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  2. KevinAu

    Ethiopia crash

    Dellypilot, my sympathies lie with the passengers. They count on us two guys up front to do what we were trained to do. If those two did their abnormals drill, they would probably all be alive. Or at least they would not be having people saying they didn’t follow procedures afterwards. What’s scary is that I haven’t seen you mention the word ‘passengers’ once in any of your posts. Those were the first people I thought about. Not trying to make rationalizations about why the pilots didn’t do this or that. I thought what a shame that they never pulled out their training, those poor passengers could all still be alive. Pilots owe it to their passengers to remember their training, use their qrhs, exercise some crm, and stay calm, especially when the plane is trying to kill them. If that is not a time to remember your training, when is it ever? You’ve been and continue insinuating that I am a dangerous pilot because I am saying that this accident should be a reminder that we need to remember our abnormals drill when we are faced with an emergency. While at the same time you are lauding somebody on pprune for flying passengers around in different versions of a plane without any proper training. No wonder we disagree......
  3. Good Morning. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Joe Zerilli, and I am the Chief Pilot and lead technical adviser at Flysimware Simulation Software. I have almost two decades of flight simulation experience on both the user and development side, and I'm also a professional pilot. One of my responsibilities at FSW is the oversight and management of our in-house, pre-release beta team. I am currently restructuring the organization of our team, and I am looking to bring a few new testers on board. You all know and enjoy our products for their fidelity to their real world counterparts, and now is you chance to be a part of the team that makes it all possible. Lets get the basic requirements out of the way, then we'll move on to the core requirements. -18 Years of Age or Older -Stable installation of FSX/P3D -USA Residency -Ability to Communicate using Discord Now that we've covered the basics, here's what I'm looking for: First and foremost, I'm looking for people who are willing to commit. If your idea of testing is getting a copy of the pre-release candidate, flying it around a bunch, and barely having any contact with the developer, this position is not for you. Our core development team is in "the office" (our discord server) just about every evening, working together. While we certainly don't expect this of our testers, we want folks who have an interest in being an active participant and member of the team. We'd like you to spend some time with us when you can. We exchange some great info, work hard, and have a few good laughs along the way. Second, I'm after experience. Many of you have decades of flight simulation experience, but have never set foot in a real cockpit. We'd love to chat with you. I'll be the first one to tell you that there are significant differences between real life and the sim, and you're extensive experience in the latter is exceptionally valuable. On the flip side, maybe you have a significant amount of real world experience, but you're new to the FS world. That's okay too! People like you help us make the gap between real life and simulation disappear. Ideally, a healthy balance of both real world aviation and simulation experience is what we're after. This is not to suggest, however, that we don't value a hefty quantity of either one. Finally, we're looking for team players. Our ability to work together ultimately determines our success. If being a part of the team is something you may be interested in, please private message this account with an introduction to yourself, and a summary of your aviation and/or simulation background. Each one of our candidates will be required to participate in a Discord interview which will give us an opportunity to get to know you, and see if we're a good fit for each other. I'm looking forward to speaking with all of you!
  4. P_7878

    KH1356 KPDX-PHNL

    Good to know Aloha Air Cargo continues to fly after parent Aloha Airlines ceased operations. Nice pictures!
  5. Thanks, Mark. It always feels good to come across a place (or plane) around here, that one has had some association with (in RL) in the past. And, about VFR Real 3D photo scenery U.K., I recall you had posted a few pictures here. That’s good stuff!
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  7. You will have to get one of the free photo storage/hosting sites and copy/paste the direct link that it will give you when you store your screenshot. You can use Google Photos, Flickr, Photobucket, Imgur, etc.
  8. I was broken hearted when they had to close their site, so great that Sean has reappeared and helped us previous customers with this info. I have re-installed both aircraft no problem, beautiful. This sort of service is why I will continue to follow him and purchase his products - the Diamond, yes Caranado has it, but they don't give the service that Sean and in the past Rob, give, and he deserves our support. Don
  9. Sorry, Ryan, I don't know how to attach screenshot. I converted screenshot png file to jpg file but I don see how to attach it. I'll have to research it. Thanks.
  10. FreeBird(Josh)

