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  2. pueblov

    LorbyFlashlight no run

    I have them all by escenery area as well and the effects add them to the same name in add-ons. asi A question if I put all in one addons I have to create a separate folder of effects and copy all the effects there or I can add the effects one by one per airport that you recommend.
  3. tooting


    your guessing its only 30 with the issue. Same as when Andrew from FSL said he had 1000s of happy customers because hes sold over 1000 units. Both are bent statements and you know it. Youre fudging stats and presuming based upon what happens on a forumn that mathis decides whats right and wrong. I can assure you the reputation of aerosoft amonst the community has gone down in the 5 years and by mathias deleting posts on his forumn hasnt helped him either. Once again if you can read peoples mind and pin it down to a round 30, then once again please do my lottery numbers next week you must have super powers
  4. Hi, I apologise I am replying late-Was having a fantastic gliding day 😄. I am using a Be Quiet! Pure rock CPU cooler-BK009. My CPU is at 4.5Ghz with temps never really going above 70c... So I might have to replace the cooler if I want higher FPS So does this mean it is better to have a more powerful CPU than a GPU? If I did upgrade I will have to check the space, this is a large cooler. I have an Aerocool AERO 800 windowed gaming case, but I can check with the guys who built it at aria pc to see if this will fit. The i5 8600K doesn't do hyperthreading. Is it better to have it or not? So in conclusion, it would be better to upgrade my CPU (might need a better cooler), but eventually, I will start hitting the 6GB VRAM on the GTX 1060. So to make the build stable I wil need to upgrade both CPU and GPU. If I get the i7 9700K, would I have to change motherboards? I have Z370-P. Then I would upgrade my GPU to an RTX 2070 or to save money a non-crypto mined GTX 1080. Hi @rjfry I have seen Jayz video already its an interesting watch. I'll try this and get back to you on the results. 🙂 Thanks for the support, Ollie.
  5. Thanks for sharing this. Really contributed to my understanding of the existing technology. Sounds like a good bit of the cost could be the custom glass lens.
  6. Garys

    Ethiopia crash

    If the aircraft is stalling you want a heavier feel on the control yoke not lighter. It doesn't push the control column forward but it reduces the amount of hydraulic pressure in the FCC to 800psi if I recall to induce the heavier feel so no it is not incorrect but its not a MCAS function, its the same on the NG as well.
  7. Reader

    Ethiopia crash

    Thanks. Is the part about "give a steady increase in stick force as the stall is approached as required by regulation" incorrect? Once again, I am the uninformed here but if the aircraft thinks it is stalling because the AoA reading is faulty, is there not an indication to the pilot through the yoke, even though it is not stalling?
  8. meroglu555


    hii Matt, I think solved... :)) "all disable third-party apps"
  9. Well, let's see...SO EVERYONE WHO USES P3D like myself can be aware of this EXCITING DEVELOPMENT--very likely this product WILL BE available for P3D as TE England N/S is or will be shortly. This is how we learn new things Fargo, we get out of our tiny box for a few seconds every once in a while.
  10. DaveCT2003


    Respectfully, there is no need to guess at this. You can simply go to our Airbus forums and see that is not the case. Guessing only hurts the community.
  11. Lorby_SI

    LorbyFlashlight no run

    Sure, no problem. The stacktrace indicated that the app couldn't read its own config file. Maybe something crashed it when you were using it the first time, or the AntiVirus interfered. Scenery: as long as you don't start moving BGL files around, you should be fine. Were you adding \scenery and \texture separately? Or as a single scenery area (as you should)? Best regards
  12. mbismail

    Repaint Requests

    Request a repaint of Air Botswana
  13. Great video friend, the bit at the end was funny! I will sub your YT channel, look forward to more reviews.
  14. This looks just amazing and shows the power of a next gen engine as opposed the creaking ESP I was using in FSX. As others have pointed out - once XP11 sorts out its seasons, weather & ATC it will have REALLY arrived :) I jumped ship to XP11 a year ago and uninalled FSX last week, wasnt easy to do, like saying bye to an old friend but I want to deal with just one sim and its gonna be the new one.
  15. alexgorider

