or orbx releases.
  9. Sethos1988

    FPS in V4.5 (waiting for a fix)

    Well, outside of the upcoming hotfix, there is a way; "In the meantime, there is, in fact, a workaround for this issue. Quoting Simbol, a P3D developer, the workaround is to “keep your autogen detail bars in the middle range until the hotfix is available.”
  10. cyyzrwy24

    FPS in V4.5 (waiting for a fix)

    Bear in mind one thing....lot's of people don't experience any issues, so where they are going to start would be the question. Are they using vanilla SIM, how many add ons are used etc. I am not an expert but task would be big. Would same setting and decent performance on V4.4 be the same as in 4.5? Reading thru the all posts I see million different set ups, let alone PC configurations....locked FPS, unlocked...ORBX, no ORBX etc.... As of now I am the one with no issues whatsoever (made 5 flights, night/day, heavy weather). Slight concern flying and monitoring is my CPU usage...but since I been using only FSL will try PMDG to see if that's the only change so far.Other than that feels much better and smoother. Hopefully will stay that way....
  11. JoeFackel

    New airports in ultimate traffic live

    As every AI traffic package UTL only uses airports which are included in stock P3D. There is a way to add additional airports to UTL but you also have to deactivate some stock schedules of UTL and add schedules including new airports as destination.
  12. Thanks Carlos, I feel so stupid for not spotting that sooner. John.
  13. yellowjack

    Keyboard nor working in P3D after MS Upgrade

    My Keyboard is a Logitech G213 and works fine with Prep3D until the last set of Win10 Updates. I have tried other keyboards but have the same problem. I remember reading that MS had introduced a security feature that had something to do with inserting keystrokes into an input stream.
  14. flyalejandro

    Error lights prepar3d v4.5

    InglésFinés---------------Detectar idiomaAfrikáansAlbanésAlemánAmáricoÁrabeArmenioAzerbaiyanoBengalíBielorrusoBirmanoBosnioBúlgaroCanarésCatalánCebuanoChecoChino (Simplificado)Chino (Tradicional)CingalésCoreanoCorsoCriollo haitianoCroataDanésEslovacoEslovenoEspañolEsperantoEstonioEuskeraFinésFrancésFrisón occidentalGaélico escocésGalésGallegoGeorgianoGriegoGuyaratíHausaHawaianoHebreoHindiHmongHúngaroIgboIndonesioInglésIrlandésIslandésItalianoJaponésJavanésJemerKazajoKirguísKurdoLaoLatínLetónLituanoLuxemburguésMacedonioMalayalamMalayoMalgacheMaltésMaoríMaratíMongolNeerlandésNepalíNoruegoNyanjaPanyabíPastúnPersaPolacoPortuguésRumanoRusoSamoanoSerbioShonaSindhiSomalíSotho meridionalSuajiliSuecoSundanésTagaloTailandésTamilTayikoTeluguTurcoUcranianoUrduUzbekoVietnamitaXhosaYidisYorubaZulúEspañol I think it's a problem with dynamic lights, it will touch new lights. Thank you
  15. Sounds like bad marketing, but here are some screenshots: Orbx plans something similar to FTX Global in P3D. I will wait patiently.
  16. Jim Young

    New airports in ultimate traffic live

    For UTLive it is best you post your question in their forums - Of course, you can also hope someone here has a solution for you.
  17. Today
  18. BrucoGianluco05

    P3D freezes on Home screen

    Hello, today I have updated my nvidia drivers from 390.6 to 425.31. Then I tried to launch p3d and it didn’t work so I tried to uninstall it but p3d was still freezing on the home screen (that one where you can choose the aircraft, the airport,...). I tried to delete the generated files, the app data files, the P3D v4 Files/Add-ons and the program data. It still doesn’t work. Any advice would be appreciated
  19. wings138

    Transponder Mode

    I get it, and will work on it and see what I can come up with. Thanks.
  20. Mark II

    FPS in V4.5 (waiting for a fix)

    Don't assume such update will be a magic sponge, it might succeed or it might fail or it can marginally succeed. Same speech for P3D V5, I do not expect fireworks but just some optimizations only. Until someone will be brave enough to write a new flight simulator from scratch using modern engines, we will be always in the FSX era, just modernized like a good Mustang of late 60'.
  21. Hi there, I've got good news because I found a post at the supportforum of (thanks to member Artox67) in which was described how to adjust the strenght of dynamic lightning on the "professional" airports of Aerosoft. This is the solution: - go to the installation folder of the airport (e.g. F:\Prepar3D v4\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\Mega Airport Frankfurt Professional) - folder "effects" - search for files with an "-E" at the end (e.g. AL_OP-ApronLight1-EDDF-E.fx) - open them with editor - edit the number in red: [ParticleAttributes.0] Color Start=65, 62, 30, 0 Color End=252, 241, 190, 60//120 the 60 is the new number, the //120 is inactive (just a reminder of the old value) Bounce=0.00 X Scale Goal=0.00 Y Scale Goal=0.00 Z Scale Goal=0.00 Falloff Exponent=1.0 Inner Cone Angle=90.00 Outer Cone Angle=120.00 - save the file and there you go! - 60 is an value which is okay for me, you can adjust to your taste. Nice effect: the lower the value, the higher the FPS!!!! - you can do this with any fx-file inside this folder with an -E.fx ending. Happy easter, Regards Thomas!!
  22. Jim Young

    Error lights prepar3d v4.5

    HDR settings. You have sliders to for brightness. You also have dynamic lighting that could be causing the issue(s).
  23. dave2013

    New Release expected Today!

    I'm excited about this one. However, I'll wait until the inevitable release of the first service pack to fix errors that Carenado always overlooks in their rush to release a plane. Dave
  24. Jim Young

    Recent Topics side menu - AWOL

    Thanks for the info. We may place it on all pages but good to know it's back again.
  25. ORBX is developing the TrueEarth scenery which is photoreal with autogen. The description for this product says it contains new terrain textures and autogen. The upside with this is that it covers the whole world, unlike ORBX's TrueEarth where each release only covers a tiny part of the world. Dave
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