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  2. HighBypass

    Moment Plane crashed at Lukla Airport

    RIP. poor souls. From what I could see, it appears the pilot tried to keep the plane straight, but to no avail:. It looked to me as if a lot of left rudder (full?) was applied before the plane veered to the right. Does the nosewheel operate with the rudder on that type of plane (small enough to not require a separate tiller?). Did the nosewheel steering break? Another recent accident for us to speculate over until the final accident report.. interesting, but sad discussions.
  3. Yesterday
  4. I have to agree since I have been using Voicemeeter across two networked computers for a couple of years in P3d. Good to see someone else using it.🙂
  5. Thank you Kris, I'll watch some tss videos on youtube and decide.
  6. byork, Please find attached. Page 123 [Take-Off]. It would be great to have it modelled according to manual. Regards
  7. glider1

    Best helicopter for p3d

    Is there anyone interested in best possible flight dynamics in P3D. Are you using HTR Helicopter Total Realism mod with the Milviz 530F or is it not needed? Is HTR 1.62 still the latest version? Thanks in advance
  8. mdreyer

    Slow to Climb?

    Thanks for the explanation. What would Carenado do without the after sales support provided by its customers (lol)! With the PL in the notch position (white mark), CL at auto and PWR MGT set to T/O, I'm only getting 60% torque at take off. Given what you've described above, I'm assuming this is a fault of the Carenado modelling and not normal, is that correct? Cheers.
  9. antonvs

    Vertx DA62 Config app not working

    Sean appears to be still be attending to other life issues. In the mean time I would try a reinstall and if that doesn’t solve your issue, try re-downloading as the original may have corrupted. Most users including myself haven’t had this issue, so it is likely something local to your machine/process. Good luck with it as the plane (and config app) are a gem. Cheers Anton
  10. Bert Pieke

    Advice needed with trouble shooting

    My settings, as a test.. World LOD radius: high Tesselation factor: high mesh resolution: 5m texture resolution: 1m high resolution terrain: on Scenery complexity: extremely dense autogen draw distance: medium autogen vegetation density: normal autogen building density: dense Dynamic vegetation: unticked
  11. Bert Pieke

    Advice needed with trouble shooting

    High usage on the "other cores" is related to scenery loading.. (as you know, I am sure).. Suggest reducing your scenery settings a bit until you can fly without maxing out those cores..
  12. Bert Pieke

    After Ethiopia crash more troubles ahead for Boeing?

    Are we now into Boeing bashing?
  13. SledDriver

    Hard cloud edges in valleys

    I specifically set up a low level cloud layer with stratus to test this, but it had the same problem.
  14. Bert Pieke

    FPS in V4.5 (waiting for a fix)

    Correct.. and deleted the Shaders folder.
  15. John F

    Out of Provo Utah

    Nice area for flying. John
  16. Very nice, thanks for posting finally a review of what looks like a very nice yoke?
  17. I recently reinstalled FSX on my laptop. Ever since I can only play for about 30 minutes before FSX stops. There seems to be a problem with the license. I have an original version of FSX. Does anybody know how to fix the problem? The regedit is set to PartMgr (apparently case sensitive)
  18. Ray Proudfoot

    Pollypot GIT

    Hi John, I recently purchased GIT so I could take full advantage of not just my MCP-PRO with the PMDG737 but also the switches on my GoFlight T8 modules. Using a combo of GIT plus the power of FSUIPC5 and the PMDG SDK I have programmed a switch that turns on GRD PWR instead of the multiple actions using the CDU menu and overhead. Another switch turns on Engine anti-icing and window heat. Not one for the purists but when you have a limited number of switches you have to put them to full use. GIT is powerful software with a learning curve but well worth the effort to learn it.
  19. 7x7Pilot

    Repaint Requests

    This is best as I can get the Aer Lingus for now, not even sure on how I'm gonna tackle the grey on the bottom of the aircraft. Regards Matthew
  20. xxd09

    FPS in V4.5 (waiting for a fix)

    Bert Did you just update Client? xxd09
  21. Here is a solition I use that allows Pilot2ATC to sound like a radio and use different sound devices at the same time in X-Plane. So in my set up I am all VR so I have x-plane sounds (engines etc) to the desktop speakers. Pilot2ATC to the rift along with Teamspeak, and different miccs depending on what I am doing. Hope its of use to someone.
  22. Though this specifies X-Plane I believe the basic point is relevant in other sims as well. Video by Eric Anderson
  23. coolcatkelso

    Voxatc Joystick Assign

    Hi Guys I've built my own yoke eventually to simulate that of a Boeing 737 instead of the Saitek yoke but, If I set VOXATC to Button 1 Assign to Talk, and Button 2 Assign First Officer, press ok, go back to flight sim, it doesn't work, so I go back into Joystick Setup, and Flight Yoke System (Saitek is back in again) no matter how many times I do, it won't seem to save the option. I've unplugged the Saitek yoke now, I've restarted FSX, and still the same thing? Any help?
  24. Ok thanks. I'll have to contemplate whether or not to take a chance because I really detest fixing things broken by another repair job!
  25. Of course you are right. But the screenshots from my sim above were taken on the same day, means with the same amount of moonlight on EDDF and EDDK as an example. But I will see if turning off moonlight has any effect on EDDF in my case.
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