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  2. 46Pilot

    Slow to Climb?

    Correct, 65-68 degrees of PL. In real life, you feel the notch when reached, it's like a gate, something like that... CL on max could be on 42-300/72-200 series, there is a different engine control, but not anymore valid for the 500 series.
  3. hero93

    GSX update on the way

    Oh man, just repainted a bunch of the GSX vehicles in custom colors. I should have waited a bit longer. I wonder if the base colors can also be changed parametrically via DirectX now, as the pushback truck has a bit more complicated scheme now.
  4. The last comment on that Ars thread is pretty funny, and spot on. The RADAR_PRE_LEAK_64 just means it's using a lot of resources, which is exactly what p3d does. Cheers!
  5. cchiozza

    No FO Sound Again

    Reinstalled drivers (Realtek) and got it to work one time. Its hit or miss. I am selecting the same audio source as Win10. I am running a 50" LCD via HDMI to the Nvidia 1080 and using the analog (green) adapter to the sound card on the motherboard. I have tried both the Realtek and Nvidia jack and have had both work 1 or 2 times. Could this be a conflict? How can I hear all other sounds including FA and the FO clicks setting up the MD? I really dont know what to try next. Bryan, I can let you remote into my machine if that would help. Chris
  6. pueblov

    Carenado ATR-42!

    Good morning dear friend can someone help me see how best fps atr 45. in the section of the plane in the model folder there are several files as seen in the image what would be the best configuration to improve the fps? Thanks, I hope someone can help me?
  7. GEKtheReaper

    chase plane problem

    Well first of all, you are in the wrong forum! Second: you are in the wrong wrong forum! (Read the red banner!) Third: This is a user to user forum so wait at least few more hours before you demand an answer! There is a Oldprop subforum here at avsim where you can find Chase Plane topics. I suspect that you have a licesing issue so go ahead and do what the error message told you to do!
  8. Flieger-Marius

    EDRM-Repaints on the ATR42

    I have been contacted by someone who had trouble making an Alsie Express livery. He saw that I had done a dark livery and asked me for help. Having the dark color sorted out, I noted that the repaint is matte and whether he knew how to reach that finish. I then made the modification and send him the files to make a repaint matte. From there on I thought I need to implement that in one of my own, as well. So I searched for a real life matte one, of which the Guardia Di Finanza caught my attention. Added it to the list, no promises, though.
  9. Noel

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    P3D, FSX and prior versions and Xplane all allow users to set sliders such that the sims become un-flyable. This is obviously a very good thing because it accommodates hardware upgrades, while at the same time setting folks up for disappointment and frustration! I still believe that a real-time modulator (you're only changing parameters already created and user-controlled thru sliders etc) seems doable, at least could have been had the ESP engine been created w/ this in mind. This is what Sled appears to be asking for and not a whole lot more! All of you folks out there including SteveW and itsjase: do you understand why something like this is out of the question? Is tweaked ESP engine simply unable for technical reasons we don't appreciate? One more time itsjase, SteveW, RobA, Luke, all of you devs answer this absolutely reasonable question as no one here has really touched it, simply put: why the heck isn't a real-time user-configurable utility possible? "It would be so nice to be able to configure the utility to maintain a frame rate of 30 and a CPU utilization maximum of 90% and a maximum GPU utilization of 90% at all times by modulating a palette of attributes, prioritized by the user: shadow distance, autogen density and LOD radius, AI traffic, etc." ????????!!!!!
  10. Dear fellow simmers, I have just finished my new build (see signature). Everything is working pretty well, though I might suffer from the mediocre performance some folks encounter with v4.5. Anyway I am able to achieve 25-30 FPS in the 787's VC in heavy weather at LEBL with settings on the higher side, AS16, REX Skyforce and UT-live. But as soon as I start ChasePlane my FPS drop to 3-5. This happens with both the new experimental update and the earlier non-experimental. Has anyone else come across this problem and has eventually found a fix for it? Thanks in advance, Peter
  11. SunDevil56

