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  2. grandfred29


    Have you check if lfmn is présent in addon in p3d sub menu
  3. MindYerBeak

    Red is a Great Color

    Good stuff. Keep it coming. What plane is that ?
  4. Pluto7777


    Thx, already did... waiting for a response now
  5. ols500

    Will PMDG integrate full GSX support

    Yes It is very nice 😄
  6. Anders Bermann

    Will PMDG integrate full GSX support

    Would be nice! I just love it, in the FSLabs Airbus series.
  7. Amazing piloting skills here ! I really, really need pedals. Thanks HiFlyer ! Pascal
  8. Because apart from the UI, you cannot really capture Environment Force in pictures. It's selling point is the dynamic, changing lighting and colour environment relative to actual weather conditions.
  9. Richard McDonald Woods

    Will PMDG integrate full GSX support

    Not GSX but maybe UGCX by FS2Crew.😉
  10. Long in development, might revolutionize executive aviation and air ambulance services....
  11. Paul Deluca

    I might have asked this before, but for 2019....

    Hello John, interesting subject: Music i remember in my flying days were Honky Cat Elton John. Amazing that song would play when i was close to the airport. Seeing the metal take off with the heavy black smoke, 727, DC-9 etc. Where Is The Love Roberta Flack, Donnie Hathaway, and the corny song How Do You Do by the dutch duo Mouth and Mac Neal. Another time i was on board a 727 the song I Can See For Miles by The Who.Fun days!!!!!!
  12. Hello, sorry wen bad english, google can not do it better: If REX can do one good, then it's nice pictures to show. However, there is nothing new that has not been there before. REX loves to sell the same pictures twice and three times. The thumbnails look like "REX Real Environment Extreme" REX Real Envirnonmen Extreme v2 "REX Essentials" REX essentials with Overdrive "or" REX texture direct "as well as" REX Softclouds. "All is one product, just packed in a new face. That was in REX Sky Force 3D "as well and I hope it will not be the same with" REX Environment Force "either. The pictures on the website show the same thumbnails and the video is already old. Let's see what's actually behind it. So nothing really is new, what is shown now.
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  14. GeeBee

    Carenado ATR-42!

    Does this work correctly in the Carenado ? I heard it didn't.
  15. You have right. If the model uses PBR textures weather shaders could to have wrong impact - shadows below clouds (shader). I hope REX will test it before release. I wrote about it in SOH, P3Dv4 corner with examples (PTA and He-111 model of AH), I’ll write about it in PTA corner here also.
  16. Lewicide

    Frames ?

    G'day I have the F50, Saab 340, Shorts 360 and they all run fine on FSX the only frame issues I have had was with large glass cockpit displays G1000 s etc. Are there frame rate issues with this AC compared to the above AC ? Cheers
  17. I had problems with Saitek controllers in Xplane11. Same issue as you (mine was a full stick, not just throttle). I finally had to switch to a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, it is the only controller I have found that I have a great comfort level with Xplane11. Plus there is a nice palm rest on it, so I can use micro adjustments and light pressure, the way I was taught to handle a stick in real life since my Allegro 2000 light sport trainer had a stick, not a yoke. Only aircraft I have ever flown with yokes are a Cessna 172 and Ercoupe and also a Cessna 170. I prefer a stick, especially one with an electric elevator trim at my fingertips like my Allegro Trainer had. My sim Logitech stick is configured with fingertip elevator trim as well. John
  18. Well, this sounds cool to me, REX has yet to disappoint me so I’ll most likely grab REX EF ASAP!😁
  19. Anders Bermann

    Is SunSkyJet still working KDTW?

    Amazing piece of scenery, @ShezA The GSX-L2 scenery config available here really makes the finishing touches. Thanks alot to @ShezA for letting me try the scenery and to @akuratsula for the GSX-L2 profile. Yes, it only works with GSX-L2 expansion.
  20. FDEdev

    Slow to Climb?

    This means that wall and ramp are simulated as well? That's great news. Btw, concerning the IAS mode for climb, are you talking about the Carenado ATR or RW ATR ops?
  21. This only works with V4.5
  22. 46Pilot

    Slow to Climb?

    I have already told this many times, in the notch, small white arc ~65-68 degrees..
  23. Thanks for your quick answer Gerald.
  24. What music do you like to fly by, in both simming and real life? Me, I enjoy a mix of music, sometimes contemporary Christian, sometimes 80's rock with a touch of disco, and often smooth jazz. Many smooth jazz artists, like Peter White and Craig Chaquico, were with rock bands in the 70's and 80's. Peter was with Al Stewart and Craig with Jefferson Starship, which sadly lost their male singers Paul Kantner and Marty Balin. Music has always been part of my simming and real life flying enjoyment, I would create mixes depending on what I wanted to listen to and the length of my flights, so I would not have to repeat music, for instance on my last two non stop flights from Phoenix to London and back on British Airways in 2017. One mix I made in '92 my daughter loved so much, I had to send the long mp3 to her at her University in Flagstaff, because I always played it in my car when we drove to Disney California or I played it for her using my dual headphone jack when we would fly to Disney Orlando. I also enjoy listening to Phil Collins' live But Seriously concert, which I saw live at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View California in 1990, not far from SFO airport. I feel music and flying go hand in hand. Doug Brambrink, a young high school friend who learned how to fly and got his pilot's license at age 16, before he learned how to fly, took me and a close friend on a moonlight flight in 1979 from Napa down to San Francisco over the piers, then back home to Napa. He tuned the aircraft's radio so it could pick up a radio station and I recall listening to the popular song from the band "Raydio" -- "You can't change that".... I love that song because Doug's flight was my first flight in a general aviation aircraft, followed by a flight in a Piper Cherokee six place aircraft out of Mystic CT in 1980. Many pilots listen to music when they are not listening to ATC, ATC cuts in via their sound system, which is kind of cool. So, what does everyone else enjoy? Only music that does not sway me on flights is RAP although singing with some RAP, like Blondie's Man from Mars song, is alright.... LOL John
  25. UAL4life

    QW787 Tomato Shade Issue

    I meant pbr in general after it was implemented in p3d does not work at night.
  26. Bob you ar right, Its on x99 and up you can do that. Mainstream cpus follow the intel boosttable. Its only to read the intel tech spec over the cpu , all info is there. This is a common mistake for exempel your core0 5.8ghz core1 4.8 core2 4.7 core3 4.7 you Think my cpu is Golden have it to 5.8ghz it boots nice in to windows sim run p3d without and problem, the thing is that you have run p3d at 4.7ghz . Wy is not win crash, if you booth in to sim it use all cores and if you have set energy ät balanced the cpu clock down until it get load then when start p3d it use all avilable cores it clock up the cpu to the core3 value. Its not the frist time this have been up here even experianced users have done this mistake.
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