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  2. If LinkVor = False with the GTN 750 there is no Glide Path guidance during an RNAV LPV approach. Setting LinkVor = true prevents using the RMI needles for situational awareness when the GTN750 is in GPS mode. It is not clear why LinkVor should impact glide path guidance. Thx, Al
  3. Anders Bermann

    Greek Islands

    Can't you just use PayPal and purchase in the 'original' currency? With regards to Airline2Sim, I just paid in dollars and let my bank do the exchange rate... That's what I usually do, when using PayPal (and Amazon, eBay etc...). I agree with you, that the exchange rates are ludicrous, IMO.
  4. JasonPC

    What's going on with REX?

    What's crazy about Sky Force is they have bragged about this upcoming technical update for a while. And now that it's out it totally breaks the entire point of the program (cloud models). How do you not catch this during testing? I can live with Environment Force having some growing pains since it's new. But don't break your established, actually working as advertised program! And to make matters worse if you didn't save a past installer you can't roll back to an older working version and they will not pull he update from their own update service. I have totally uninstalled EF right now and I'm considering doing the same to SF and going back to ASCA. Their name is now tarnished to me and I was a fan. I'm also not a fan of how they run their message board. It seems instead of trying to help people or alleviate some of the problems of their own creation, they just close the topics and say "stay tuned for more..."
  5. jabloomf1230

    Speed trees

    I want to add some comments about ST and performance. The 3D tree versions are only active when the user's viewpoint is close to the models. Billboard (planar) trees are used at distance. The result is that at higher altitudes, performance with STs is about the same as with either the default P3d4 or add-on (ORBX, Terraflora, etc.) replacement texture sheets. ST uses mipmapped 1024 texture sheets for the billboard trees. Another factor is that most big airports are not situated in forested areas, so the ST performance hit is not that noticeable at ground level. LM increased the variety of ST types to several hundred in 4.5 to accommodate more species and seasons. My personal favorites are the various palm and palmetto types which sway in the tropical breezes. For those of you who use ADE to update airports, all the ST types are placeable, including a 3D grass model which looks a whole lot better than billboard versions. Unlike autogenerated vegetation, any manually placed models will not change seasonally. This limitation can be overcome by either using multiple BGL files for the ST objects or if SODE is used to vary the tree model.
  6. RXP

    gtn750 not working... help

    Hi, I've missed this one in the middle of the discussion but having 'administrator' account privileges is unrelated to running a program 'as-admin'.
  7. BonanzaDude

    Discount on GNS530 with Prior Purchase

    Sorry I got it to work. John
  8. On my P3D 4.5 HF1.. the nVidia inspector locked fps at 30 does not work anymore also. Which is unfortunate, as with the fps locked in P3D menu it is not as smooth, it stutters more at panning.
  9. vc10man

    Greek Islands

    I want to purchase Greek Island without using PayPal whom I detest for their pathetic exchange rates, so can I purchase an alternate way?
  10. Chock

    Where do the boxes go....

