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  2. I was looking as trying to use other voices in Pilot2ATC and discovered that along with David and Zira there is a Mark voice in Windows 10. But I cannot figure out how I can use this voice instead of David. Does anyone know how? The voice is already part of Windows 10 apparently.
  3. jmdriskell

    Does PMDG have sales?

    Only if you have money!
  4. Noel

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    No one's 'happy' with the behavior we've been discussing here. You may personally accept it and believe it's either not possible to address, or believe their commercial customers don't care about stutters which may or may not be the case--thanks for your opinion. I think it's plausible if someone is using their product primarily for SimDirector and then their flight lesson chokes upon entry into the big terminal they're going to just simply ignore this especially at what they probably have to pay for this commercial license? Or maybe they're using stick figure graphics you're thinking so they're machines don't choke? The proposed mission is to improve the experience for everyone, not just armchair pilots here. Maybe someone from LM will chime in here or over there and explain why it's so fundamentally prohibitive to do because of the engine's architecture, as in a complete re-write. That's plausible, or not. Certainly no one here has yet given any plausible reason why the concept could not be implemented, and even for a very reasonable cost. Hakuna Matata!
  5. mypupdaisy

    Is Photoreal scenery the way to go?

    WOOHOO! Thanks, will give it a go! I want at least a nice mesh. I can't fly in the real world due to a medical condition, so this gives me a little peek at what the world is like in places I will never get to see.
  6. Jean-Jacques

    Calling all Bush Pilots

    Try it . . . 10-day free trial . . .
  7. Captain-Taylor

    Blue and Green Stripes on Runways

    Hi All, I am a relative newbie to flightsim and a really new to P3D. I purchased V4.4 about 6 months ago and recently upgraded to v4.5. I was hoping someone could help me determine why I see Green and Blue Stripes on runways when landing and taxiing. Also, pink stripes in the sky. They are not alway there but more often than not. I had hoped that v4.5 might correct this, but no luck. I have updated the driver for my 1050I video driver, but no luck. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kevin
  8. I went back at it and disagree with my previous statement; that should be the trigger buttons for old GNS 430. If I can't remove them do to texture issue that's fine. I can live without buttons working just so long as it looks realistic. However I found Bourrinopathe models and decided to give that a shot -- which worked a lot easier but I still can't for life of me figure out the GNS issue. I'm still digging/reading/searching. Also kudos to Bourrinopathe for his models -- that is some AWESOME 3d work my friend!
  9. Today
  10. scotth6

    Is Photoreal scenery the way to go?

    Hi, There are Bit Torrent links on the Freemesh X website. Cheers,
  11. scotth6

    Is Photoreal scenery the way to go?

    Exactly. The mesh is like the wire frame and the ground texture (photoreal or landclass) is the skin that lays over the wire frame.
  12. fakeflyer737

    Is SunSkyJet still working KDTW?

    Maybe Ian can help eh Shez?
  13. Bob I followed your build and I am very pleased with the results. This the 8086K @ 5.2 is killer coming from my 7700K @ 5.0. I run on a 4K like you do so I'm holding 30 95% of the time.
  14. Dardango

    Is SunSkyJet still working KDTW?

    Thanks. Will it look this good in FSX? 😊
  15. I fear that the systems simulation of this Carenado plane is not deep enough to make real world manuals useful. just my opinion. Cheers, Ed
  16. Rogen

    30hz vs 60hz

    Soooo... RTSS VSync @ refreshrate/2 works quite well with unlimited frames in P3D and a 60 hz screen mode, but still is not quite as smooth as a 30 hz screen mode with P3D VSync and Triple Buffering enabled. Likely because in RTSS there is no triple buffer option, at least that I'm aware of, (please do jump in if you know of otherwise). What to do, what to do... Add to the RTSS VSync @ refreshrate/2 the NVidia option of "Silk Smoothness", Silk Smoothness essentually provides buffering to assist with smoothing out microstutters with 5 options ranging from off (zero) and increasing to a level of 4. I've given it a trial with RTSS VSync @ refreshrate/2 and Silk Smoothness with a value of 2 and it does feel very much like the default P3D VSync with its Triple Buffer enabled. Note: results may vary but it's working fine for myself with Windows7 and my 1070Ti, Silk Smoothness is an option exposed via the NVidia Inspector utility. Worth experimenting with to see it it can help with your own particaular configuration, and please do advise if you find it improves smoothness for yourself. I've actually added RTSS to the exe.xml so I don't have to bother with starting as I'll be running with it for extended testing given it appears to also help prevent sudden VSync drop offs associated with the fps falling just out of the VSync range. This thread details the Silk Smoothness option a little more. Silk Smoothness Thread Cheers
  17. crap_landing_dave

    Any reason NOT to upgrade to P3D 4.5 now?

