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  2. I've tried this build and I cant file a flight plan, I can validate it but I cannot file. Nothing happens when I hit FILE.
  3. Benjamin J

    Drzewiecki to work on Tokyo City/Airports

    What an awesome idea! My Tokyo is looking fairly good with Samscene’s Tokyo, but a product of the caliber of DD will certainly make it look excellent
  4. GSalden

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    You are incorrect . With PTA and TS you can use expressions which are Dynamic tweaks. So your Environment changes depending on weather , sun stength , time of day , altitude etc. That exists for over 2 years now ...
  5. kand

    REX Sky Force technical update 2.2 available

    Thanks Tim, I stand corrected. However I always have the SF models installed in the sim as I think they give the best variation. If I use SF textures greater than 512 (AS4 wx) I suffer large FPS hits in some heavy wx scenarios. Pausing the sim and switching over to ASCA (which some textures dont look as good) and the FPS get restored? I have tried the DXT5 512 SF textures and this problem goes away, but I dont like the blocky square look that low res textures in general provide when up close. I am certain others have reported same, and why would the advice be to use lowest resolution when high res are provided anyway?
  6. kurtb

    4.5 Hotfix - Very Disappointed

    4.5 hotfix the greatest and the latest- you must be kidding if you say it's "very disappointing"
  7. Jay 737

    Piper Aztec PA23-250 (Help Needed)

    Thanks guys It's probably a dumb question but what's "FBO" ? Also, I forgot to mention, I live in the UK. Is there any kind of register where I could find and contact the owner himself? Jay
  8. Iceman2

    GSX update on the way

    What an amazing developer. Good feed back and good support. Puts them at the top with the “GREAT”developers.
  9. Wobbie

    New FS9 scenery

    Hi Roger,Thanks for all your scenery add-ons. I'm using a lot of your airfields in my Alaska only install, & they really liven up the scenery.Dont be disheartened, with the lack of downloads, it's certainly not due to disinterest.Simming is different things to different folk, & as your airfields for Alaska are obviously unique, they are a little bit niche to some of us.We all realise that interest in FS2004 is very much slowing down, but there are many of us that still use it, for various reasons, and, even though we mostly do not show our appreciation, we do value the support that developers such as yourself still give us.Yes, boredom is an enemy(!), Sometimes we just need a bit of a coffee break or 2, Hopefully, this is temporary, & I'm sure that I speak for the many 'silent types' here, when I say that we hope to see you soon.All the best regards,RobinCape Town, South Africa.
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  11. Wobbie

    Why Windows 10?

    Is it not a consideration that newer operating systems are optimised for newer hardware and software, & visa versa, therefore a new PC with Windows 10 will run better than a new PC with Windows 7? Just a thought. Regards, Robin
  12. IanHarrison

    4.5 Hotfix - Very Disappointed

    Just shows you that all PCs are not created equal. With the HF installed my FPS on " normal" scenery (non- payware airports) is around 25-30 with stock planes. With PMDG and payware (EGLL for instance) it was at about 10 -16, and now is around 15 - 23. Yes, I have lowered sliders a bit but I think the improved scenery rendering in the latest version more than makes up for it. PS the EF logging setting has to be accessed from the MANUAL screen.
  13. w6kd

    Why Windows 10?

    I don't remember seeing anything that suggests performance will increase with Win 10. Win 10 is most likely the OS that the software is developed on, so it would follow that it is recommended for best compatibility. Also, I doubt that Win 7 will be continue to be supported by LM after it hits Microsoft's official end-of-support just over 6 months from now in Jan 2020. Regards
  14. glider1

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    7-10 is a lot. Did you change back the cloud texture resolutions which by default are on 4096? That absolutely tanks performance for me with or without EF. 512 is all I can do and would have liked a 256 option.
  15. GEKtheReaper

