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  2. Just fresh installed P3Dv4.5 in the last few days, i am trying to edit my AI traffic aircraft.cfg files and when i wish to save i get a prompt not to quickly save what ive edited into what was there before but instead to save as!? Trying to understand whats happened and why i cant save them the way i did in my previous setup? Then..... Permissions...its evident that even as the only user of my desktop and as Administrator this means NOTHING in regards to given you ease in just trying to get stuff done! All i keep getting are prompts about You need Administrator rights to do this or Are you sure you want to do that...Bla Bla Bla! I have been hunting for support in these areas the last few days now and its just not coming about so maybe someone savvy in here can help? I am on Windows 10, I literally want to stop Notepad from being a pain and just let me save edits as before and get permissions confirmed so i can get on with further enhancements within the root folders of P3Dv4
  3. TopGun33

    Turbulent Designs Terra Flora

    Always happy to help🙂
  4. Hi Folks. Has anyone any info on our friend Bradoux? I replied to his OP on the 26th of February and he has not replied back. I hope he is okay. Regards...Ken.
  5. kingm56

    Proflight Simulator Scammers back at it

    Is this a warning or a greeting card, I can’t tell.
  6. Sethos1988

    Turbulent Designs Terra Flora

    Interesting. Always assumed OrbX scenery used their own trees per default, guess not. Just installed the OrbX trees and re-installed TF, so the order should be correct. Thanks for that bit of information TG.
  7. Coming soon,,,,,,click on pic for larger image.
  8. TopGun33

    Turbulent Designs Terra Flora There you go, first item.
  9. TopGun33

    Turbulent Designs Terra Flora

    Installed orbx trees first then TF. From what I remember it was said on the Orbx forums that the Orbx sceneries made use of the Orbx trees HD in some sceneries, while all other trees were replaced by TF or something like that. I'm on my phone right now gonna try to find the reference.
  10. SAX702

    SXAD working on KSAT

    Excellent. Have been waiting for a good KSAT for a while. @downscc Bill Womack from ORBX is working on KDAL. I'm also looking forward to that one.
  11. Ray Proudfoot

    Proflight Simulator Scammers back at it

    John, that font is very difficult to read.
  12. Sethos1988

    P3Dv4.5 Airport Data Missing or Old

    Besides third party airports, you could also look into something like this;
  13. downscc

    SXAD working on KSAT

    That's great, I am real happy with the couple of their airports I have added to my sim world this year. Good stuff. Would love to have KSAT but what we really need is a KDAL Love Field if you are flying SWA routes.
  14. downscc

    P3Dv4.5 Airport Data Missing or Old

    Correct, the P3D world is basically the same as the FSX world, which in itself was out of date when published. The problem that LM has is that no matter how current their world is it will soon be out of date because runways change numbers, and airports sometimes even change names and ICAO codes. The reasonable solution is to use 3d party addon scenery, airports or one of the several tools available to update navaids. The easy way to fix the runway numbering at a default airport is to use ADE to create an AF file and update the runway numbers, which will take less than two minutes once you know how to do it.
  15. Mark Niebauer


    This scenery is junk! No support, poor compatibility, Avoid at all costs.
  16. So extract it. Unpack it with WinRaR or WinZIP.
  17. DellyPilot

    What features would you like to see in P3Dv5?

    I don't believe so. The viewport appears to have no bearing on loading. If you look out the left wing can just see them to your far left loading up. You can also test this further by using a chaseplane outside view to zoom off into the distance and it will remain all blurry, but you can find the cells that are trailing behind the plane and being reloaded, viewport direction has no impact on this loading. As to your first comment the 100% load on CPU is not a good thing at all as none of it is contributing to framerate, this is pure autogen/vector terrain load. For example, maxing everything 4k high stress, orbx, weather etc, high view distance/LOD and flying from Zurich to London I have to pause at Dover for about 5-10minutes for the catchup. When I do this I do not bother looking backwards, I just leave it. 100% CPU fans blasting. Eventually Kent loads up. I thought I was being really clever by assign a button to reload scenery.. but it is bugged out! Once you reload scenery, the load mechanism is even more broken, what you then see is if you fly on another 15 miles no more terrain loads up, I think this might be because they forgot to cull all the terrain queues, who knows, but regardless of that bug reload is way faster than waiting for catchup which proves how bad the engine is, a full reload should never be faster than slewing to any new location. I think the big factor here is ORBX scenery, it is so significantly heavier than anything before it and LM are simply not using it in any of their testing. This really frustrates me that ORBX and LM don't work together to improve the engine.
  18. John F

    Napa, CA to Las Vegas, NV

    Some breathtaking shots along that route. John
  19. signmanbob

    XP Org store big sale

    I wish you never did that. Now I don't have any money left in the bank 😢 (ha, ha...just kidding!) Thank you. That list had to take some time to put together. I know that everyone appreciates your work, including myself. I seen some scenery that I've been wanting for a while.
  20. Danparis

    Updated or not?

