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  2. FDEdev

    1st Flight

    hopefully it's kilograms πŸ˜‰ (on this version the table is on page 1077)
  3. Don't forget the APU Generator Switch; no White Bar = no start. Caught me out a few times.
  4. Torsen

    1st Flight

    ....ah its kilotons in the Carenado ones referring to and then its matching the 80.8% fine. But it has no ktas only percent torque. Do you have a link or source for the RW one, please? Cheers T.
  5. Bigt

    New airports in ultimate traffic live

    Can this program be used with UTL to simply add a few cargo airlines?
  6. I had a little problem with the Saitek throttle quadrants (I use two of them for dual engine aircraft) and actually took the one that connects to the yoke apart because it was really messed up from the start. I ended up ruining that one without ever being able to access the pots to clean them. I now use two USB connected ones and resolved the "dirty" pot syndrome by spraying a short spurt of contact cleaner down beside each of the six controller levers by placing the straw on the can all the way down to their base and then working the levers several times through their full cycle to "scrub" the pots. This was done while the system was shut down to avoid any electrical problems, but probably would have worked with the power on due to the very low voltage. Worked for me. P.S. - The original controller that connects to the yoke never worked with one lever at all and I had hoped to find a loose wire or something obvious. I didn't break anything, but could never get the case to go back together correctly. John
  7. kurtb

    New airports in ultimate traffic live

    does aig complete their routes? I don't see any traffic between FAOR and FACT when flying the route!!
  8. FDEdev

    1st Flight

    Just checked again, the FCOM is from 2008 and the max cruise table says 80.8% and 291ktas at 18.5t. Don't know what kind of tables Carenado provided, but the real one is simple and straight forward,
  9. Jim Young

    Prepare 3D Audio Mixer Options

    Moved to Hangar Chat.
  10. woodhick

    A cloudy start..

    Looks good Mark. Keep up the good work.
  11. Flieger-Marius

    EDRM-Repaints on the ATR42

    Straight lines kept messing with my head, so I finished another repaint first: G-HUET Download
  12. Flieger-Marius

    Repaint Requests

    7x7Pilot, looking good! Very sorry I didn't see this earlier. πŸ˜•
  13. Ephedrin

    PMDG B744 fmc payload issue

    36400%?? 100% is full, 50% is half full... 36400% means 3640 times the max payload... I guess you wonβ€˜t be too lucky with that entry. If you want to enter payload in kg or lbs you can do that... but not into the percentage field...
  14. Torsen

    1st Flight

    Hmmm... perhaps I was in the wrong collumn/row... which table are you referring to? I just did a quick check in the delivered ones but I don't find them that self explaining without some further notes... Cheers T.
  15. Ian McPhail

    1st Flight

    Have given my views in the General Discussion forum. This model is at the same time, excellent and deeply disappointing. The FMS is the greatest weakness, as it is very incomplete. With this brought up to speed, with VNAV etc, and with flightplan import this plane would be a winner. There are other bugs, but more expert people than me have discussed and listed them. I would really hope that Carenado would go one step further than usual and bring the avionics right up to speed. It is a delightful plane to fly, but doing the old-fashioned 3x distance descent calculation wouldn't do for a modern airline trying to save every dollar in operation costs.
  16. Urmel81

    VHHH Taxi2Gate compatible with P3dv4.1?

    updated AFD for this and others from Taxi2Gate: Have fun Urmel
  17. Bush flying is not only about STOL landing but about hauling pax and stuff to STOL landing πŸ˜‰ . As much stuff as possible. The PC6 is no Microlight I assure you she's a big aircraft : 11 m long, 3.2 m high with a 16 m wingspan! You feel kinda small when you see one in real for the first time. A while is an understatement πŸ˜‚. I've flown the FSD bird for hundreds of hours in FS9 and loved it but it is just that, a Fs9 aircraft with a disappointing cosmetic brushup when FSX was released (the fuzzy dice). And I doubt it'd work in P3D v3 or v4. Also, one has to remember before buying that the FSD team is no more, they split not long after FSX was released and their site is now only store for old products.
  18. FDEdev

    1st Flight

    What do you mean with 'only'? According to the RW performance tables max cruise torque at FL220 is 80.8%.
  19. Caribpilot

    GTN650 Black Screen (resolved)

    For me this is with the A2A C172. I've tried the installation suggestion but it still doesn't load
  20. Solid State Drives run quiet (silent) and cooler than a HDD. I expect they consume less power since there is no motor in a SSD. SSD does not require defragmenting, the read, write, and seek times tend to be much better than those of a HDD. With the HDD, load times are better with data stored on the outer edge of the disk and gets progressively slower as data is placed closer to the center, it's even worse when the drive becomes fragmented. There are no such problems with the SSD, but an SSD will begin to write data slower when it is filled to greater than 70% of its capacity. Today, I would not consider using a HDD for anything other than backup/storage, The SSD is just a better idea for a drive that is going to be used for frequent reads and writes.
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  22. Torsen

    1st Flight

    Some flights done now and I have the following on my list at the moment: - Hotel Mode working but only visually. Sounds and behavior for a stopped prop wrong for sure. - Magenta Line way of in display but followed correctly - Power Gust Lock visually working but having no effect Otherwise I'm quite positvely impressed. Power management and AP working like expected even IAS hold on climb. Not all buttons modelled and therefore a lot systemwise fake but its not a pro Dash. Loaded up to mtow she is not the excessive climber but expected. Inital 1500 to 1000 fpm at 160 ias in climb setting ok for what I read. She seems a bit slow at higher flight levels though. On CL and PL auto I get only a torque of 82 at FL220... Cheers T.
  23. Hello people I might be interested in the GTN750 and would like to understand a bit more about it. Is there an FAQ somewhere, I asked RXP directly and was told to post this in the forums? My main question is, will the GTN750 have full support for regions outside North America? I understand it relies on the GTN/GDU 620 PC Trainer software but that comes with a statement saying Garmin Navigation Database (North America). Does it require a subscription to keep data up to date and also to cover other regions? Thanks
  24. HighBypass

    A cloudy start..

    Thank you!. FSOpen Clouds is kind of a budget weather engine in that it uses stock FSX with some tweaks (like a fog fix so it isn't all or nothing) and injects real world METARS into the sim. I say budget because whilst the add-on gives free UK coverage, it costs Β£5 per year subscription to access the rest of the world's METARS. Occasionally the clouds disappear totally, then come back again, usually when I'm at cruise altitude with the big iron, but then again I can see where my LOD distance ends anyhow... The clouds might disappear but the upper winds stay (I use FSUIPC for wind smoothing). The author says it works well with REX textures, but to not use the REX weather at the same time. I don't know if there's any need for FSOpen Clouds with Active Sky etc.
  25. Ok, I tested it. But no, even without moonlighting, the surrounding of the runways, the runways itself and the taxiways are still way to bright compared to the ground textures outside the airport perimeter. Sadly.
  26. kfd

    Short of Breath maybe?

    The Darwin Award
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