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  2. I did a test on a 2080ti Rift CV1. Adding one window to P3D draws about 5-10% more GPU load. Adding more windows didn't increase load further.
  3. glider1

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Thanks tried it but couldn't get it working. I set EF smoothing off which turns off fog mode. I adjusted AS4 visibility to max. I turned on EF smoothing which turned on fog mode. No change to visibility. EF left it at AS4 max. Anyway, problem is that we need to set limits to visibility even if EF were auto controlling it because of performance issues.
  4. asaf3866

    a330 texture problem

    Thank you for reply. I tried DX10. Only Body and engines black rest of aircraft is working (cocpit, sound,..) I don't know how I can upload a Photo
  5. Buffy Foster

    4.5 Hot fix update

    I use this guide:
  6. jabloomf1230

    How to request a specific runway?

    I'm away from my flightsim computer ATM but I'll check out the default KNLC on Tuesday.
  7. DavidP

    Has Carenado Taken a Hiatus

    With the northern summer approaching maybe they are taking a holiday.
  8. mwilk


    I'm not sure what the deal is. Ever since FSL updated the A320 for the 4.5HF, my FSL performance has been terrible. It's fine with my other addon aircraft.
  9. The flashlight app appears to not work. I cannot select 'Lamp on' or 'Lamp off', and the Location drop down menu is not populated with any choices.
  10. Hi, Just a couple of images showing of P3Dv4.5HF1 with the amazing FSLA320 combined with EF and ASP4. thanks still inflight to Portland :-) Michael Moe
  11. There is no need to run as Administrator and RXP recommends that you do not!
  12. Hi Herbert I disabled my firewall and auto-protect virus scanner before installing (as I do for everything). Then I simply unzipped and ran the "rxpGTN-750-FSIM.exe" file as Administrator, accepting all the default options for file installation. I launched FSX:SE and then used the in-sim menus to configure the RXP. I found the whole installation process to be straightforward and typical of most such installations. If you are having problems then perhaps check that you are running the RXP installation and your sim as "Administrator" and also check that your virus scanner is not removing any installation files which are critical to the installation. Does this help you?
  13. I don't use XPlane much but this sounds like a nav database/scenery thing. The GTN database has nothing to do with the scenery contained in the sim - in other words, have you got UK scenery properly installed in XPlane?
  14. Simply ran the Flight 1 wrapper, supplied the required information and let it do its thing.
  15. MatureAviator

    Razbam Metroliner Released

    @ EchoCharley I too, bought the SA-227 program from Razbam and after multiple failed attempts to contact about inability to download contacted PayPal, who was also unable to contact Razbam, and subsequently reversed the funds. Please share the email that you were successful with. Razbam only charges $10 for the version compatible with both Prepar3d and FS. Which base program are you using? Any comments?I intend to fly the real world 227 and am looking for any and all available aids to become familiar with this a/c. Thanks in advance, Bill
  16. Today
  17. Well, I'm going to take advantage of this and try out VR for the first time. I've always been afraid to try it out because the resolution seemed too low to really enjoy the experience, but from reviews, this model is supposed to have improved resolution and gets rid of that "screen door" effect. I appreciate you posting about this sale. When I get it and try it out, I'll post to give my opinion of my experience with the unit. Thank you, Bob
  18. Automatically triggering a flow when reaching some special condition has been requested several times before if I remember correctly. I guess it should be possible for MCE to achieve this because there already are some condition triggered events like the speed callouts on takeoff or the ten thousand feet callout. On the other hand this would be a new source of trouble if the condition is not recognized properly - and that might be a different problem for every addon aircraft (compare the other thread where a user reports getting the ten tousand feet call at 31.000 ft...). Your real life context is very much appreciated; always interesting to read for armchair pilots like me and hopefully a welcome guidance for the devs. For the 10.000 ft flow I use a flow called "ten thousand" for the climb and "ten thousand feet" for the descend. Is a short verbal interaction like that unrealistic? Wouldn't it be possible to have some kind of editable ini-file which contains all commands to be overridden by custom flow commands? I also had to work around that on several occasions.
  19. That’s exactly the file I deleted when I lose the textures in the first place. The files are back where they were deleted from and everything seems normal until I have no aircraft or scenery textures
  20. charliearon

    a330 texture problem

    Tried it and it seems fine! Are you sure you have DX10 preview unchecked and have restarted your Sim?
  21. Can you explain how you did it ? For whatever reason I cannot do it. Very much appreciated. Paul 12
  22. I deleted the files I read off the FSDT forum and it worsened the issue
  23. Oh my word, I hope you didn't delete all those folders, they are pretty crucial for the sim. Restore them if you haven't emptied your recycle bin. To delete your shader cache, you delete the C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Shaders <- Only that last folder, 'Shaders', as that will create a new one. If you wanted to restore your shaders to its original state, you either needed a backup of your ShadersHLSL folder or you have to re-install the 'client' of P3D (and save the default ShadersHLSL for future reference).
  24. You are supposed to ONLY delete the compiled shader files in "\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Shaders". This will force the rebuild next time you start the sim (but in 4.5 it can be done from within the simulator too). What else did you delete exactly? Best regards
  25. These 3 Prepar3D v4 folders as was suggested on the FSDT forums. I wanted to rebuild shaders etc to fix a missing texture issue. C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4
  26. Did you delete your shader cache or the ShadersHLSL?
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