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  2. Very nice! I used to work at Warton. I left about 20 years ago. I use another Night Environment product (not ORBX), and VFR Real 3D photo scenery for the UK.
  3. Michael Moe

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    And David wisdom we found again :-) EF is good allthough my port 19284 with ASP4 is giving me a hard time the FPS and visual is back up again here in 4.4 I know you are on 4.5 so i will leave my comment here but thanks for the client deal Michael Moe
  4. could be a little more red, less orange, but a great paint nonetheless. Long Live the Ferrari. As a side note, bless Niki's soul, RIP.
  5. As a follow up on my landings at Paro, I decided to do a full flight from Kathmandu, Nepal to Paro, Bhutan. The landing was unfortunately bouncy as I hadn't flown this approach for some time.
  6. JLuis

    Single shot of the queen

  7. ZXR-7R

    Proflight Simulator Scammers back at it

    i can read it just fine.
  8. Have a look at the eastern half of the USA. ORBX has ignored this area for far too long IMO. We don't have anything beyond OpenLC. Not a single regional offering and just a few airports.
  9. This is incorrect. I you had ever designed or even used paid scenery then you would know that every single object is assigned a level at which it will appear based on the scenery complexity slider.
  10. HighBypass

    Ruud Faber's FScene....

    Personally I think it does, especially for the price. A big improvement over stock FSX:SE and they are seasonal too. To get real accuracy regarding buildings & structures layout requires photorealistic scenery If you haven't already done so, check out for full details and videos etc. Here's a couple of screenshots (if I may, mods?) from my flights, as examples too.
  11. SunDevil56

    SXAD working on KSAT

    Should be a nice addition. I have KHOU, KBNA and KPNS, all nice sceneries and well worth having in your library...👍
  12. Dane Watson

    P3Dv4.5 Airport Data Missing or Old

  13. Dane Watson

    P3Dv4.5 Airport Data Missing or Old

    I may try ADE as I have used it before a couple years ago, thanks
  14. Dane Watson

    P3Dv4.5 Airport Data Missing or Old

    I do have fsaerodata I used it to update P3D to the latest AIRAC 1906 but that did not make any change other than the AIRAC Cycle is up to date. Is there something else that fsaerodata does besides the AIRAC Cycle?
  15. Yeah!!! Preset has been applied successfully!! Thank you for your patience and help, I certainly appreciate it. The big problem, I guess, was the shaders not being found? Once the preset has been applied, does PTA need to be left on or can I turn it off while flying in P3D? Thanks again!!
  16. Only for X-Plane 10 which can be run in either mode. XP 11 is strictly 64 Bit. When the ad-hoc dll that supports aircraft isn't found, MCE defaults to using "xmcgener.dll" which is there for default XPl;ane aircraft. Only gear flaps and maybe radios tuning will work through that interface. It definitely needs the 64 bit "xmcZibo737.dll" in \X-Plane\MCE dlls\64 Bit\ for all other switches. If 32 bit files are present in that folder by mistake, X-Plane 11 won't see them even though they are present, as it can only load 64 Bit dlls. I tested with Zibo mod downloaded via this page Zibo on Facebook
  17. So... single pilot cargo flights... the pilot's going to be pretty fatigued after flying and monitoring the jet for 10 hours straight on their own with no cross-checks .. need to talk to Boeing/Airbus/Ilyushin Pharmaceutical division to produce the good drugs...
  18. Today
  19. What directory is p3d installed in? ...not to patronise but have you checked your user account settings for full admin rights?
  20. LOL! Reviving an ancient post is nothing like sex with the dead I can tell you... I used to be into S&M, necrophilia and bestiality, but I had to give it up... because I was flogging a dead horse!.... ba dum tish.. Ahem. I'll just get my coat... and close the mortuary door on the way out.. for those who didn't get the joke and the smiley, I'm not into those activities (although trying to install add-ons into FSX can be quite masochistic!). However, thanks to the internet I am aware of such goings on..
  21. gregda

    Assigning view to hotkey

    Are key assignments working in the latest CP version with P3D 4.5 HF? I cannot get an views with a key binded to it to open at all. Never had a problem with this before. Some will say there is a conflict with the simulator binding and it needs to be deleted, but when it is deleted the view still won't open with the assigned key. Started working for some unknown reason...maybe if chaseplane app has focus it won't work not sure anyway all good.
  22. Rogen

    Turbulent Designs Terra Flora

    For those who are interested there is also the Terra Emergence project, which has a nice entry point price (freeware). In my order the trees would be. Terra Flora Terra Emergance Orbx HD Trees In actuality they are all good in their own right and much better than the detaults. Myself I go for #2 (has the right price entry point) which I used to replace HD Trees. Top it off with HD Grass and both the ground and trees are muchly improved. HD Grass: Although if jabloomf1230 and his recoloured speed trees makes make some inroads @ LM... perhaps speed trees will become usable.
  23. Farlis

    P3Dv4.5 Airport Data Missing or Old

    Yes, you are totally correct.
  24. Using P3Dv4. Have not upgraded to 4.5. Downloaded a Robin DR400 as test plane. Chose a True Air Speed.xml gauge and made cab file and placed cab file in panel folder of each aircraft. Added to test plane panel.cfg. New gauge shows perfect. So I repeat steps in F-14 aircraft. Will not show. Any reason it will show in one aircraft but not the other?
  25. Dave-Pilot2ATC

    Pilot2ATC v R3 Released

    Version 2600 R3 is available on the web site. Fixes an issue with ATC Chatter Files not playing Fixes other minor issues in R2 Dave
  26. mcx1000

    P3Dv4.5 Airport Data Missing or Old

    SimAddons has an excellent YYC.
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