    Flight simulation hardware is too expensive

    Flight sim hardware is a boutique kind of business so that is why the high price. Ive built a reasonable flightsim cockpit one piece at a time over several years. I have gone thru three different designs to where i am today. Its designed for single and twin engine airplanes with a TPM and a TQ6 and you can also change between yoke and joystick depending on what I want to fly. I like to go to the next level but that's about 20 grand. Just go slow get what you can afford now and enjoy it and then just keep adding and eventfully you will get there. Next for me is a G1000 trainer. Good Luck Josh
  11. In real life I use my 750 for moving map and ADSB traffic. Enroute the 650 is usually on nearest airport and approach I change to default nav page.
  12. I think he is not making the most of these fantastic instruments. I use only 750 for the navigation, I read about people using one 750, for navigation and other for checklist, and some one the 650 keep it for TICAS! And which configuration do you fly with?
  13. ryanbatcund

    King Air 350 Mystery Symbol

    Can you grab a screenshot of it? There are some floating menu options for the AFL king air that will show up if you mouse over to the left ish side of the screen. I presume you're writing about the Airfoil labs?
  14. byork

    Landing/Taxi lights

    Well, we're not Voice Buddy, we're trying to be a realistic crew simulation first and foremost 🙂 But I'll add your idea the list of possible things to update. Cheers,
  15. Armed with experience form the CV1, I knew I would need some prescription inserts, and I ordered them (from Widmo) the same day I ordered the Rift S. It worked out perfectly, and the lenses arrived almost a month later from Poland...... On the same days as my new Rift arrived. Installation was quick... Once I stopped scratching my head and figured out I had to pry away part of the Rift S lens assembly. And yes, they work great!
  16. Jevon, Fantastic work with the mod! Your setup instructions worked without a hitch on the latest P3D 4.5. Everything went well and I haven't encountered any issues, logged about 20+ hrs of flight time. I tried flying RNAV/LPV approaches and VNAV was working as intended. Even tried GPS 3deg visual approaches and she had correctly captured the glideslope. I also own the other S550 jet that comes with an official GTN750 configuration and I found that I've been spending more time flying the CJ2+ mod you created.
  17. I purchased the King Air 350 yesterday, then installed it and registered it. Now, every time I load up the King Air, there is this airplane? symbol on the screen. I don't know what it means and I don't know how to get rid of it. It only shows up when I load the Airfoillabs' King Air. I couldn't find anything in the manual that addresses it. Any info on how to get rid of it would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Gerry
  18. Flic1

    Drzewiecki releases Chicago Airports X

    I can understand that but I don't think it's that big of a deal. You can always just use the 10/28's. I just did a flight departing on 9R and the scenery has the runway extended so yeah, it didn't show up correctly on my Navigraph charts but it really was no big deal. It's a great scenery and well worth it. Performance was much better than I expected to encounter as well. Happy to be able to fly into KORD once again as it has been a long time!
  19. ryanbatcund

    Single shot of the queen

    Nice pic!
  20. It seems not. The gauges load EXCEPT for the FMC, EADI, EHSI, and upper & lower EICAS. They are kinda important. My best guess is that something in those gauges is hardcoded to want the QW757 installed into \P3D\. I can't even copy the QW gauges into P3D\Gauges and then point the xml component to that dir. Even THAT does not work. Those gauges must be trying to phone home to the other QW data files and want them in a specific location...probably for example the Navigraph data, which they might have hardcoded to look at \P3D\Qualitywings\Navigraph as opposed to D:\AIRCRAFT\QW757\Qualitywings\Navigraph. Hence my conclusion about hardcoding in those specific gauges... I still have some tricks up my sleeve though.
  21. pads103

    SXAD working on KSAT

    inibuilds has developed dynamic lighting for KHOU, KBNA, KBHM and is working on KPNS if you're interested
  22. w6kd

    4.5 Hotfix - Very Disappointed

    I use the "run=" facility in FSUIPC to load it after P3D is up and running.
  23. vadriver

    Drzewiecki releases Chicago Airports X

    alex ..... can we wait for 2 years as per KORD Runway Development
  24. w6kd

    Installing GSX Level 1

    Yeah, OK, was getting that crossed up with the time limited demos on unactivated FSDT airports.
  25. 188AHC

    Proflight Simulator Scammers back at it

    I agree. I access the site on my phone frequently and I have difficulty reading red script also. No problem on my PC though. I do like that John was trying to brighten things up though.
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