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  2. w6kd

    Advice needed with trouble shooting

    P3D dedicates a portion of its time processing each frame for ground scenery loading...including loading and merging the ground textures and vector data (roads, coastlines, rivers, etc) together. The maximum percentage is, by default, fixed at 33%, and can be altered either statically by setting the FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION in the Prepar3d.cfg file, or dynamically with FFTF dynamic. Or, alternatively, you can slow your frame rate down and then the actual amount of time allocated to scenery loading increases, even though the percentage does not (the same percentage applied to a bigger block of time for each frame). Blurries happen when there isn't enough processing time available in the frame to fully deal with the ground scenery loading/processing in real time. When the maximum amount of allotted processing time has been spent, it moves to the next frame even if it didn't finish the ground scenery work. So scenery loading beyond the CPU's ability to process it won't slow down your frame rate, but the frames that are produced are not complete (blurry, because the lower LOD was processed and the higher level(s) were not finished). OTOH scenery objects, like autogen, AI acft/vehicles/boats, buildings, clouds etc have to be processed each frame, so too much and the frame rate bogs down as the CPU will not move on to the next frame until they're all done. So having your autogen density and LOD distance up too high in a high-density urban area like NYC will slam your CPU with tens of thousands of objects to process each frame, bringing your frame rate down to a crawl. On the ground at an airport, there isn't a lot of ground scenery workload, since you are moving very slowly and your visual range is limited by the low altitude. As you climb away from the airport, the scenery object workload generally drops off and the ground scenery workload increases as the line-of-sight range increases with altitude and your increasing groundspeed drives faster crossing of scenery tile boundaries. The dynamic FFTF allows you to vary the processing time allocation to better accommodate the shifting balance in workload. In FSX, the FFTF only affected the main thread workload, so multi-processor systems saw less of a benefit in ground scenery loading from increasing it. Not sure if its implemented the same in P3D. Low values of FFTF on the ground show improvement in smoothness during ground ops by giving the CPU more time for objects, like buildings/AI etc as you turn corners with high angular rates bringing large numbers of objects into view over short periods. The days of jerky, stuttering ground ops are largely behind me now. Regards
  3. futurebreadmachine

    GTN 750

    Yeah but for the Flight1 GTN you get both the 750 and 650, thats why its more expensive. You can buy both from RealityXP too but its roughly the same price anyway. Also for anyone who havent bought it yet. Be aware of that RealityXP has both the GTN for p3d and XP. So make sure you pick the correct one for your sim.
  4. I cannot use Voice control since I´m on a Danish Win7. I just made a flight from EDDL-EKCH. At acceleartion altitude (1500ft) I lowered the pitch and the sequnce for FS2Crew worked nicely. But the Flaps/Slats retract calls do not come above the retraction speed on the FS2Crew panel, but appears when still climbing at V2+10 (FD command bars in TAKEOFF/TAKEOFF MCP mode) right after the NAV call. The sequnce, as I tried it now - works, but I find that Fs2Crew should check the speed before giving the options to call Flaps and Slats retraction, maybe 5-10 kts before reaching them.
  5. Jim Young

    Scenery using sat images from Google

    I am not going to conduct any major research into things like this. If the item is copyrighted and/or the intellectual product of someone else it cannot be uploaded to AVSIM. We occasionally get what I call "nastygrams" from DMCA - They frequently search the Internet looking for copyright violations. Our biggest violations have been Boeing FCOM's uploaded to AVSIM. We immediately remove the offending material and advise them of our action. They basically blame us and not the person who committed the "crime". So we take violations of copyrights very seriously. If ever in doubt, don't do it. AVSIM does not have a team of lawyers to handle any major lawsuits but, if we are sued and told to pay the fine, I am sure we would hire a lawyer to go after the offender who uploaded the item that was in violation. Best regards, Jim
  6. Dave_YVR

    Unable to login to FSDreamTeam

    Just delete any FSDT cookies in your browser, then close and reopen. It should be fine after that.
  7. ideoplastic

    PTA and photo scenery.

    Many thanks to Gerard (GSalde) for pointing me to his specific photoreal settings, which have basically transformed my sim experience. fto another level.
  8. FreeBird(Josh)

    Yoko+ PLUS yoke

    If you live in Texas i am in Houston near the space center you can try mine, Also in Austin is Redbird Simulations which have a yoke. I don't no how good they are? Thrustmaster has a contest for a free trip and tickets to the flightsim show plus one free product. Josh
  9. Did once with the PC12 several years ago.
  10. Twenty6

    Old FSDT ORD

    No, instead of FSDT. You would need to uninstall any other KORD scenery or you'd have a mess. "KORD_P3D4.ZIP" in the AVSIM library is dated March, 2018, about a year old. 10-28C,L,R 9-27L,R 4-22L,R new taxiways, parking from a year ago. I believe as of this writing it is the most current KORD scenery (AFCAD.) From the docx: NOTE: This scenery package WILL NOT work with FSDT KORD activated!
  11. Phillip Gallagher

    GTN 750

    Right now the Reality Xp is $35, about 45% less than Flight1's. I bought the XP it's fantastic and well worth the money! Paying $65.00 was never an option for ME..too much $
  12. Jim Young

    P3dv4.5 most difficult CTD ever.

    Good luck my friend!
  13. Zimmerbz

    Drzewiecki Chicago

  14. The service ceiling on the LSA/Piper Sport is 20,000 ft, I was only at 10,000-12,000 (max.) for this pictorial.
  15. Well I could not stand the open LC around KLAS so.. Its free is you wish to do the same and as you can see you keep the most important core of KLAS.
  16. GarminFlyer

    Official Panel Configuration Mods

    Airfoillabs Beechcraft King Air 350 - Reality XP GTN 750 Integration Mod Fixed missing file, new download link:
  17. @ryanbatcund Please download the Zip file again, my apologies, one file was missing. Cheers, Thomas
  18. Found it.
  19. DJJose

    FlyTampa's Las Vegas (KLAS) now available!

    How does it look with FTX Southern Cal?
  20. Dave_YVR

    FlyTampa's Las Vegas (KLAS) now available!

    Sorry, forgot to mention the elevation_adjustment file.
  21. ErichB

    FlyTampa's Las Vegas (KLAS) now available!

    That worked. Thanks Sethos.
  22. Looks stunning FPS are 90+ with default aircraft. All good Shame how bad the area around LAS looks even with Open LC Might have to look at some PR.
  23. Sethos1988

    FlyTampa's Las Vegas (KLAS) now available!

    From emilios;
  24. Flic1

    FlyTampa's Las Vegas (KLAS) now available!

    This is one of the coolest sceneries I have bought in a long time! Just slewed down the entire!! Oh and the airport looks great too!!😄
  25. kiek

    RealTraffic 6.0.36 Navdata

    You better ask Balthasar of RealTraffic.
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