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    Hi am a newbie for xplane The sim itself is outstanding , beautiful scenery ,very stable and smooth,brilliant flight modeling and failures simulation,Night lightining...OMG. Amazing job LR? Now comes the weak point and it has nothing to do with LR...payware addon aircrafts I bought 2 aircrafts till now...and they both disspointed me big deal. Alabeo aztec (not that bad but not good too) ,and the joke called JAR330 Now the 330 is almost 60$, and u get nothing Very bad textures(airbus is not grey by any means!!!!) Very bad flight model (not even close to real sims) Very bad sys and warning simulation Very bad sounds Veeeeerry buggy Am a real a330 f/o , ofcourse am not expecting to give me the real feeling of a real a330 But for 60$,this product is simply ######, i wont use it even if its freeware And it is still getting amazing reviews!!!!!!!!!!wt....f Why is that happening with xplane...its amazing platform that needs good developers to take care of And it will fly ?!!!! (I mean payware devs) Why there is no good quality airliners(except for the 767 ) The only thing i miss from my 22 years of FSX is PMDG's and some quality sceneries like flytampa and taxi2gate.
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    Well, if you are looking for high quality addons, I can recommend the IXEG 737, Saab 340 and Airfoil Labs Cessna 172. IMO The IXEG beats the PMDG for the immersion factor. Maybe we'll see PMDG release more addons for X-Plane in the future. Whilst I somewhat agree about the quality of addons compared to FSX, you need to remember that this is still somewhat of a niche market in a niche market ;-). I can only guess that X-Plane development is not going to make any millionaires at the moment and devs are mostly doing this whilst working in other full-time jobs. Things will improve for sure, and it's really no different than what we have seen in the MS platform over the years. One thing I like about the IXEG 737 is that they seem to have done it for the love of the aircraft as opposed to making money (They took long enough to get it out ;-). One thing I really miss is Majestic q400. The Saab comes close in immersion, but this is something that can still drag me back into FSX now and then.
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    Quote from the aerosoft steam community. "We have already spent some time developing several systems. If you take a look at the Cessna 172 for example, almost all switches in the cockpit work (apart from the intercom and engine-cut off). You can even set the battery master off to kill all electronics or turn them off individually. People usually compare our default simulator with the payware add-ons that came 10 years after the initial release of FSX. Of course we don't have all that yet but I think we have quite a number of switches in the cockpits that do the appropriate thing. Autobrakes, autospoilers, LNAV, VNAV, cockpit lighting, external lights, thats most of the things that you see when you prepare the aircraft from a taxi to a takeoff state or from cruise to landing and so on. I've spend the past seven years with the Aerofly RC and FS series and I can assure you, as a developer in the IPACS team, that in the Aerofly FS 2 almost every system could be implemented right now. The aircraft definition files can be edited with a text-editor and there is nothing really stopping you from implementing your own systems into existing default aircraft or with the release of the SDK, with your own aircraft. We just lack the man-power to simply throw out an update that adds every imaginable system there is. But I can't see a reason why it should not be possible to add increadible complex systems to the sim. The SDK for the scenery is already out for evaluation, aircraft SDK is being prepared right now. With the project included in the SDK thrid party developers can connect to the simulator and read and write data to the core physics simulation. With this its possible to implement any feature that you see in other simulators. There are a few things that we would like to implement ourselves first, so that not every third party development team has to redo the programming of complex physics elements such as hydraulics" Alright Avsim let's get out there and get some stuff woriking!
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    First job as an Airline Pilot

    Hello everyone, 10 years after my first flight on a Dr221, here's now a video of my first flight on a Beech 1900D as my first commercial pilot job ! I hope you'll enjoy it ! And be happy to read if you have any tips to improve my videos ! Thanks.
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    Flythemaddog MD80 VC Refreshed

    ok, i'm done. will upload to sim-outhouse. click on images to get the full size view.
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    Rob Ainscough

    AVSIM Prepar3D Guide

    Here is a living document to help P3D users get the most out of Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D. The guide will be periodically updated based on member feedback, error corrections, and/or new information/tips/procedures as P3D evolves over time. Here is the Prepar3D Guide. Enjoy.
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    Long time lurker checking in

