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  2. -When i select an outside view, it goes to the middle of the aircraft, and i am unable to move the aircraft -When starting up my computer, launching prepar3d, then launching chaseplane, it works, i tab out once and it stops working
  3. Garys

    Ethiopia crash

    The source is the SMYD so it doesn't care about the aircrafts configuration unlike MCAS. Its called the elevator feel shift function.
  4. Hi - are you able to share the performance pfpx file you used for the EMB 300, to make the flight plan in pfpx? many thanks I cant find one anywhere that works regards david
  5. Ian McPhail

    Carenado ATR-42!

    It does GeeBee, but you must have the gust lock and the park brake engaged before you start. Then, at least for me, follow 46Pilot exactly. It is a good modelling of Hotel mode, except the Aux Hyd pump only appears to apply to the handbrake??? Indeed after more flying I am just browned off that the the FMS functionality is limited and that flightplan import is not possible. In the olden days I used to apply the 3x Top of Descent rule, but I would now rather have it calculated accurately. But Carenado has sent us back to the past on VNAV. Frankly I have spent enough of my life doing go-rounds in RW aircraft on one engine, that for simming even on the brilliant MJC I turn failures OFF. Who wants a heart attack at the computer desk? So all I would hope is that for once Carenado might just upgrade the FMS to modern standards, and as far as I am concerned they would have a winner. For those who want failures, go elsewhere.
  6. Philipljung

    I can’t do after takeoff checklist

    Thank you so much for all your Help 🙂 have a nice day
  7. 24CarotMagic

    VHHH Taxi2Gate compatible with P3dv4.1?

    This may be a long shot, but do you remember how you fixed the missing terminal buildings? Disregard, found a fix on their forum as well Just dont download and update their VHHH scenery from his page as it's outdated or poorly edited. Not sure This is for the future solution seekers
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  9. John_Cillis

    Finally, the Civilian version of the Osprey is coming

    Kind of like what I meant, lol....
  10. kiek

    Log & Missing Textures

    The details about missing liveries are (again?) available in version14.4
  11. That is actually a joystick that I plan on getting soon, getting tired of the heavy detents of my CH fighterstick, so I am glad to hear you are happy with the LE3D and I agree, elevator trim at your fingertips is important. I am a PPL myself and trained in the 172S but I don't think I will be getting a yoke anytime soon, a joystick is good enough for me. Hopeful though that something can be done about the saitek quadrant, thanks for the info. Jon
  12. france89

    Finally, the Civilian version of the Osprey is coming

    It's not the civilian version of the Osprey, it's the first civilian tilt rotor 🙂
  13. John_Cillis

    Short of Breath maybe?

    I agree, he is pushing the envelope, hanging around just below the beginning of the Flight Levels is a bit crazy, he risks passing out, and becoming a threat to aircraft in those altitudes. I am amazed a PPC can climb that high, but is it fun? There is no sensation of speed at that height, flying 500 ft-1000 ft AGL at the 17-25 mph speeds of a PPC at least would give a sensation of speed. Also, there is no purpose to the flight, if I had a PPC I would fly cross country say twenty miles or so to another park or place to land, then back home, just to say I went somewhere. I remember the guy who made Johnny Carson all those years ago, he attached a bunch of large helium balloons to a lawn chair, took a pellet gun up with him, and climbed quite high and used the gun to shoot the balloons to descend. He startled airline pilots and ATC--I forgot the name of the award, but it is not given to the intelligent, just to those who stupidly want their fifteen minutes of fame. Then there was the famed reality TV "balloon boy" in Colorado, assumed to be caught on a homemade balloon, hiding in the attic the whole time, just so the rigged affair and his family could get their fifteen minutes of fame. I much prefer Avsim's forums for our extended fame and comradeship, whether we have agreements or disagreements at least we are not endangering others.... John
  14. xxd09

    FPS in V4.5 (waiting for a fix)

    Thanks xxd09
  15. grandfred29


    Have you check if lfmn is présent in addon in p3d sub menu
  16. MindYerBeak

    Red is a Great Color

    Good stuff. Keep it coming. What plane is that ?
  17. Pluto7777


    Thx, already did... waiting for a response now
  18. ols500

    Will PMDG integrate full GSX support

    Yes It is very nice 😄
  19. Anders Bermann

    Will PMDG integrate full GSX support

    Would be nice! I just love it, in the FSLabs Airbus series.
  20. Amazing piloting skills here ! I really, really need pedals. Thanks HiFlyer ! Pascal
  21. Because apart from the UI, you cannot really capture Environment Force in pictures. It's selling point is the dynamic, changing lighting and colour environment relative to actual weather conditions.
  22. Richard McDonald Woods

    Will PMDG integrate full GSX support

    Not GSX but maybe UGCX by FS2Crew.😉
  23. Long in development, might revolutionize executive aviation and air ambulance services....
  24. Paul Deluca

    I might have asked this before, but for 2019....

    Hello John, interesting subject: Music i remember in my flying days were Honky Cat Elton John. Amazing that song would play when i was close to the airport. Seeing the metal take off with the heavy black smoke, 727, DC-9 etc. Where Is The Love Roberta Flack, Donnie Hathaway, and the corny song How Do You Do by the dutch duo Mouth and Mac Neal. Another time i was on board a 727 the song I Can See For Miles by The Who.Fun days!!!!!!
  25. Hello, sorry wen bad english, google can not do it better: If REX can do one good, then it's nice pictures to show. However, there is nothing new that has not been there before. REX loves to sell the same pictures twice and three times. The thumbnails look like "REX Real Environment Extreme" REX Real Envirnonmen Extreme v2 "REX Essentials" REX essentials with Overdrive "or" REX texture direct "as well as" REX Softclouds. "All is one product, just packed in a new face. That was in REX Sky Force 3D "as well and I hope it will not be the same with" REX Environment Force "either. The pictures on the website show the same thumbnails and the video is already old. Let's see what's actually behind it. So nothing really is new, what is shown now.
  26. GeeBee

    Carenado ATR-42!

    Does this work correctly in the Carenado ? I heard it didn't.
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