    Payload Problem

    Hello mike777 I have the same problem and I reinstall all more than 1 times but it not change how I can fix it
  16. The add-on is FS pilotshop product. FS pilotshop Backup software disc; FRP-235. you can find Regards Kenneth Leerdam
  17. duckbilled

    Carenado ATR42-500 Announced

    I plan to get the ATR in the near future. It looks great. I look at systems depth like this: For aircraft that I'm going to fly on a regular basis, I think more systems depth is nice. The current offerings for the A320 series, although I know FSLabs ones is deeper than the Aerosoft, are generally what I'd be looking for along with the NGX. Since there are a lot of airlines that fly these and they are flown all over the world, the typical enthusiast will have a lot of opportunities to learn how to fly the aircraft. Of course, for those that prefer long haul, the same goes for the 747 and 777 offerings from PMDG. For me, an aircraft like the ATR is more like a filler aircraft for occasional use. For these, I don't want a great deal of systems depth, because I don't want to have to relearn the aircraft every time I fly it (maybe once a month). What's most important for me with this is Navigraph updates and a reasonable FMC.
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  19. fredofenua

    1st Flight

    Hello, Right for the HOTEL mode not working. Another big problem for my point of view, the Power Management. Condition = AUTO Power = on the mark around 60% (forget the real name) PWR MGT on CRZ : 100% (!) instead of around 70% in my memory So in cruise at FL130 you reach the max speed quickly. Do you confirm that I am right ? Long time without flying the ATR but had lot of hours on the F1. Thanks, Fred
  20. pueblov

    LorbyFlashlight no run

    Thank you very much OLIVER for your excellent concern to solve problems, delete everything called "LorbyFlashlight.exe_Url ..." and everything works perfectly. Thanks again. In relation to the placement of all the scenarios in one place, I will do the test and if I have doubts consult I congratulate you on all the tools you have.
  21. tooting


    People got burned with the crj and probably feel they have got burned with the 32x too.
  22. threegreen

    Ethiopia crash

    What is being said in what you quoted is that MCAS pushes the nose down via automatic stab trim. From simming you will know that when the aircraft is out of trim with AND, you have to pull back hard on the yoke to keep the nose up. The trim pushing the nose down is the force you feel when pulling back. What the author of the article said is that MCAS actually pushes the yoke forward to create a force the pilot has to work against. This is not correct, however. Bert is right. The author is also a bit off on the 737 MAX in terms of how the flight controls work and the overall amount of computer authority over the aircraft. It's possible that what he misunderstood is that the MAX has a FBW spoiler system. At certain flaps settings (15-30) and thrust close to idle, the spoilers will extend automatically to increase drag and thereby increase thrust above idle. It also helps to establish an adequate nose gear margin for touchdown by extending the spoilers slightly at flaps 30/40, reducing lift and requiring a higher AoA. But this is all FBW technology there is in the MAX. The flight controls are all still connected to the control column mechanically and assisted by hydraulic systems. Unlike in an Airbus, there is no computer in the MAX that ignores pilot input and refuses to move control surfaces when it senses the pilots are about to screw up. The hydraulic systems do take some of that 'feel' of moving the control surfaces away, but only because without their help no human could move the control surfaces more than a tiny bit compared to their actual range, let alone when the aircraft is flying and there is aerodynamic load on the control surfaces (think about trying to trim manually using the wheel at high speeds). It's not an artificial feel.
  23. mr340

    CaptainSim 757-300 Released

    Do anyone knows if the base back also includes the windshield effect for rain ?
  24. Nevermind... I am SOOO stupid. Did not switch from ALGN to NAV on the IRS switches.
  25. rightseat

    The Unique Cri Cri Ultralight

    Awesome shots! How's the single engine performance? lol
  26. astro_liam

    Repaint Requests

    I didn't mean to Hijack another thread and turn it into a repaint request area. So post them here and maybe a painter will see them and paint them 🙂
  27. I am having the same issues... however I do not have the DLNK CNCT button and I can't log into ACARS. I have done everything in loading the route via the datalink, but I can't load my routes, get wind info... anything.
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