    Hello all! I've been a long time lurker on avsim and decided it was finally time for me to check in with the community. I've been simming for a few years now. Always enjoy it. Started out with just default FSX aircraft... then discovered the great world of payware add-on aircraft. That has been quite unhealthy for my wallet For the past while, I had been swimming using my laptop -- a MacBook Pro 2015 with the dual core i5 and iris graphics. I thought it was doing OK, till i finally pulled the trigger on building a custom rig with a quad core i5 at 5 Ghz and a GTX 1070. The difference was incredible... night and day doesn't do it justice. Now I know what 35fps looks like Looking forward to now getting to participate in all the discussions instead of just being a bystander!
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    I agree that the add-ons, in general, are lacking. IXEG is close but I would argue it still has bugs and is just not as polished as the equivalent PMDG NGX. There is no comparison between the VNAV capabilities between the two aircraft. The other issue with XP that disappoints me is the weather. Today I flew the NGX around a line of thunderstorms upon departure that were spectacularly rendered in P3d with the corresponding turbulence and wind shear near them. Never have had this experience in XP despite skymaxx NOAA etc. Don't get me wrong I do like XP and fly it alot, I just wish the addons and weather were as good as Prep3d. PMDG DC-6 is a start.
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    Van collides with Dragonair A330 at Hong Kong...

    It can, but really blows if you're on the backside. I speak from experience.
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    AeroFly FS 2, Lots of potential here

    Jan at AeroFly posted this on Steam today. The future looks bright indeed. "I've spend the past seven years with the Aerofly RC and FS series and I can assure you, as a developer in the IPACS team, that in the Aerofly FS 2 almost every system could be implemented right now. The aircraft definition files can be edited with a text-editor and there is nothing really stopping you from implementing your own systems into existing default aircraft or with the release of the SDK, with your own aircraft. We just lack the man-power to simply throw out an update that adds every imaginable system there is. But I can't see a reason why it should not be possible to add increadible complex systems to the sim. The SDK for the scenery is already out for evaluation, aircraft SDK is being prepared right now. With the project included in the SDK thrid party developers can connect to the simulator and read and write data to the core physics simulation. With this its possible to implement any feature that you see in other simulators. There are a few things that we would like to implement ourselves first, so that not every third party development team has to redo the programming of complex physics elements such as hydraulics."
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    Prepar3D Tweak Assistant (PTA)

    Hello folks! PTA ver. 1.5 released today. http://1coder.ru/PTA/index.html Release notes: 1. Now custom shaders (post-processing) don't need to be assigned to cameras and will apply to all views. (Increase usability and performance of post-processing.) 2. In addition to effect-specific parameters each post-effect shader has new parameter "DayNightUse". The value of this parameter specifies when post-process will be active. DayNightUse = 0 - post-effect will work all the time; 1 - active only at daylight; 2 - night; 3 - twilight; 4 - day and twilight; 5 - night and twilight. 3. All post-processing effects (ex- custom shaders) now grouped in a new tweak "Use post-processing" on "HDR & Post-processing" page. Please read ch.2 "Post-processing" in help contents or on the main page for detail information. 4. Cloud tweak "Blend distance adjustment" removed from tool. 5. Terrain haze tweak for VFR flights redesigned and renamed to "Atmospheric scattering". 6. Alternate terrain haze tweak (for IFR) now has option to make it depending on seasons. Maximum values for parameters increased. How to upgrade from previous PTA versions: All presets from previous versions are compatible with version 1.5. IMPORTANT!!! If you used custom shaders in presets, you SHOULD first uninstall them from sim by menu command "Actions" - Uninstall custom shaders from sim" in your current version of the tool. Only after that delete old PTA.exe (PTA_33.exe/PTA_32.exe/PTA_31.exe) from PTA directory and unzip PTA.exe from new distribution archive. Also please note that because of the different mechanism for post processing handling, you cannot use PTA 1.5 and previous versions of tool together.
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    Nuno Pinto

    beta testing by purchaser many issues

    I have to replenish my popcorn stock. This Dornier will be a funny one to follow. So glad i stopped buying their... 'planes'.
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    Yoke choices

    Instead of revisiting and potentially fanning the flames, let's throw the requisite water and dirt on the ashes and move on. Full names in the forum, please.
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    Orlando to Marco Island Airport

    MSE 4X Florida Thanks for viewing!
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    J van E

