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    A dream come true. Photoreal and correct placed autogen! I hope in the future that your scenery will be a standard from which 3rd party airport developers will do their airports in terms of photo color. Nothing worse than coming in on an approach with say Megascenery and suddenly its a completely different color palette. I like for example that Switzerland Professional has become the "standard" photoscenery in Switzerland and most airport develpers match their airport and surrounding photocolor to it (...or at least give an option for it). Also FranceVFR for France and Horizon photoscenery in the UK. An idea I guess could also be to work closely with the major airport developers. A win win for everyone Mike
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    Desertscapes|NorthAmerica|USA|Palm Springs...still showing the lighting and colorization of P3d V3 Always more to come...-D- Sorry no Orbx Palm Springs posted.
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    Unless you have Hyper-Threading turned in your BIOS, P3D does not require this entry. From everything I have read and personal experience, get rid of it if you don't have Hyper-Threading turned on in your BIOS. You want P3D to have full access to ALL of your cores. Add-ons such as Active Sky and other EXE based add-ons should be moved off of Core 0 (and Core 1 if you can spare it) and put on their own cores. This can be done via batch file or if you want to keep life simple use a program like SimStarterNG to point your add-ons at different cores. This may help. In your list above, on my setup, I have Active Sky, EZDOK running on Core 2,3,4 and 5. The only thing running on Core 0 and 1 is P3D and Windows. (I have 3930k 6-Core). If you only have a 4-core you'll want your add-ons running on cores 2 and 3. Works great on my end and keeps my sim smooth and locked at 30 FPS most of the time. I don't see Autogen pop either.
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    I agree with Thomas. I know and work with a LOT of developers, many of which it's been my pleasure to get to know personally. Many of these guys put the FS community and their customers first, over money, and when they're accused of something they didn't do their feelings absolutely get hurt. That said, there is nothing at all wrong with one developer comparing their product to another, so long as it's done without bashing. When I review a product, I'm always careful not to bash it or a competitor. Anyway, I think that if we could all sit down and talk face to face, we'd all find ourselves in agreement on 95% of this. And... we've moved pretty far away from the OP..... LOL. Best wishes to everyone... and if you're interested, stop by and talk with me or make a flight with me sometimes on the OVPA Voice Server.
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    That's wonderful news. The 750 will indeed be on my list of must buy software in that case. I had been thinking about your new GTN's ever since I saw the XP11 announcement. The fact that you'll be able to undock a 2D gauge and drag it to a second monitor in XP11 is a huge detail, and is almost a necessity for me - my second monitor is a touch screen, and being able to use it with an undocked GTN is one thing I really miss in X-Plane as compared to FSX/P3D. Seriously, in terms of gauges and usability, nothing beats a GTN 750 on a touch screen monitor. It's pretty much simming perfection. :smile:
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    I have this, amazing with displayport at 30hz. http://www.necdisplay.com/p/desktop-monitors/ea244uhd-bk
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    I use a mixture of free charts and Navigraph charts printed to PDF. I view them on a laptop beside my PC. It serves as an electronic flight bag, and also has manuals, checklists etc, because I don't like coming out of the sim to look at charts or documentation.
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    You are right, Sascha. They had a lever on the flightdeck that released the outer wheels as soon as they got airborn. They would be collected from airport/Luftwaffe personnel and re-used again. I decided to wait instead, because I wanted to show you this neat effect with a bit more drama :wink:
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    Airnav.com, Aivlasoft EFB or the GTN750. I'm sure there are others. Navigraph offers charts and plates but why pay for something that's freely available.
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    I'm afraid not. Once you reach your assigned altitude, ProATC is pretty lenient. I don't think it complains unless you deviate by more than 500'; but there is currently no option to disable altitude monitoring... may be something to add in later versions. I hear ya :smile: .
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    4k Monitors come in two types. TN and IPS displays. Generally TN displays are capable of very quick responses like 1ms, whereas IPS displays tend to be a bit slower like 4ms. If you use HDMI connection your display will always be 60Hz, however if the monitor has a display port and you use the correct cable you will get the full benefit of 4K resolution. IPS panels although slower tend to produce the best images.