    Hi, I ve received your mail: " Airline2Sim Greek Islands updated and the first reviews are in!" I've bought Greek I. for about a week . Is there an update or not? Thanks and regards Daniel
  21. Hi all.. Linda 3.0.9 and FSUIPC 5.1.5 - P3Dv4.5 - Win10Pro. | X55 HOTAS + 6 X Leo Bodnar BBI-32 USB Controllers. For some unexplainable reason the confirmation beep does not sound when I shift through the modes, which is not a problem if I shift using the Mode button on the X55 because there is a visual prompt to indicate which Shift mod is currently used. But I have assigned the push function on the dual pole rotary encoders to cycle through the shifts locally, this is particularly useful when setting the ADF - TXPonder etc.. The modechange.wav and modereset.wav files are there and work by themselves in Winamp.. I have tried reinstalling new Linda modules but this did not cure the problem.. Any Ideas anyone ? Thanks
  22. I had not noticed this problem before until last evening when I was planning to do a flight on VATSIM (only my second attempt) from Calgary International (CYYC) and ATIS had indicated the active runways were 17R and 17L. Then I discovered that Little NavMap and also AivlaSoft EFB only show one north/south runway 34/16. I realize that both of those addons get their data from P3D and that's what they are reporting. So after my flight I checked FltPlnGO, SimBrief as well as SkyVector and they show the correct two north/south runways (35L/17R and 35R/17L). So I am guessing that LM is still using the 13 year old 2006 data - am I correct or is there some other issue? If LM is in fact still using this old airport data from 2006 this troubles me for a couple reasons - 1. when you pay $200 for a sim you would expect that it is up to date and 2. how can one fly on VATSIM correctly if the airport data is out of date.
  23. Shomron

    SXAD working on KSAT

    FYI- Published on their FB page and planned to be out in July/Aug. This was surprising as I had no clue they were working on it. Shom
  24. I was just sitting on the ground at KMSP, tweaking my PTA and ReShade. Figured it needed a beauty shot.
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  26. DellyPilot

    Ethiopia crash

    No I still don't think you understand what people have been saying. And playing the victim/vitriol card is pretty silly. You are just as rude as others have been. Anyway I do like that you are now starting to change your tune and admit that there design error was the largest factor. But to reiterate nobody ever said that different pilots couldn't have saved the plane. I will try to explain it one more time because well god loves a trier... as myself and other pilots over on pprune have tried to explain to the 'would have happened to me crowd' is that without hindsight the number of conflicting factors facing them was not acceptable. The confusing and startling situation with undertrained pilots was an accident waiting to happen, the "errors" they made were exacerbated by Boeing failures Boeing Failures confusing and missing warnings unnecessary stick shaker 1 input design for a system that can override pilot ridiculous design of MCAS 2.5 degrees faster than switch trim can move no memory items for AoA failure (new training) no change to unreliable airspeed checklist (new training) incorrect warnings (new training) inability for 1 pilot to manually trim when out of trim at near VMax design of switches changed but insufficient training 1hr iPad type conversion training 80k for the correct warning no way to cancel cacophony of stick shaker and klaxons All of these factors led to the pilot mistakes. No they are not completely mutually exclusive. Pilot pilot not correcting trim switch fully during critical 1min period instead pulling back lets wait for the audio on this to hear what was happening, but as many have noted the pilot was probably cognitively saturated and in normal flight is not used to heavy re trimming like this (noted by several 737 pilots) didnt instantly recall the full text of the 8 Nov MCAS Bulletin which stated not to re-engage the CUTOUT switches for remainder of flight Actually if you look at the data log, they did retrim quite a bit BEFORE flicking the CUTOUTs, this is impressive to recall that Note in the bulletin (2nd page small note about retrim before cutout) so perhaps he was focused on this action and again with all the noise and terror didnt see the part about re-engage. used autopilot/autothrottle perhaps he thought this might be a way to disable MCAS, or because he wanted to read the checklist/bulletin again and didnt trust the junior pilot he used it.. or perhaps he thought I am happy to keep the power on to ensure that the plane climbed from a very hot and high airfield with 10k peaks near the plane.. a mistake in hindsight. failed to fully understand how he would be screwed if the plane got fast and they had flicked the CUTOUTS. So this is the new factor in the Ethiopia crash, we didn't really appreciate after Lion air even reading every page of pprune how much of a problem this was. As I said nobody denies that these pilot actions were contributing factors. What I object to is the arrogant tone that oh if they just followed their training it all would have been fine. These pilots passed their training, this inadequate min training level was specified by Boeing. I find it really scary that there are pilots who have no sympathy for such a confusing situation. I also find it really heartening that older pilots like old man with nearly 15000 737 hours (he once flew a 200/300/700 all in one day having never done a single type conversion course!) and pprune legends like gums (who flew some of the trickiest fighter aircraft) have loads of empathy and understanding of how Boeing let all these pilots and pax down so badly. I think the best pilots know it could happen to them. The rebuttal made several times here seems to be they didn't follow checklists or bulletins. Firstly see all the points above but also I don't think the checklists or memory items cover the observed situation at all either directly or clearly, some parts of all of them would have been in hindsight the right action. The bulletin is pretty long and the single sentence that says do not re-engage is a very small piece near the end. But even then as you known the training is do not follow checklists blindly, make decisions and adapt at all times, he may have even considered that but thought MCAS triggers again we have enough height to fight it or turn it off again.. but not having the comfy couch enabled power of internet hindsight nor having waded through 1000 pages of detail on MCAS/Jackscrews/ADIRU/AoA wiring/MCAS trim rotation speed vs trim switch speed didn't realise that at the speed they were going (too fast) it would be unrecoverable. I find it so hard to fathom a fellow pilot even considering that the levels of culpability are even in the same galaxy let alone ball park. Boeing's years of cost cutting and poor designs while sitting in a comfy air-conditioned office in Seattle vs the pilots 3 mins of terror trying to keep everyone alive with inadequate tools and against the direct wishes of Hal.
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