    AeroFly FS 2, Lots of potential here

    The only thing I liked (a lot) was that the ground textures were loaded into the far away distance and you didn't see them loading, which always annoys me in P3D. I kinda liked the photoreal in some areas but most of the time I didn't like the flat look. Every city looked like the apocalypse or WW III had happened yesterday, even at higher altitudes. The autogen trees also looked kinda odd and was badly placed too often. The weather is too simple and cloud distance too small. Most planes weren't my kind of planes: I only liked the Cesnna while I actually don't like Cessna's. As expected the systems were too basic and simple too. Well, I have to add in all honesty I also liked the very simple UI and how you could get things done. Within seconds a specific setting or your location or whatever is changed, creating a flightplan was very user friendly (once you figured out how it works), the screens weren't cluttered with cryptic options, so all that was good too. I also liked how everything is being saved automatically: restart the game and you simple continue were you left it. Flight dynamics? Well, I suppose this clearly shows I have no real life experience as a pilot because to me it all felt the same as in P3D... Seriously. The Cessna felt the same as any other Cesnna I have flown. I really wonder what some of you guys are raving about LOL And I certainly like my A2A Cherokee more. Performance was good but hey... no autogen buildings, not too many trees, no AI, no traffic, no deep systems, no dynamic and very simplistic weather, no cloud shadows, no water animation and reflections, just one area with a lot of bad looking parts... I really wonder how performance will be if you add everything that P3D offers to the game. But okay, as it is it was ok. I have to add though that Vsync sucked because it gave my stutters, specially when looking around with TrackIR. That also REALLY disappointed me. With vsync off it was a lot better but then the tearing screwed it all up. Not too happy about that. All in all it didn't offer me enough to justify the purchase. I was bored with it before I ended my 2 hour trial. It is just too basic and too simple right now. Fun to pick up and do a short flight with your brain turned off and that's about it. The future will tell if this can become a serious complete sim. I will definitely keep a close eye on it but for now... no, too simplistic. Nice demo (it IS after all a work in progress and early acces). Maybe I will get it for 10 bucks during a Steam sale.
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    Captain Scott

    From Alderney to....

    St.Mary's in the new DO228
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    Flythemaddog MD80 VC Refreshed

    available at SOH http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/local_links.php?catid=117&linkid=21855
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    You could say that working near big jetliners really sucks.
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    Leaving the AP in very late doesn't give you a chance to get a feel for the landing, so don't leave it too late. Also the trim wheel will start clattering away as it prepares for the flare from an autoland at very low level and disconnecting the AP at that point will be, er, interesting! Similarly despite the 'I fly from 25,000 feet all the way to to the runway' brigade in the FS community, a watch of any YouTube video of the said hand flying will show you most approaches are horribly unstabilized. Realistically you're doing the job of two people in sim and if you want to do it all properly, there's no harm in using the automation to help. Many crews won't take out the AP until fully established in the landing configuration, which can be as early as you want it to be but typically is usually around 4/5 miles.
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    When is the right time to turn off A/P while landing?

    Did you know you can fly this airplane without A/P? Try using the FD from 10,000 to landing... practice.
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    Air Aisa A330 lands at wrong airport!

    The thread title is a bit misleading. The aircraft was directed to YMML. Of course this brings out all of the Airbus jokes but a common theme seems to be that certain pilots are not trained well enough on Airbus systems, or despite their training, are not smart enough to understand.
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    Aviation is not formulaic, so you're not going to find a precise point. It will vary by operator, by crew, by plane, and by approach type (or even the specific approach). This topic has come up a number of times in the forum, so I'd suggest searching around a bit to look at the previous discussions. The gist of all of them...? "When you're good and ready to do so." ...but I recommend as early as possible so that you can get a feel for the controls.
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    How short can a 777 land?

    Bit of real world input on this - the 777 is known as a 'good stopper' according to the 3 pilots I've been working with on our 777 Cadet Program. Emirates operate the 773 to Newcastle, UK which is the shortest runway on their network at 2329m or 7641ft and it's a Captain only, max autobrake landing which is a bit daft really as it's usually stopped well BEFORE the Q400s, A320s and 737s that you normally see there! United operate to Kahului Airport in Hawaii as part of a rotation including HNL and ORD (well they used to, not sure if they do any more) in the 772 and that looks pretty sporty at 2132m or 6995ft! So much so, we include it as the first line flight of the Cadet training program. In reality at the weights you're operating at for the short hop back and forth to HNL the runway length is really no big deal. The most memorable bit of the HNL leg was the very long taxi out to the reef runway and our salty old UA skipper doing the training recounts the first time he went there as a spotty young DC8 flight engineer. The Captain pulled open the DV window and proceeded to light up a huge cigar. By the time they were ready to line up the cigar was just about done so he flicked it out the window, shut the window and called for the before takeoff checklist….
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    Just recieved an email for Flight Sim com which also states "Expect a very special X-Plane announcement from Austin Meyer, the founder of Laminar Research and creator of X-Plane, and Ben Supnik, head of development for the desktop version of X-Plane. This presentation in the 200-seat auditorium will be taking place in both the morning and the afternoon, followed each time by a Q&A session." So yea, It's going to be an Xplane 11 announcement.
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    Any news

