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  2. tooting

    4.5 Hotfix - Very Disappointed

    hello like that ? what does the below need to be set too ?? 5000 8300 0.01 025 many thanks
  3. Redwood

    Air hauler 2 experiences

    No issues for me. I use networked mode though. not sure if that matters.
  4. awf

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Yep I agree have a lot more examples what I would love to achieve in our Sim 😉
  5. JoeFackel

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Good, for thin feather clouds that can't apply as they can not block the sunlight enough to show dark. Good examples what i mean are also on your profile pic.
  6. MatthiasKNU

    Random Screenshots

  7. JimmyD

    XP Org store big sale

    Well done, thanks Keith! JD
  8. For anyone interested, OldProp, of FSFX Packages fame, created some freeware dynamic lightning. I think it's fantastic! 4.5 handles night lighting much better than any previous P3D version, this is probably why you're getting better DL from floodlights. I haven't noticed any differences, but the coding change probably plays nicer with your hardware.
  9. franklinyeah

    P3Dv4.5 and PMDG 777 Crashes

    Hello! i have also encountered the same problem and it only started recently, probably due to the hotfix. P3D hotfix installed and repaired, all PMDG products up to date. The screen still stays black after creating a scenario. I read somewhere to uninstall FS spotlights but still no avail. I did not install any new addons during this time, except a few aircraft liveries. Any advice would be appreciated. Regards Franklin
  10. After successfully migrating all my sceneries with this nifty tool I’m wondering about my add on aircraft. I suspect it’s possible - how should I proceed? - Looking at my A2A folder which is already installed outside P3D, I see the associated addon xml in that folder and not where P4AO installs (my documents). Hmm. - I already have Simobjects, Effects and Sound components in the “other addons” tab which is used for my scenery. Can I create new components with different names like “Aircraft Simobjects” and so on to avoid conflicts? Also, apart from these and a gauges folder are any other folders required? - Should I make one of each folder and dump all associated files from each aircraft as I go along or should I create a whole structure for each and every aircraft (so each aircraft would have its own folder with sub folders? Looking at my P3D gauges folder it’s going to fun discerning what belongs to what... thanks for any insight.
  11. awf

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    🤣 I don't use any shader tool beside EF to preserve all the details you see in our beloved VC 🙂
  12. Nyxx

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Well, now we know. Back on it goes. 🙂 It might have been TS giving the green lights a white look.
  13. awf

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Make sense however was reading conflicting info...
  14. fs1

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Yes, P3D HDR has to be on for EF HDR to work.
  15. I just restored the files and ran it, not a single one of them shows up in there.
  16. Nyxx

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    I read on the EF forums if you're not using real-time weather, you have to turn OFF Fog in the mini UI and click the option to recompile shaders to get low-level haze/fog.
  17. awf

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Question Fredirico about native HDR in P3D, does it need to be on for EF HDR to work, or can it work independently from P3D native HDR?
  18. Nyxx

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    If you turn OFF HDR in EF your P3D HDR levels you can change and see like normal, once EF HDR is on (unless this has changed in the new build) stoped P3D HRD setting having any effect or making changing them have no effect. I hope EF HDR and why there is an OFF/ON button is because it works independently of P3D. Hence why you can turn OFF EF HDR? No idea 🙂
  19. aentwis

    PMDG747-8 TAKE OFF

    That logo was always for fans of the aircraft, never to indicate any affiliation to the company... Remember the tick is on pilot and not dev team, beta team, or tech team... A
  20. djbully

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Weather smoothing (the top one) definitely improves the asp4 injections, they are more gradual rather than just popping up! The second option i leave unticked as I’m using historical weather in asp4 locked to sim time. This setting if ticked would override it with current weather. So that won’t work if you are using historical mode in asp4. I have all the other option ticked in full auto mode, and it works well for me.
  21. RXP

    Start as Administrator!!

    Hi Howard, I'm glad we've managed to sort this one out, thanks to your enduring patience and assistance. I confirm a workaround to make this all automatic is on its way in a future update.
  22. awf

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Will test with HDR on or of and report back...
  23. GSalden

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    And I was thinking that we were talking about Fs ....
  24. Dreamflight767

    4.5 hot fix is out

    Hmmm...Thanks. Guess I'll keep holding off.
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