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  2. Not sure how it happened or exactly when but the default AI aircraft almost disappeared! Every once in a while there I'll see AI aircraft but despite the fact I have commercial AI up to 80% I almost never see them, whereas in the past density correlated w/ the slider setting. I'm still waiting to move to v4.x when I pick up parts for a new build but so far my 3930K still runs well so it could be a ways out. Thoughts on how to restore AI aircraft?
  3. I reckon you'll get 2 more.. Not a bad investment.
  4. DaveRuk

    747 Immersion problems

    Hi Keven I've responded directly, but for the benefit of others watching this issue, I carried out the update as described, and a quick test flight shows the FX are working well, without wingcon when stationary 😎 Regards Dave
  5. Ron Attwood

    PIMAX 5k p3-4.4

    I think, if it's anything like the Rift set up, you need to select, in the P3D menu 'Repopulate origin' or something along those lines. EDIT: Just been to have a look. It's in Enable Virtual Reality sub menu, 'Recalibrate Origin'
  6. dal330200

    no traffic wsss?

    Sorry for my late reply. Everything works perfectly now, thanks so much for the update. Can something similar be done with latinvfr's ksan? For the moment, this is the only other addon I have that is giving me trouble. Man, when are you going to make this payware? This keeps getting better and better!
  7. edpatino

    EDRM-Repaints on the ATR42

    Congrats for the originality of your website, very smart and funny at the same time. Cheers, Ed
  8. kurtb

    Freeware AI installer app from AIG

    i have default ai with aig ai?
  9. scianoir

    Captainsim 707 high pitch in cruise.

    I had a few flights (as pax) in 707s back in their heyday and they certainly cruised with a fairly high nose-up pitch. In fact the first time I flew in one (my first time in any passenger jet) I thought we were still in the climb when clearly we had been in cruise for quite a while! Bill
  10. For some reason when I say “after takeoff checklist” he says standby and nothing else. I saw on another thread that I needed to tell him flaps up before so that he can wait for the flaps to go up and then he can do it. But when I tell him flaps up he doesn’t do anything. What can i do? Thanks:)
  11. A little bit skeptical about this, but let´s watch the discord session to really appreciate what exactly is being offered by REX, and to know which of the textures addons we already have (like REX TD+SC, ENVTEX, ENVSHADE, for instance) would be in some way affected or may need to be replaced by this one. Cheers, Ed
  12. Philipljung

    I cant change to voice control

    Thank you
  13. Sethos1988

    Freeware AI installer app from AIG

    Isn't it possible to 'always use freeware', whenever the "Detected a possible payware-model available". So far I've had to change tickbox and click "Proceed" about 50 times in 10 minutes. EDIT: Ah, there's a "Use Freeware only" in settings. Nice.
  14. flyinpilot212121

    Almost ready : REX announcing Environment Force

    Is this kind of like ASCA but on a higher level? Or would ASCA be redundant if using this? Thanks
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  16. As far as I can tell, the buildings are the ones from Laminar, but with adjusted texture color. I hope they got the permissions from Laminar, otherwise there will be in serious trouble. But let's give them the benefit of doubt. Replacing the whole texture set is a huge undertaking that nobody tackled till then, except for the coming product by MisterX6. Indeed, we need comparisons. And very few will buy the product if it's not clearly better than the default. And, IMHO, the people should refrain from using bad language and bullying a new developer. Producing textures is a lot of work, whatever the result. Pascal
  17. @FS++ Thank you Sir. I appreciate your work every single flight I take. Amazing and there is not one addon I can think of that is used by me that often with so much awe and enjoyment.
  18. tooting


    Aerosoft sold it to make profit, its not rocket science. they were very happy to take peoples moneys in return for a cut on the sale of each unit sold. At my airline if someone complains that the in-flight food is/was junk, we don't say sorry the food is brought in from an external supplier so nothing to do with us its part of the unit (the seat) we sell to them. If i go to mcdonalds and the lettuce is manky, they dont say "sorry mate the lettuce is not our product only the patty is" Aerosoft sold the item from another business (which was defective), in turn to make profit from it, and then they cant quite fathom why those customers might be somewhat wary of the a32x If aersoft thought the crj and airbus wasnt worthy for sale they should of taken it off the shelf reguards of wether is was cheap or expensive. Same with my airline if a caterer comes to us with a cheap horrible salad to put on the economy food tray and we say no thanks and we dont put the salad on the tray or we use a different supplier with a better quality salad. we dont put a horrible salad on the tray and then say to the punters sorry thats not our salad so tough luck, if they sorted out the bugs and got the connected flight deck working id buy it tomorrow, but after buying the crj and never using it due to the bugs Im not going to give them my hard earned cash for the idea of shared flight deck on a plane that might or might not fall out the sky
  19. salisburyC

    Air hauler

    What's the error message?
  20. Chuck_Jodry-VJPL


    Prepar3D - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications Wings Of Freedom Boeing 757-200 (YA-WOF) by Joerg Zeitschel, Tenkuu Developers Studio Eurowings operated by TUIfly Boeing 737-800 D-ABKJ by Marvin Mutz Prepar3D - Miscellaneous Files B737NGX SHORT TURN CHECKLIST for SINGLE PILOT OPERATION by Mike Willey Flight Simulator X - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications jetBlue a220 Pack, Three tails, Bubbles, Barcode and Vacation by VirtualCol, Painted by Michael Ullman Wings Of Freedom Boeing 757-200 (YA-WOF) by Joerg Zeitschel, Tenkuu Developers Studio Norwegian Boeing 787-9 Ole Bull by Lee Grant Norwegian Boeing 787-9 Grazia Deledda by Lee Grant BlackBox Airbus A330-200 SWISSAIR HB-IQM Zurich by Kevin Schütz BlackBox Airbus A330-200 SWISSAIR HB-IQC Zug by Kevin Schütz BlackBox Airbus A330-200 SWISSAIR HB-IQL The Qualiflyer Group by Kevin Schütz BlackBox Airbus A330-200 SWISSAIR HB-IQA by Kevin Schütz BlackBox Airbus A330-200 SWISSAIR HB-IQN Geneva by Kevin Schütz Ethiopian Airlines "Star Alliance" Boeing 787-8 ET-ATG by Gustavo Aguiar GlobalJet Boeing 737-700 N301SR by Miguel Angel Taboada Flight Simulator X - AI Aircraft Smartavia - Boeing 737-800 by Eugenio Zurita C Arkia - Israeli Airlines - Boeing 767-300(WL) by Eugenio Zurita C Arkia -Israeli Airlines - Embraer ERJ-195 by Eugenio Zurita C Arkia - Israeli Airlines - Airbus A321-2 Neo by Eugenio Zurita C Flight Simulator 2004 - Scenery Frankfurt EDDF Airport - Update by Chris Langley Frankfurt EDDF Airport by Chris Langley Flight Simulator 2004 - Sounds Miscellaneous ATC-AIRLINE Voicepack Mod - Vol. 29 by Bill Grasha
  21. tooting


    so long as people are prepared to buy half finished junk, then half finished junk will get sold to make profit. its not rocket science
  22. Thanks for your comment When I changed the values of rudder_limit and rudder_area in the [airplane geometry]section referring to other forums, the nose gear started to move up to 90 °, but I could not be satisfied with the sense of operation and the gap. Find time again and try a lot
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