    YMML Jetways In the Air

    This ^ ^ ^ I had this happen to me recently with a freeware add on airport, and the method Shez described fixed it straight away.
  12. SunDevil56

    GSX update on the way

    It just get's better all the time...👍
  13. Daedalus

    GSX update on the way

    Amazing! Congratulations to FSDT ! They push the bar higher and I can't thank them enough.
  14. sagishahar22

    chase plane problem

  15. soaring_penguin

    XPlane Autopilot

    do you happen to have the trim assigned to an axis or a slider ? In some planes moving the trim wheel will disengage the AP, and with some hardware there is always some jitter on the axis.
  16. Tony P

    GSX update on the way

    Looks fantastic! Thank you for posting.
  17. Drumcode

    GSX update on the way

    They just dropped this on their FB. Looks decent, just not sure about how I feel about the need for all of it.
  18. Driver170

    TP link wifi USB drops out

    Looked and tried everywhere for help and solutions but can’t get it resolved. Has anyone had issues with there USB wifi dongle internet dropping out? I have unchecked that option powersave.
  19. You did not provide a clear description of the steps you have taken so I am having to guess at a couple of things. Press the PROC key to display the Procedures Page. Turn the outer right knob to highlight "Select Approach?", "Select Departure?" or "Select Arrival?" and press ENT. The Airports Page displays with the cursor visible in the procedure ID field. Turn the inner right knob and a window will pop up with the list of available procedures. Rotate the inner right knob to highlight the desired procedure and press ENT. Turn the inner right knob to select the desired transition and press ENT. If there is flight plan loaded, you will be presented a choice to either load or activate the procedure. Use the outer right knob to highlight the desired choice and press ENT. If there is no flight plan loaded, activate will be highlighted and press ENT. I can change the airport ID without issue, so am not certain why you would be unable to change it if desired. I do not understand the part about deleting the GNS and msiexec.exe. That has nothing to do with selecting a procedure in the 530.
  20. SunDevil56

    Is SunSkyJet still working KDTW?

    Here you go Shez... First pic shows Bob's orange polygon fix, note the cargo ramp area to the left of RWY 9L, the orange polygon is gone... The next two pics show the jetways at terminal A and D after installing akuratsula's GSX L2 configuration..... Thanks again for your efforts on this, and your willingness to share it with us...😎
  21. Just recently bought a license for RealTraffic and wanted to try the PSX. Problem is that I am unable to launch PSX. Whenever I try to open it, it just opens for about 2 seconds before it shuts down. No error message. Have tried reinstalling multiple times. I am trying to launch it as admin from the directory "PSXseeconTraffic". Have tried both of the launchers, but to no avail. Does anyone know what this issue might be and how it can be resolved?
  22. Anders Bermann

    Is SunSkyJet still working KDTW?

    Please read 4 posts up. See here
  23. Alexxx971

    EDRM-Repaints on the ATR42

    Hello Marius. I live in Guadeloupe and it’s possible you make the repaint of the F-OIXD Air antilles ATR please?
  24. whammo11224

    Flight 1 Integration?

    Thank you!
  25. bic

    Air hauler

    I found the best method of connecting is to use network mode in AH. If that doesn't help try their support forums
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  27. efis007

    P3Dv4.3 doesn’t get past start up screen

    This topic is old, but occasionally I have the same problem with P3D v4.4. And I found an easy solution. It seems that the problem is caused by saving the default starting situation. Open the Prepar3d.cfg file, localize the voice "situation" in the listing, and delete it. Example: [USERINTERFACE] SHOW_SCENARIO_WINDOW=1 BroadcastGPSData=0 PAUSE_ON_LOST_FOCUS=1 PROMPT_ON_EXIT=1 RestoreTimeOnMove=1 ScreenshotImageFormat=2 ShowMessageText=True SHOW_MISSION_CAPTIONS=1 Map_Orientation=2 SITUATION=C:\Users\myname\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files\F22 Limc Airport [DISPLAY.Device.NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960.0.0] Mode=1920x1080x32 Delete all red list. Now P3D starting regularly.
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