    4.5 Hotfix - Very Disappointed

    Dear @av8r13 from your update procedure it is not clear which version of p3d 4.5 did you test. The first 4.5 release (4.5.11) had indeed some issues regarding the performance. These issues were resolved in the release of the 4.5 hotfix (4.5.12). The PMDG will work if you turn off logging in REX EF GUI (it's a setting).
  16. w6kd

    4.5 Hotfix - Very Disappointed

    For your PMDG + EF problems, see Did you have EF installed before upgrading from 4.4? It seems clear that, at least in the case of PMDG planes, there's some unhappy interaction between the EF dll and the PMDG panel code...some of the traffic suggests it has to do with debug mode in EF, but I'm wondering if a runtime library somehow got changed. And then there's the nagging question of whether your slowdowns are related to this as well--make sure in your testing that when running without a particular add-on you also disable any dlls associated with it that are loaded via the dll.xml or add-ons.cfg files (two of each). Anyway, if reversion to 4.4 doesn't fix the problems, I'd look hard at anything installed after you moved off of 4.4 Regards
  17. For anyone interested in Beta testing deadstick.......
  18. av8r13

    4.5 Hotfix - Very Disappointed

    that is what i am going to do. the disappointment is that i liked the night time environment improvements in 4.5
  19. vadriver

    Drzewiecki releases Chicago Airports X

    sode conditional visibilty lighting (taxiway/runway/approach), not triggerable (aka PAL) as with seattle ..........great news, another step to "integrity".
  20. This answer presumes you're using P3D and not XPlane or FSX. You'll see more than 17% better CPU throughput as the result of five CPU generations worth of improvements in IPC (instructions executed per clock cycle) performance, but that doesn't necessarily translate into the same increase in frame rate, because there may be limitations driven by your GPU, memory performance, storage etc. You also are doubling the number of physical cores, which will dramatically reduce the likelihood of frame rate slowdowns driven by terrain and texture loading over what you're seeing on a quad-core 3770. So if your question is whether you should expect to see a significant performance increase, the answer is yes you should. How much depends on how balanced the rest of the system is. Regards
  21. GEKtheReaper

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Let's say I like the idea of the dynamics in EF (all other shader mods are static). EF does a lot more then ENVSHADE does and since I can't choose what to tune in ENVSHADE (it's only ON/OFF), I use only EF at this moment. Done 2 flights already with the new TU 1.1 and didn't have to do anything (or only one thing: reduced adaptation scalar) and pretty much liked what I've seen. My flight started at 18UTC in EDNY (near lake Constance). I have water, montaneus region, LOWI not far away and the sim looked amazing. We had some rainy weather (overcast) and piercing through the cloud layer everything changed. It felt a bit more warm an natural experiencing this with EF then ENVSHADE.
  22. Bert Pieke

    4.5 Hotfix - Very Disappointed

    Try simply uninstalling the 4.5. Client, and installing the 4.4. Client. That should get you back to where you were (at least close enough to test..)
  23. timest

    sf tech update rex

    @cyyzrwy24 Please check your PM I responded. Thank you.
  24. Michael Moe

    P3Dv4.5 and PMDG 777 Crashes

    We are alot having issues with Black screen and EF 1.1 wih All PMDG Just in case Michael Moe
  25. Recently purchased Carenado 208B V1.1 to use with X-plane. When calibrating the quadrant controls, the throttle will not work although it will go into full reverse... The quadrant controls work OK in the other default aircraft.. I have selected the Saitek default calibration but no success.. The propeller control and fuel condition lever work OK... Any thoughts.....
  26. w6kd

    4.5 Hotfix - Very Disappointed

    If 4.4 worked well for you, why not revert back to that? What's compelling you to use 4.5 HF1 and suffer the problems you're describing?
  27. Michael Moe

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Yep really Nice indeed but not without a performance penalty on my system. I have about 7-10 fps lost with this one. Maybe some functions in automate mode that i was not using before is causing this. Nothing change in overcast rendering so it must be elsewhere. Is it possible to quickly restore to P3D default or am i forced to do a client install/reinstall? Thanks Michael Moe
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