    Me too. I've got a few of those truck sims, they're kind of oddly relaxing and graphically they show the sort of thing sims like P3D could be doing with graphics if they had a decent rendering engine. I customised my truck so much, it looks like a tart's handbag lol. For anyone who is really curious about 'where the boxes go when they're unloaded off the cargo plane', here is what happens at Manchester when cargo comes off an airliner which is also carrying passengers. Note that not all passenger carriers will carry all kinds of cargo, for example, you will find that SAS are happy to carry radioactive materials (in suitably shielded containers of course) in the holds of their aircraft, but other airlines will not do so. There are rules about how this is carried in aircraft holds, some of this is obvious, some not so much. For example, I'm sure you could work out that we wouldn't normally put human remains in a cargo hold which was also carrying live animals for rather obvious reasons, an exception might be if the human remains were those of the pet's owner and we could be sure the animal was not in distress. And we wouldn't normally put a can of radioactive material in amongst a load of passenger bags. All cargo, regardless of how much is weighs, has to be placed on load spreading planks and secured with tie down straps. Most airliner cargo floors are stressed for a minimum of around 37 kgs per square meter, so it's pretty obvious why we do this, i.e, if it is a powered wheelchair (those things are heavy) and it was just sat on its tires, it would be transmitting all its load through just four small points on the floor, whereas if it is sat on some planks, the load is well spread out. Incidentally, depending on the types of batteries such a chair might use, they either have to be disconnected with the terminals taped up to avoid short circuits, or the batteries have to be removed and carried in the cabin. This is why those 'hover board toys' cannot be carried in an aircraft hold, because they use lithium ion batteries which generally cannot be removed. Anyhow, when the aeroplane with the cargo is inbound, we can see on our Chronos computer screen system, which takes info from the manifest, if an aeroplane has cargo aboard: There are many abbreviated codes for cargo which identify the type, such as AVI (which means it is a live animal), to HUM (which is human remains, typically in a coffin). You can see some of these in the far right column of the image above, COMAIL if you are curious, is company mail on board (usually in a courier bag). There are other things listed in that column too, such as ASU, which means the aircraft has an unserviceable APU and will require an air start unit to crank up its number one engine whilst on stand prior to being pushed back. The red flights are inbound, the blue ones are outbound load ups incidentally. But there are not codes for everything, if for example it is something rather benign which is on board, it might simply just say it is 'cargo', and we might then open the hold of the aeroplane to find that it is full of boxes of water cress, or carpets or some such, so we can simply offload that onto fairly regular trailers. If on the other hand, it is a pet, or something hazardous, such as fifty boxes of AK47 ammunition, or a radioactive container, we need to fetch an appropriate secure hazardous materials trailer, or one suitable to carry a large pet cage. You might have seen these on the ramp at an airport, the pet ones have wire cage sides, the hazardous material ones have metal panels and secure latches on their doors which can be locked and they are usually either painted red, orange or yellow So let's say it's just a box of aircraft spares which is in the hold of an SAS Boeing 737 NG. We would simply offload this onto a regular baggage trailer and stick it to one side for a moment, and concentrate on getting the passenger's bags offloaded and into the bag hall onto the carousel. We aim to have this completed, with all bags on the carousel within 25 minutes of the aircraft having arrived on stand, usually we manage it within about 15 minutes, depending on how many there are, as it could be as many as 250 bags which have to be individually offloaded if they are not in a ULD. So until that's done, the cargo has to wait, because with passenger airliners, passenger bag times are the priority (this differs between airlines, for example, 25 mins maximum for SAS short haul, 40 minutes maximum for Thomas Cook long hauls). Once the bags are all offloaded, we will then clear the stand of ground service equipment (to keep it tidy and because you get fined by the airport if you leave stuff lying about too). This includes getting the trailer with the cargo on it which we offloaded from our SAS 737 NG, over to the cargo handlers. At Manchester, the two main cargo handlers for the airlines (apart from specific cargo airlines such as UPS, Fed Ex etc), are DNata and Swissport (we use both of them for SAS and Etihad stuff). So, we would drive the cargo trailer of aircraft parts over to the airside exit which is behind stand 66. This has an automatic barrier which raises when you approach it, and no check is made on what you are carrying at this point, since it has come off the aircraft and is leaving the secure area. Once through the barrier, you drive along a road on the landside, adjacent to the airside fence parallel with where stand 66 runs up to stand 73. This is where all the main cargo handler warehouses are. In the case of our aircraft parts off that SAS 737 NG, we would take them to Swissport's warehouse (with fork lifts whizzing about all over the place, so you need eyes in the back of your head lol), drive into it again through an automatic door. Park up, take the cargo's documentation into the Swissport office and hand that over. Their staff will then process the cargo as having arrived and it will then be cleared on to where it has to go (either to an airline facility at the airport, or into a truck to be delivered somewhere). If it is to be trucked somewhere, usually what happens is that a big articulated truck (that'd be a 'semi' to those in the US, or a 'pantechnicon' to those of you who love using old fashioned words) will take it to a large distribution centre fairly near to where its final destination would be, and and from there, it would be delivered locally in a smaller commercial vehicle such as a Ford Transit van or whatever. If one the other hand, our cargo was something hazardous, immediately having driven off airside, before you get to the warehouses, there is an HM customs shed, and you would take your cargo there to be checked before taking it onto the warehouses. Now, having dropped off the cargo, we would then drive our empty trailer back onto the airport, back the way we came, and for this, you do need to go through a security check. The vehicle is driven up to a barrier, you switch off the engine, open up all the panels on the vehicle have your permit checked, the vehicle is checked with one of those mirror on stick thingies with which you look underneath it. All of the compartments on the vehicle and any trailers it is pulling are checked. you then have to go through a security check (a bit like the one you have when boarding an airliner as a passenger). There is bomb-sniffer equipment, x-raying, metal detection and so on, plus all of those other restrictions you have when boarding an airliner, i.e. cigarette lighters in a plastic bag, no large amounts of liquid etc (this is why everyone tries to avoid taking stuff over to cargo, as if you set anything off or a random check is called for, you have to take your boots off and all that malarkey as well, and you'll have already been through this once, when you arrived at work). Having done all that, you go back to your now checked vehicle, and then you can drive it back out onto the airport airside part. For cargo which is going out to aircraft from theses warehouses, the process is basically the reverse of the above, with all cargo being checked at the airside gate before it can be driven onto the airside part of the airport. Anyway, there's what happens to your cargo off your aeroplane.
  11. RXP

    XPLANE GTN750 No longer works !!!

