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  2. pete_auau

    The correct ORDER of apps

    seems that u need to start ef fully before sim
  3. airernie

    More AI Traffic

    The FS9 traffic will overwrite the FSX traffic, but only if the traffic file names are the same. You may need to change the filename when you compile the FS9 traffic. Also, be sure that the traffic is converted to FSX format. The presence any FS9 format traffic files will block the FSX traffic files from loading. You would only need to rename the aircraft if their title in the aircraft.cfg were the same. I would recommend you look at Alpha-India Group (AIG). It's a bit more difficult to add in FSX than P3D, but you'll be getting current airline and cargo carriers instead of the fictitious ones that FS9 and FSX provide.. Ernie
  4. Riah069

    GA AI traffic

    I'm currently running AIO Installer and im looking for a package of GA AI to add to mix. Any suggestions please? Regards Mike
  5. Dave_YVR

    AIG Wrong planes at different terminals?

    There are many updated AFD files shared in the AIG forums and all are VERY well done for various payware airports. AIG provides you with the awesome AI, it's up to you to have them park where you want them to.
  6. The 100% load on the main thread core with Locked franerate still exists, but I use Unlimited + Vsync + 30 hertz which gives me 67-95% load depending on the scenery ...
  7. Dreamflight767

    9S3603 KRFD-KPDX

    Thank you.
  8. RXP

    Start as Administrator!!

    Let me know if this works for you and we'll see whether we can make this happening programatically in our future updates, so that 'black screen' is a thing of the past for all our customers running the solution once as-admin and being stuck from then on.
  9. Thxs for the info mate i think i have done it the right way. Made a backup of the scenery folder with all the .bgl's and deleted what i had. ran the AIO installer made sure it was 1%-99% retagged all the airlines i had and bulk installed. Now checking a few .bgl's with AIFP instead of 1% in everyone there now ranging in higher percentage 🙂 Thxs for the tip and link mate 🙂
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  11. eslader

    What features would you like to see in P3Dv5?

    I do most of my flying IFR in jets too. Though the Falcon 50 is one of those jets, and it can easily get in and out of some of those sine-wave runways. But even though I only dabble in bush/VFR flying occasionally, I absolutely want the people that do it a lot to be happy. It takes all simmer interests to make P3d worthwhile for LM to keep developing it. If all the VFR guys go over to Xplane because, let's be honest, it's pretty good at the VFR game, then that's gonna be a significant chunk of change that isn't going into LM's pockets anymore. And I've given up entirely on the idea that Xplane will ever be really robust in the kind of flying I like to do, so I'm very supportive of P3d being fun for all flying interests so that it continues to be available for mine.
  12. Bombero18

    Blackbox a340-600 Lufthansa new livery

    Thank you very much! I was looking for it and I was not able to find it on Avsim Library somehow.
  13. kroken

    AI Traffic with X-Plane

    I have setup ai using the instructions here but i dont get any "line up and wait" "Aircraft on runway go missed approach" I can see p2a have planes in air and it seem to work okay but not on the ground or incoming traffic. Any idea?
  14. lownslo

    War Weary

    Nice effect on these shots. Very flattering to the subject. Happened some years ago. Greg
  15. dnz0427

    More AI Traffic

    I would like to ADD FS9 AI traffic to FSX ,,, I do not want fs9 to over write fsx so what I am getting at is to have more AI Aircraft , I would think there would be away to add FS9 AI traffic to FSX , I have FS9 aircraft installed into fsx , just do not have the thumbnails on some of them ,,, my other question regarding duplicate aircraft do I need to take the textures only from fs9 and add them to FSX ie , piper cub is in both fs9 and fsx,,, take fs9 textures add them to the piper in FSX change folder number and then add them to the aircraft cfg ?? I have tried different tools such as AIFP3, FSX-Decompiler_v1.2, FSX-Flightplan-Converter with no luck of adding it ,,, AIFP3 has a compile and I did that it appears to me that it is over writing FSX traffic and all I get is the fs9 traffic Thank you
  16. Skywolf

    Jim Young Resigning as Forums Administrator

    Hi Jim, Wishing you a speedy recovery. You will come out great. God Bless, Take Care, skywolf
  17. John_Cillis

    "Avro" in Valdez airport

    Love biplanes! John
  18. HUSSAR

    Jim Young Resigning as Forums Administrator

    Hello Jim, What a shock to be reading this news. You are a fighter and you will win this battle, stay positive and know that you will be back among us one day. Take care, Robert
  19. Forget all the eye candy stuff, like a new graphics engine, terrain engine or sloped runways. I have two much more important suggestions! The ability to design airports (runways, taxiways, ramps, parking spots) in the sim graphically. Instead of having to use an external program to match the graphic design of a scenery and then having to reload the sim after every change to see what has been implemented. This would make both payware and freeware scenery design much faster and more accurate. The linking of an aircraft 'title' to the atc_model=, atc_airline=, atc_parking_codes=, atc_type=, wing_span= and correct strobe fx in aircraft.cfg. Listing "American Airlines 737-800" in an aircraft title should be enough to drive all of this information from a set list (amendable) in a single source file that comes in the main Prepar3D folder. Everything is far too manual and labour intensive at the moment. We are highly dependent on community updates from people being very generous with their time or spending hours ourselves making minor changes instead of flying. Can you tell that I'm frustrated with errors and having to change parking spots, other airport information, user and AI aircraft details to get a sim experience that some developers should have gotten right in the beginning? Rant over.
  20. Skywolf

    AIG Wrong planes at different terminals?

    I wish there was an automatic way, but manually finding files and looking at ADE is not in the cards right now (have no free time to do that). Thank you for the suggestion about the sub forums at AIG. I will look at that for the airports that I am flying.
  21. signmanbob

    Jim Young Resigning as Forums Administrator

    Jim, you are in our thoughts and prayers. I know you will recover quickly. Bob
  22. Private and Confidential

    Hi Jim,

    I just read your post and got hit like with a baseball bat. We share so much and go back so far.

    If you would like me to call and we can talk things over, or I can pray with you. Just send me your number.

    You are a friend, and I care very much.

    Spirit Flyer,

    Rev. Stephen Wilcox


  23. byork

    changing fsx to p3d4

    Not possible I'm afraid. We're currently running a sale... use coupon code: SPRING2019 to get 30 percent off. Cheers,
  24. signmanbob

    "Avro" in Valdez airport

    Those are good enough to frame!
  25. SpiritFlyer

    Jim Young Resigning as Forums Administrator

    Dear Jim, Just read this and am still reeling in shock. I am so sorry, but as others mentioned this is a different day and age for care and treatments of cancer. Your recovery is my hope and prayer. Thank you for your contribution to this precious community. You have managed us well, under many difficult circumstances. Thank you for your continuing service. Spirit Flyer Stephen Wilcox
  26. JustanotherPilot

    GTN 750 on a Tablet?

    Jon Fly is using the RealityXP GTN750 in Xplane, don't know about F1GTN750 in P3D
  27. regis9

    The best traffic and ATC combo?

    If you use FSUIPC you can use that program’s AI limiter and just leave the p3d traffic slider at 100%. This way you have greater control over what AI is displayed and what isn’t. I generally set mine at 200 aircraft and my airports are nicely populated but it saves a lot of FPS in busy areas. Generally it will keep AI traffic close to you and eliminate AI traffic further away (which you’re less likely to see anyway).
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