    Don't forget to model irate drunken passengers requiring immediate landing.
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    J van E

    GTX980Ti vs GTX 1080

    In that case: if you want to give the 1080 a try, make sure to get it from a store where you can return the card no questions asked. And btw concerning the benchmarks (which was your original question): P3D can't be compared with ANY game out there so unless you find a benchmark done with P3D itself, benchmarks are of no use at all. In a lot of games the difference between a 780 and a 1080 will be staggering but not so with P3D.
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    Weird Smoke trail and spoilers failed!

    I downloaded and did a quick test flight out of L08 with a 5,000 runway. Fully loaded with fuel, this aircraft is "grossly" overweight. I put 50% in all tanks did the takeoff and still had about 200 feet of runway left and NO tail-strike. Make sure your landing weight is fairly light, maybe 15% in most tanks. Keep in mind, "you land heavy, you land hard!" I did a second test flight and landed at KSAN runway 27 (One tough Monkey in a big bird!) I caught a screenshot as the wheels touched down on the runway with auto spoiler engaged.
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    Weird Smoke trail and spoilers failed!

    Ah,.....the "infamous" tail-strike upon takeoff! A wee bit too much pullback on the yoke when rotating. A lot of POSKY aircraft are very sensitive to the touchdown and a little too heavy and the spoilers may not deploy or they may deploy and close immediately. There have been instances of wheel spray following an aircraft about 20-30 feet behind. Keep an eye out for that. In fact, maybe delete wheel spray from the [effects] portion of the aircraft.cfg WELCOME to the forum! :wink:
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    The Magnificent 8

    Wow, that first one really shines!
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    Air Aisa A330 lands at wrong airport!

    Well, according to the article, the autopilot was turned on at 410 feet (I presume that means AGL). So that would be very close to +ve rate, gear up, click The SID must have been programmed in, which is why the AP was turned on, so it wasn;t going to be hand flown. - Roger Neves
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    The problem is solved :smile: it was my Saitek -yoke and rudder peddles Basically without going into a long explanation I set every thing back to scratch and started all over again and after a lot of fine tuning all is OK A big thank you to all those that replied ,the suggestion about key board commands triggered the grey matter
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    Totally understand - I think I had the same setting in FSX and for sure in P3D I disable some of the crashes so that when UT2 or the addon airports go a little crazy with the airplanes and ground vehicles, I'm not penalized for it. It is a thought though - I'll have to disable all crashes and then attempt to load the 777 in the same situation, see what condition it loads into.
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    POLL - FSLabs A320 "finished enough"

    Not true. Running the FSL in DX9 without any problems. Nobody needs DX10 for it.
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    X-Plane 10: Clouds & Datarefs - Questions

    Near Matterhorn again using NOAA, but the performance dropped here to 13 fps due to my mesh. The worst part about XPlane weather as every1 knows is the redrawing every kilometers or seconds or minutes. I am using XPlane on an external 20" LED connector to the laptop so the resolution is much higher 16:9 hence the fps also drops
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    Milviz B350 update

    Posted in the Milviz forum here at Avsim Looks amazing!
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    Colonel X

    Coming soon: Ventura Sky for X-Plane 10.50

    In this demanding Autogen scene the 16sm visibility limit helps tackling the CPU load.
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    Colonel X

    Coming soon: Ventura Sky for X-Plane 10.50

    The script smoothly increases visibility above 10000ft. At FL400, visibility is around 100sm. I showcased the increasing visibility with a bunch of shots in a previous post.
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    Cheap, Powerful PC

    Oh yeah..and that's not Good.. I hope Ben would look at the specs of the item and procure it from someone closer to him rather than from someone far away. Mea Culpa!
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    Air Aisa A330 lands at wrong airport!

