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  2. Just out of curiosity... Are these RealityXP devices DB-updatable through Navigraph or SimCharts ? Or do they bear on the emulated Garmin software DB, and so, can only have their databases updated by the "rather expensive" Garmin database update purchases ?
  3. tooting

    FPS in V4.5 (waiting for a fix)

    I found the issue within 15 mins on my first flight... 15 mins.... Its a blatent one. If they hadn't got kicked loads of companies off their beta team like they did when the fsl saga happened, they would of found it before releasing. I won't sugarcoat or fluffy things up like most people.
  4. Boeing or not going

    No AI traffic at KLAS

    Do you have orbx Vector... or Orbx Socal? Duplicate afcads can cause conflicts where AI traffic will not spawn at the airport
  5. Boeing or not going

    Having a weird intermittent problem with takeoffs.

    Even though Orbx Vector has a scanner to disable their files if you have an addon airport, I found APB_ .bgl files also need to be manually disabled for each addon airport I have. Also using mesh higher than 5m can cause it since some scenery developers do not supply a high resolution mesh to cover their airport. FSDT has bumps in their airport taxi and runways when using mesh slider to 1m.
  6. Bourrinopathe

    GTN 750 + default Cessna 172

    @Igrok-kun Sorry I didn't see your message sooner. The GTN mod needs to be updated to the latest LR version. The AP and other details have been improved/updated (even in the recent XP 11.33 beta 1). This requires editing most of the mod from scratch (except for the GTN 3D models), and I don't know when I'll be able to do it. Due to the different changes, my guess would be that REP is trying to find a line that does not exist in my mod, but I don't know why the "enable package" command does not display any error message. Please just consider the mod not compatible with REP at this time. I've updated my REP version for the GTN mod using the SkunkCrafts updater, but my own modded Skyhawk has been activated with REP a while ago.
  7. I'm currently running a small network (with a router, not P2P) with FSX:SE loaded on the H: partition on my server PC (FSX CD version was originally on C:) plus loads of Orbx, with other software such as AS16, AH2, PFPX, Plan-G etc on the C: drive of my networked client PC. It's all been pretty stable, and SimConnect has been behaving itself for a few years now and I've been really enjoying AH2. I'm well into the planning stage of making the big leap forward to use P3Dv4 and would like some appraisal/criticism of what I'm planning. My Plan A (for want of a better title, armageddon didn't seem right) is to attempt at keeping both sims separate so I have a fall back position, and if you don't have a plan you can't change it. to install P3Dv4 on my C: drive on the server and re-load all my Orbx files as P3Dv4. create a partition on my client and reload all the ancilliary software as P3Dv4. re load all my add-ons as P3Dv4 My main concern are the files required in either MyName\Documents or MyName\AppData especially those tricky ones required for SimConnect. I think I've seen somewhere I may need a P3Dv4 specific version of AS16 but as yet I haven't confirmed that. I might add that all this has been prompted by Sean Moloney ex Real Air that created my favourite plane the Turbo Duke V2 is now at Vertx Sim and has released the DA62. It does seem that every 2 to 5 years something comes along that makes you re-configure your whole system, from Win 10, to motherboard meltdowns, networking etc, etc, and now to the Brave New World of 64 bit !
  8. Well, it's certainly not PMDG! 😋 That being said, it covers most of the basics in one way or another:
  9. I’m curious as to which developers charged for upgrading from p3d v2 to P3d v3? Or is P3D v5 going to be that much of leap as going to a 64bit V4 from the 32bit V3?
  10. Just wanted to bring this up again. With Microsoft moving the Edge Browser to the Chromium Engine, SimServer no behaves exactly the same as Chrome with the latest Edge Beta. No Touch Inputs are possible.
  11. I have always loved this aircraft, only flew on it twice on Horizon airlines.... It had a jet like look, was quite nice to fly in, and there is a nice freeware model for Xplane11. Flying over SimHeaven's forests out of Shannon Ireland... John
  12. John_Cillis

    Congrats Again to SpaceX for a successful launch and orbit

    Thanks for the information, that is good to know. Anything to reduce costs to get into space is important. John
  13. Skywatcher

    FSX Scenery Enhancement

    You likely won't get any higher quality by increasing texture size. You'll just get impact on performance. You can go down with texture size and not lose quality but not up.
  14. JJJackson

    ORBX England Installer Not Finding Sim

    You can ONLY install ORBX products with FTX Central. top right corner. Jack the Swede in Spain
  15. A Falcon 9 is about $62m per launch and the Falcon Heavy is $90m, while the Delta IV starts at $350m (and probably more like $400-600m) and the space shuttle was about $450m. Nobody can match them on cost right now. SpaceX's plan to keep reducing costs is making something entirely reusable, booster and all, as well as gaining experience with landing rockets vertically. This part becomes very useful when landing on the Moon or Mars, which is Mr. Musk's long term goal. As far as launching astronauts go, SpaceX is on track to launch astronauts to the ISS as early as this summer. Blue Origin's first manned flights will be suborbital for now.
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  17. igorbischi

    Missing SIDs from navdata

    Ok, thank you. That make sense!
  18. srcooke

    Missing SIDs from navdata

    NEMBO6A starts at XENOL and not from the runway, you need to get there first via the initial climb eg XENOL7A
  19. igorbischi

    Missing SIDs from navdata

    Thank you for replying. Yes, fms shows correct cycle, airac 1904. NEMBO is a transition for several SIDs, like XENOL7A, but in the charts there is also the SID NEMBO6A. Actually on fms the result of XENOL7A + NEMBO transition is the same of NEMBO6A SID (same waypoints and alt restricions). I am new to 737 PMDG CDU, maybe I didn't undersand something...
  20. flightskyc

    ORBX England Installer Not Finding Sim

    Try using FTX central from orbX website. You can download all your purchased products from that.
  21. John_Cillis

    Congrats Again to SpaceX for a successful launch and orbit

    Yes indeed, When I watched the video I saw how far out the third stage went into the Atlantic, vs the two other boosters that were able to descent to and land at Cape Canaveral. I am also interested in Blue Origin, but I suspect SpaceX will get a crew into Space before they will, although Blue Origin is a bit more secretive than SpaceX. I wish though there were a shuttle replacement, the Air Force has their secretive unmanned shuttle, but we need something that can take off and land from a runway to reduce costs, I feel. John
  22. ray hughes


    I have never had the fall out of the sky issue.. but today I uninstalled and reinstalled the latest A320/A319 update and when I started P3dv4.5 it was unbelievably slow. Every click of the mouse took 20 to 30 seconds to respond. I would press the start APU and 20 seconds late it would click on Turns out it had nothing to do with the airbus update. It was MS Windows 10 security update that kept failing to install, downloading, and trying to install again. (451 times)!! Once I had dealt with that, things returned to normal (Phew)!!
  23. srcooke

    Missing SIDs from navdata

    The departure is in two parts, load the appropriate initial climb first for example XENOL7A, then the SID transition.
  24. Yak 18 over Moscow, B17 over Edinburgh... Both Freeware John
  25. Not seeing the Duchess for Xplane. Guess it’s too new?
  26. Ephedrin

    Missing SIDs from navdata

    The database on the identification page of the FMS shows the correct cycle?
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