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  2. SteveW

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    That is basically what I said, in that most likely this level of changes are hard to spot exactly but the RTSS method should be as good as if not slightly smoother. So I said on graph paper 🙂 The RTSS mechanism uses less resources so expect an improvement when it is attending to the cap. How much that is not much. The thing is we know that to some extent P3D can become, shall we say confused at this cap and leaves something hanging over doing nothing. The 100% condition arises with the counting of the performance counters and not the use of the core.

    Flying For the Airlines - Why?

    The constant flow of new developments and updates keep me interested. Always something new to learn. If not a new aircraft then a scenery or interesting new utility to increase imersion. And just the fun of trying to get the most out of your hardware. That's why I'm on AVSIM several times a day.
  4. SledDriver

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    Ok thanks Steve. I'll do some more tests. I am somewhat confused at the moment about what is actually going on in this sim. I spent many hours the other day doing controlled tests, and continuously simplified my configuration down to the point where virtually all settings in options where on there lowest, and I was flying a simply plane, yet my CPU continued to show 100% on the main core. You can see the full report on this earlier in this thread here: I'd be interested to know what is going on here.
  5. Dave_YVR

    New airports in ultimate traffic live

    It really is easy. The only mildly tougher part is the initial setup of the AI Manager and that's only because its new. As far as I remember Atlas and AirBridge are included with UTL (no repaints mind you which is far more common than it should be), but AIG's plans, as well as the models and paints, simply crush the UTL versions anyways. So you will wonder why you have payware AI at all.
  6. Noel

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    Hmm, I'm not sure that answered my question if you will: I have perfectly smooth animation now vsyncing to a 30mHz refresh rate set in nV CP's display settings as my screen supports 30Hz. What I'm curious to know is if RTSS uses a mechanism that can offer the same perfectly smooth animation I have now. I'm sure they must be using different methods to achieve a frame rate limit of 30, so it's not a given I could expect to see the same quality animation. I've used other 30fps limiters with much less success so once I found the magic w/ 30Hz the smoothness problem has been solved completely. For clarity--perfectly smooth video only happens when I have that headroom for the CPU to accommodate those periods of intermittent higher demand. Because of how I set my scenery sliders and having awareness how much the specific aircraft burdens the total CPU load I most always have sufficient headroom.
  7. Feartheyankees

    Flap Handle

    The FO has been unable to lower or raise the flap handle with the latest 1.8 update. Everything else has been functioning properly. Thanks!
  8. SteveW

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    I didn't say that. unfortunately these conversations can get out of hand very easy trying to provide explanation upon explanation. Check it out: I said that the situation arises when RTSS is running then start P3D, but may not do that when you run P3D then start RTSS and we get to see the relaxed core.. So then I said if you set up with: VSync=On+Unlimited so that you can see the core is relaxed - now you can set RTSS to do its thang without knowing the outcome.
  9. olderndirt

    Ultra Weather XP 2.5 Released

    Don't really know what I was expecting. There are more sliders to make more adjustments but you basically end up with what you had before. Until one the textures outfits (HIFI - REX) get's involved texturewise, we're at Laminar's mercy.
  10. SledDriver

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    I fully understand the concept and benefit of overhead, but if P3D sets up wait states giving an indication that the P3D main thread is constantly at 100%, even though it may not be, just how are we to know exactly how loaded the core is, and therefore how can we possibly know when we have the sim set up at a suitable load performance for our specific hardware? I mean, it's gonna show 100% whether it is actually lightly loaded or being pushed past what it can deliver reliably. So I don't see how we can ever know that we have done a good job configuring the sim. It's all plain guess work. So when the stutters happen, we have no idea why, from what, or how to fix them. If the sim is going to give a 100% load indication all the time, then we are going to need some much more informative in-sim metering to provide the required feedback to let us configure our sims effectively.
  11. I guess I could have also asked why is this sound coming on all of the time during autopilot operation? What am I missing/doing wrong that is causing this?
  12. Bigt

    New airports in ultimate traffic live

    I just want to add cargo traffic such as Atlas Air, Air Bridge, DHL, and of course FedEx and UPS. Is the installation really as easy as they make it sound over on the AIG Manager forum?
  13. Used 1080ti is a good value right now. I just picked up a second one for under $500. For the power they pack you can't beat that right now.
  14. BlueStar

    Captainsim 707 high pitch in cruise.