    The "honest" mistake also resulted in the aircraft turning left off runway 16R across the take offpath of runway 16L. Lucky that there was not a parallel take off taking place as the risk of a mid air was enormous. Especially when there are cautions on departure plates "DO NOT TURN LEFT". There could have been catastrophic consequences.
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    Air Aisa A330 lands at wrong airport!

    i 100% agree that's not really an airbus or boeing thing. but just to clarify, they didn't land at the wrong runway. they entered the wrong gps coordinates during initialization and then somehow ignored all of the warnings and inconsistencies that were going on with that and decided to takeoff anyway. when they were unable to rectify this issue while flying, they were diverted to a different airport due to weather conditions deteriorating from where they had started. so they did technically end up at a different spot than they were intending, but it's not quite the same thing as landing at the wrong place. cheers -andy crosby
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    Hong Kong is right hand drive like the UK so it was the driver side that hit the engine, he appears to turn sharp into the engine just before impact. Could be a medical condition mixed with object fixation. Not sure why someone would think they could kill them self that way as it is a low speed impact.
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    Revised interior

    Hi John, it was Ramon and myself, who redid the Shrike's VC. Ramon even went so far and gave the entire interior a make-over. Luckily this is not needed here. So "only" the VC. I just had a look at the respective texture file. I'll try to do something about it. But please give me a few days before I come up with a proposal. I am retired, so you know, I have very little time at my disposal :smile: :smile: Bernd
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    beta testing by purchaser many issues

    @ Daniales, The proper way to shut down this bird is to use the start switches. First make sure that the start mode switch ( the one between the two start switches) is in the ground position. Right click on one of the start switches so it goes to the off position and hold for a few seconds. Then as the engine winds down, below 35% RPM, I believe, move the power lever into the beta position (F2) and then back into Ground Idle. Your engine and prop will now be in the start lock position, ready for the next start. I saw a video in which the pilot shut down both engines at once and then moved both power levers into the beta position and then left them there. You can do this, too, but you have to press the start switches separately and then press F2 to move both levers back simultaneously. After your next start, don't forget to move the power levers back into beta momentarily and then into GI, or you won't be able to advance the levers to full power (because they'd still be in start lock). Good luck, Tom
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    Dornier DO228 100 HD SERIES FSX/P3D

    Coincidentally, there is a free Garrett/Honeywell TPE331 sound package available in the library. Allegedly it was recorded from real Dornier 228 sound samples and has a considerable size: 87 MB! http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=189075&CatID=fsxsnds
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    Dornier DO228 100 HD SERIES FSX/P3D

    I have flown 6.5 hrs in the DO 228. I really like this aircraft. It captured the RNAV LPV approach to RW 04 at KBHB just fine. I have been it and out of 2B2 Plum Island, TFFJ St Bart's and SABA, it is a true STOL aircraft. I can easily get 190 KIAS cruise. I have not found anything that does not work as it should yet. I think Carenado did a very good job on this one. Greg
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    Dornier DO228 100 HD SERIES FSX/P3D

    Let's put on our reading glasses because the popup has a little cross in the left upper corner. I deleted it from my system. I think the MU2 from Flysimware is much more interesting and versatile (also with GTN integration and REX/Milviz weather radar.
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    beta testing by purchaser many issues

    Dear friends, I'm trying to turn off the engines , but the levers for cutting are not going back. Does anybody knows what´s happening? Dani Dear friends, I'm trying to turn off the engines , but the levers for cutting are not going back.
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    Dornier DO228 100 HD SERIES FSX/P3D

    Hi all. Second GTN unit (located on pedestal, lower part) does not pop-up using the GTN stack. Tried to edit the panel.CFG file but no luck. If someone is succesfull let us know, please. Cheers, Ed Hi all. Finally had some luck to make all the GTN units to pop-up. After installing the GTN in place of the default GNS, using the installer tool provided by Carenado, add the following lines to your panel.CFG (complete Windows08 section): [Window08] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=937,887 ident=14402 window_pos= 0.660, 0.160 window_size= 0.340, 0.580 zorder=99 gauge00=F1GTN!GTN750, 0,0,937,887,UNIT2.POP gauge01=DO228CAR!ToggleGTN750, 100,0,737,50 With this addition, you'll be able to make the second GTN unit (the one located to the lower part of the pedestal) to pop-up in 2D by selecting it from the GTN stack. Cheers, Ed
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    GTX980Ti vs GTX 1080

    Really good advice, J van E. Mainstream benchmarks don't reflect the CPU bound nature of P3D.
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    Jim Robinson

    Which runway/taxiway textures?

    A detail texture is what you need, have a look at this: http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=&Name=&FileName=runway_detail_texture_set_by_fsx_workshop.zip&Author=&CatID= I use these resized to 256px along with REX4's "set 02 Concrete" and "set 08 Asphalt taxiway" and Zinertek's HD Airport graphics for the parking spot markings. (But REX4's are good too if you don't have Zinertek)