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  2. UL612

    Dark Realair Duke B-60

    Hi Eric, More simple, if you previously purchased the Duke, you can redownload the plane from there Before any installation, read carefully the licence notes to comply with the EULA. Regards Georges
  3. kroken

    AI Traffic with X-Plane

    Thanks! i will try a bit more and see if i can reproduce it somehow, would still be cool if there was a perfect integration with another AI plugin such as wt3:) You probably working on it already! i also wonder what voices i can buy for the plugin? i tried ivona but are there any others you recommend?
  4. LOWI works without mesh issue with FS GLOBAL 2018 FTX but there is a mesh conflict with FSG ultimate NG
  5. w6kd

    Windows 10 1903 released

    Volunteering for a Win 10 update is like picking up a warm bottle of nitroglycerin, holding it next to your head, and giving it a couple of shakes. It makes me cringe just contemplating the possibilities...
  6. masterelectrician2112

    Bought Wrong Version of GNS430W V2

    Hello, I accidentally bought GNS430W V2 for Microsoft FSX when I need the Xplane 11 version. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance!
  7. I haven't open the specified ports for SimServer to talk free that might help I will try it out and report
  8. Thanks Bob for your info. Like I said I was just curious why there would be a difference
  9. I just open a topic about this without realizing people are having my same issue.
  10. I been testing the SimServer Software for a while and it seems to works good, haven't bought a Licence yet because something very particular that happens on my system. I created a link of the SimServer to the Startup Folder so the software activates when I log on windows. I started to notice that after a while the only website that works is the one I'm currently on, If I go to any other website I get a "DNS error page". at first I thought it was my Network Card going bad but I have 5 Boots of Windows on this PC and it doesn't happen on any of the other ones. I figure that if I exit SimServer I get the internet connectivity back. Windows Troubleshooter can't find any Problems. But I tried Startinf V-Pilot and the connection was broken. Only after I Exit SimServer internet connectivity is restored. I don't know how long does it takes but it happens every time...Wonder if anyone has experienced this issue. Thanks!!!
  11. AFAIK, mag declination data is not part of the AIRACs. In the sim, it's encoded in the MagDec.bgl file, and Herve Sors does publish updated versions of that data every year for use in the sim. Now as to what the various flight planners are using, I have no idea, but it's possible they have different data sets for the declination data, or that they do their interpolation of declination values between the data points in the declination grid differently (e.g. linear, polynomial, spline). And for that matter, the method used to compute great circle courses between waypoints can also drive some small variations as well. Regards
  12. I am using the same AIRAC (1903) for both Little NavMap and AivlaSoft
  13. Drumcode

    Drzewiecki releases Chicago Airports X

    It's pretty solid,the performance on final to 10L with the City X was pretty good and the visibility was low due to storms. I need to explore more and I had to use charts because of all this new configuration of runways and taxiways. I knew FSDT's ORD pretty well and was sort of lost here. Like I said, for the first flight in, at night and not exploring much it was great. I will support both DD and FSDT so I'll be getting both.
  14. Today
  15. I'm not sure... Unlike the geographic north/south pole, the magnetic poles aren't a fixed position, but are constantly moving. Because of that, I would assume, that the data is constantly being updated as well. How often, I don't know. Are you using the same AIRAC - or is this data not part of the monthly navigation database update / AIRAC? Interesting...
  16. w6kd

    Ethiopia crash

    I don't know for sure how much of an additional pitch-down moment you'd get if you ripped 'em all the way back to idle...but certainly reduced power and speed brakes to slow down would have reduced the air load on the stab. But the better solution would have been not to let the speed get away from them in the first place--the severity of the pitch-down forces would have never gotten to the point where the pilots couldn't control pitch with (heavy) control yoke forces, and at normal flying airspeeds they would have been able to move the stab trim with the trim wheels and relieve the heavy control forces. When they levelled off at 14000 ft, they left the autothrottles on set at climb power (the ATS was left in FLCH mode from the first onset of the problem until they hit the dirt). That allowed the speed to climb steadily to (beyond, actually) the far limits of the airspeed envelope, and that was a pretty big link in the chain of events, as was the decision to turn the stab trim back on. Clearly they were task saturated with a pretty serious issue, and left one of the most important flight performance parameters (airspeed) out of their crosscheck, and for a relatively long time, too. I really think this is one factor in the accident where having an experienced FO on the flight deck might have made a difference. Cheers
  17. I am just curious what causes three different navigation route plotting tools to be slightly different even though the routes are identical. I recently noticed that the degrees calculated by SkyVector, Little NavMap, and AivlaSoft EFB2 are off by a couple degrees - some of the legs are the same while others differ. Also note that for Little NavMap and AivlaSoft EFB2 I have both with AIRAC Cycle 1903, not sure what SkyVector uses or if this even matters. Anyone have any thoughts on this phenomena? See attached screenshots link of my plotted routes for: CZBB WC HUH KORS FHR BVS 3W5 EDIT - Links
  18. Ill have to give this a shot and report back. Still haven't had any time for simming. Hopefully this weekend!
  19. Penzoil3

    Dark Realair Duke B-60

    If I could attach a file, I'd give them to you.
  20. JRBarrett

    Autopilot popup panel enhancements

    Heading and course sync are not possible with the original Falcon 50 APS-80 or 85 autopilot driving analog flight instruments. The heading bug and course selection (OBS) on the analog HSI are driven by electromechanical servos which can only be operated by physically rotating the heading or course knobs. For the same reason, an add-on GPS like the GTN750 cannot auto-adjust the course on the mechanical HSI as it can with an electronic HSI. The later Falcon 50EX was equipped with the Rockwell Collins Proline 4 glass cockpit, and I believe heading and course sync were implemented. Both features are standard on Proline 4 installations in other aircraft I have worked on. However I see no reason not to add heading or course sync for those who may want it, even if doing so would not be 100 percent realistic for an analog F50
  21. RichieFly

    4.5 hot fix is out

    Old thread, but thanks, man. I was about to jump. That was my problem too.
  22. Penzoil3

    Not quite fair...

    What did I ever do to you Ron? Stating that I refused to bow toward Australia on a prayer rug wasn't "potty mouth". Sue
  23. HighFlyer310

    Drzewiecki releases Chicago Airports X

    If anyone is using this + city scenery in VR would appreciate some feedback.. hesitant to spend the $$ as I suspect performance will be an issue.
  24. Drumcode

    Drzewiecki releases Chicago Airports X

    I'm inbound from DEN to ORD now, will report back if I don't CTD.
  25. Paul Deluca

    Challenger 650 coming...

    Thanks for the info Ryan. Just saw a video about the plane. Nice!!!!!!!!
  26. ...hey that's ok... probably is the better choice, just looking forward to it being released..
  27. airernie

    More AI Traffic

    Not at all and I would think other users feel the same. Ernie
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