    There is/was nothing wrong with the real world deck angle on the B707. 🙂 As far as flight sim goes, I thought the HJG B707 was much better than the Captain Sim B707.
  15. vadriver

    Aircraft Designation

    Jay Thanks ....... but only if you are as "moderately" curious as I. There seems little correlation between the panel utility's list & the inclusions in the subject file nor am I sure what data other than some dimensions could Vox source by itself from the sim (& the file's list is a "port" from FSX). My "curiousity" begins when I read the data for a similar B738 in the file limits max alt to FL350 whereas I often plan / fly above that. Then I think why are the "step climb" clearances I receive "late" (ie within 1000' of the previously cleared) when the file's data suggests the 6500fpm climb would give an earlier call. Bottom line thinking (so far) ....... one should have a more specific profile which refers to the aircraft's FSName Will try & report.
  16. I went with an EVGA RTX 2080. I didn't feel the 2080TI was worth the extra money.
  17. MM

    Springtime in the Rockeys

    For "When It's Springtime in the Rockies", many more choices than you want. Slim Whitman. Sons of the Pioneers. Gene Autry. Johnnie Ray.
  18. So I found the sound files. Discovered after some trial and error that there are two the same, the TRIM_ALARM.WAV and the BUFFER_AP_TRIM.WAV. So I backed up both and then created a blank wav file for the BUFFER_AP_TRIM.WAV file. That seems to have gotten rid of the constant trim warning. I hope they fix that so the time is extended so it doesn't go off all of the time.
  19. pracines

    Flying For the Airlines - Why?

    The varying weather and time of day usually is all it takes for me, but with a whole world to explore on "days off" and so many add-ons available to spice things up, there is no way to get bored. If you have a relative or friend to join you, that could a first time flyer that you need to explain things to.
  20. Today
  21. pracines

    I might have asked this before, but for 2019....

    Too much to hear (or miss hearing) on the ATC frequency... music to my ears 👨‍✈️😁
  22. Chock

    Fokker F28 Fellowship inbound!

    The Caravelle, at least according to the JF team members I spoke to at Cosford last year, is a team effort between JF and AH although the split in development work is not 50/50 apparently, it's definitely more of an AH project than a JF one.
  23. Hey guys need your opinions please 1080ti used or wait for the asus strix 2070ti oc with my i7 4790k overclocked to. 4.7 ghz or will the 2070ti bottleneck? Thanks mike
  24. I own a full AATD that yes gets a little commercial use, but primarily for me for personal use. When i'm PLAYING AROUND personally, I'd like to install my home-use licensed GTN 750, cause it's not being used in a commercial setting.... just me doing PilotEdge..... Will the 750 install and run under XPlane Pro 9.7 at all, or will it force me into a pro version somehow? Is a pro version even available if i find students want to start using it too? i will honor the license limits, but I am sure from my usage you can understand my reasonable question... Thanks! -Brendan
  25. Something I have found is that once you flip the Ignition switch from NORM to IGN START, look at the lower ECAM monitor (the screen under the engines). You have to wait until it changes to show engine data. It usually takes about 2 seconds after you flip the switch. Then proceed with moving the ENG1 and ENG2 levers up Just something small I've run into, maybe that's how the real plane is. Otherwise you will end up moving the engine start levers back and forth
  26. jabloomf1230

    Aircraft Designation

    John, I think that file did something in V6 and earlier, but I'm not sure whether it does much if anything in V7. If you run the VOXATC Panel Select utility and your user aircraft doesn't show up, you could try adding a new entry to AircraftDesignation.xml. I'm pretty sure that VOXATC V7 has no problem reading all the aircraft.cfg files and the performance entries, but if you notice a discrepancy in the way VOXATC instructs climbs and descents, you could try editing the entry for your user aircraft. Also, those lines entitled <AirlineCallsign Prefix="xxxx" /> used to allow V6 users to change the mix of ATC chatter, but since V7.42 uses the real schedules from your AI traffic BGL files, I'm not sure that those entries do anything anymore. I can check further though, if you want me to look at what the file does. Jay
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