    Just a +1 here on lower frames and occasional blurry textures after 2+ hours of flight. Didn't see any obvious problems with VFR A2A Cherokee, but with the performance heavy jets in my case. The issues I've had are gone after reverting to 4.4, so I'm hanging on for the hotfix.

    Does PMDG have sales?

    No and I'm actually glad they don't. That way I don't get angry after having payed full price and I don't have to fret about purchasing or waiting for that golden moment.🕛
  19. mypupdaisy

    Is Photoreal scenery the way to go?

    I fly North America as GA, usually someplace between 4500 and 13000. I would like to get a good freeware mesh but any I've tried to download are in a single huge file. The download takes forever. Anyone aware of one that might be broken down to several different files or maybe a torrent? I've been told the best free mesh is FreeMeshX USA LOD12 from FlyAwaySim, but the 50GB download takes forever even when I paid for their service and the download was corrupted once completed. Thanks
  20. georgiosgiannoukos

    P3D4.5 FXAA or AA

    Thank you, that’s what I had. With setting 30htz monitor res and 30 FPS in p3d, my FPS drops very low and stutters. Only way to keep sharp textures is with FXAA . No Antializing and no Trible buffering with unlimited FPS
  21. Surgery simulator is no longer a game! 😲
  22. I spent most of day digging into this and finally figured it out -- the layer that is affecting RTN is in the cockpit.obj file of the Carenado B200; however the actual 3D model of the old GNS 430 is in I3.obj. The problem is I can't export the cockpit.obj without issues -- there are 217 textures in there and I have zero clues which ones go where; it's far too many to even try and figure out. At this point I've thrown my hands up as I dont' know of any other way to do this. I even used misc object in PlaneBuilder and stuck it in same place but the RTN still renders to one panel and it's laid out as such. You can see my GTN 650 model there in wireframe.
  23. Yesterday
  24. I don´t know if this issue had ever a final solution. You could possibly try with PTA v2.64 or v2.65 in P3Dv4.4 to see if it did solve it. What I finally did is to uncheck the water suface tweak, and for me it was sufficient for now. I'm now waiting for the hotfix for P3Dv4.5 to be released before installing the new PTA version to see if the water tweak will work fine. My point in the original post was a remark about the need to avoid wasting the developer´s time with the same questions again and again, that makes you think people are not reading the previous posts (in general, reading over all the previous posts allows me to learn a lot). In the case of PTA, Matt is the only one doing the support for all of us, so it was a matter of helping him to make his work more efficient. Cheers, Ed
  25. spilok

    Fast and easy to fly GA Plane

    I prefer the RealAir Duke Version 2...not the turbine (although I like this plane too). I use the Duke as my default plane and love the movement of the cockpit when starting it (very realistic shake), and I also love the plane's handling. Faster and still very controllable. Stan
  26. Caribpilot

    GTN650 Black Screen (resolved)

    GTN Gau 19/04/24 23:40:27.621 08052 - ] # rxpGTN.dll version 19/04/24 23:40:27.619 08052 INFO ] GTN Menu 19/04/24 23:40:18.299 06600 - ] # rxpGTN_menu.dll version 19/04/24 23:40:19.545 06600 INFO ] edit panel: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\simobjects\airplanes\A2A_C172\panel\panel.cfg 19/04/24 23:42:29.807 04540 INFO ] GTN Sim 19/04/24 23:40:31.217 08052 - ] # rxpGtnSim32.dll version 19/04/24 23:40:31.213 08052 INFO ] 19/04/24 23:40:48.520 08152 INFO ]
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