    Hi, I'm sorry for the delay. Like the log file says: "trainer not found". When reinstalling you also have to reinstall the Garmin GTN trainer. In addition, the log file has found the 'bin' component (that is the folder where the GTN trainer is installed on your system) is set to "H:\" which is highly unlikely. There is a chance the Windows registry keys have been corrupted somehow on your system. Please have a look at this discussion's recommended post:
  12. Good afternoon. I've installed the QW146 add-on to FSX-SE and used the Add-Ons menu to 'Replace Guages With Reality XP GTN (auto-detect)'. The GPS works fine but I can't hold Shift and right-click to access the Configuration Panel.Left-clicking allows me to configure the window size, though. I would appreciate some help with this. Del
  13. RXP

    Start as Administrator!!

    I'm sorry for the delay. Can you please just clarify for me "In order to get the 750 to start up, I have to start X-Plane as Administrator". I'm wondering whether you can select a GTN device in the menu and the popup window shows up but the screen remains off, or the popup window doesn't even show up? Can you also let me know about this: Open the Registry Editor (regedit) Navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers Is there a key wich is the full path to the GTN Trainer .exe and if so, what is this registry key value?
  14. Jim Young

    Not quite fair...

    Hard to believe a commercial site like Orbx would ban anyone. I have gone to links directed to a post on another site and get a similar message but then find out the topic/post was hidden for some reason. That happens here many time. Someone sees a link to answer their question here at AVSIM and the link no longer exists as the topic was hidden.
  15. Hi, Are you referring to the TXi and the G600/500 ? If so, you might want to read this about our upcoming G600/500:
  16. dal330200

    What's going on with REX?

    They haven't even provided a lot of support for their existing products either, namely their weather engine. They also haven't updated clouds and skies (which was a promise made long ago), and I doubt that a lot of promises will be kept in the future. I'm tired of being told to be patient. They offer a product, they should not release it if it's broken, period.
  17. vc10man

    Greece arpt.

    Is there a way to purchase from Airline2sim Greek latest without using PayPal? I hate their abysmal exchange rates and would rather pay an alternative way. Is there such an option?
  18. My uncles great great aunts daughters husbands cousin told him the next version is X after that they plan to release version 5 but only with the possibility to fly gliders in Austria With 200 fps limited.. true story
  19. dal330200

    What's going on with REX?

    Yeah, Skyforce was a disappointment, but at least SOME of the clouds looked decent. I forgave them for that because of EF, but I feel very misled because that product was buggy and partially functional too. In fact, the impression I got from support with respect to problems in MANUAL mode was that they knew about some of the problems prior to release and released it anyway. Wonderful. Same nonsense as before- remember the weather engine problem that was billed to be fixed when EF released and SF updated? Now, they're saying that the weather engine fix will come later as part of Weather Force. Sounds like they're kicking the can down the road again- REX is great at marketing, but terrible at living up to their promises. This goes beyond just the usual problems associated with a release. They lost my trust and my business. I'll use EF if they fix it- but I doubt that I will be supporting REX in the future. Maybe PTA will come out with some kind of upgrade that will allow us to make changes in the sim, on the fly too- Refreshing shaders is great now, but making changes is still tedious...
  20. RXP

    update install on top of?

    Hi, Yes you can always install over unless it is mentioned otherwise.
  21. Shylock_35

    Will there be a P3D 4.6 or more Hotfixes this year?

    Is p3dv7 going to be released soon? I’m tired of these releases lower then 7...
  22. Chuck Steinmetz

    Random Order Playback of ATC Chatter Files

    I will check that out - thank you! I assumed that was for the changing the voices that played back vs. the ATC Chatter files.
  23. Jim Young

    Where do the boxes go....

    Just as long as it is not discussed in other forums.
  24. There are a lot of people still using FSX and FS2004.
  25. Jim Young

    Dovetail 10 year anniversary sale Steam

    Russell, You are right. TrainSim's are sims too. Never realized Dovetail had so many TrainSim's and scenarios! Jim
  26. Benjamin J

    Which FSDT cargo hub?

    Glad you could make a decision. Have fun! they are both nice addons anyway and you really couldn't go wrong with either. Your reasoning seems sound - as a matter of fact, I've been looking into getting the 777 for some time now, but haven't taken the plunge yet. Would be fun to fly it on cargo hauls from KMEM!
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