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    Yup, it's RAAS... in the RAAS menu in the ADDONS MENU you can shut it off or control it anyway you like. Best,
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    Hi Jose88 I think the line you refer to in your screenshot is caused by your cloud shadow radius. It's probably set quite low - 10 - 20km. If you move that up to a higher setting you can move that line further out so it's not so noticeable. Cheers Stu
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    Hi Gordon, All aircraft will have a service ceiling which depends on their weight and once you are close to that ceiling, particularly in jetliners, the difference between the cruising speed and stall speed becomes very small and just a slight drop in speed can resulte in you starting to to fall from the sky. The best approach if you are flying close to maximum weight is to ascertain the highest safe flight level for your weight and fly at that until you have used sufficient fuel to lighten your aircraft enough to allow it to climb to and cruise at a higher flight level. Most airliners use this method of 'step climbs' on long haul flights, with many Transatlantic airliners starting their initial cruise at around FL 310-330 but ending up step climbing to perhaps as high as FL400 by the other side of the Atlantic. So sorry to hear of your sad circumstances but hopefully your flightsim can provide you with the occasional hour or two when you can escape a little into our other world and recharge your batteries. Bill
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    Rob advised setting the monitor to 30 Hrtz ( if possible ) , Unlimited and V-sync + TB on if you aim at a constant 30 fps. However , using 60 Hrtz and NVI with 1/2 refreshrate and limit the framerate to 30 + Uimited + TB will do the same. Use what is best on your system.., I myself use Uimited + VSync + TB with DXTory limiter . On my system DXTory results in a smoother experience than when using the NVI limiter.
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    I disagree with n4gx on his post. If the sim is aimed at basic user experience, then it is of no use to serious simmers. But a Sim that can give a full immersive experience and handle all the kit is still going to be able to deliver in a more cost efective hardware environment. If you aim low, you'll fail. I still maintain this. Aim high and you have a chance. Use the talent to fill the gaps to get a fully integrated package out there. Just another flight sim will not do.
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    1/2 RR Adaptive Vsync in NI. Vsync Off in P3D. Triple Buffer Off in P3D. Frame Limit to 31 in P3D. Frame Limit to 30.5 in NI.
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    I think you can just browse to the P3D location.
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    I'd have to agree Chris, the cursive font you post in here and on your sight is very hard to read on a computer or phone screen. I always have to copy and past your posts into notepad so that I can read them. Cursive doesn't read very easy for some people when views on the net.
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    Documentation.: ([Main Sim Derectory]/Carenado/Carenado DO228_100). The Beta lights are telling you that the props are in the Beta range. Read up on that here: http://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/Beta_Range
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    Almost too much information in that reply :smile:
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    TY TT at the near future we will focus on NA, no telling were we will branch later on with our new technology, some UK discussions already started here where we were made "an offer we cant refuse" if we render UK :smile: http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php?/topic/21340-secret-project-unveiling-vearth-virtual-earth/ as for retail pricing... its not set just yet; we are still in early development stages, our goal it to make these affordable so you guys can enjoy our work and share our passion!
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    Topic locked. One should never discuss politics, sex, or religion when flight simming... (or I think that's how that goes...) We have no rules against this but it's common sense.
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    Hi Bruce and thank you for your kind words and long time support! We are yet to make any announcement regarding FSX-SE only because there is much on our plate for now with the GTN release on X-Plane. Once the GTN product release pressure cools down, I'll make sure to review all these options with our customers.
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    Yes, you can get to 4.6 on air easily as long as you have a good aftermarket cooler. The stock Intel coolers can do it but the chips get pretty hot. I have a 4790k and it performs very well with FSX and P3D. The improvement that the 6700 offers is probably pretty negligible. It's not like the old days when switching from a single core to a dual core improved performance by several factors. If you can afford it, 6700. If you cannot, 4790k. Moving to PCIe storage would likely offer a more noticeable improvement. I would recommend one of the Corsair water coolers. I went from a Thermaltake Hyper 212+ air cooler to a Corsair H110i GT and saw temps drop about 5C at idle and 9C under load.
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    Here is the afternoon X-Plane 11 presentation thanks to Squirrel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VUS7mYriNk
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    Not everyone goes to Facebook, but Laminar Posted some new pictures of the new C172 running in X-Plane 11 ... wow, just wow!
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    I would like to point out something that has been mostly missed out in the discussion so far. It's understandable some disappointment in the X-Plane community for the lack of improvements to weather and seasons, but I think there's something else worth noting. Differently from every previous major release, this time a lot of focus and resources seem to have gone into improving the experience of first-time users. Let's think about it: .) GUI rewritten from scratch and made user friendly .) all default aircrafts are of high visual quality both externally and internally .) tutorials added (flight school) .) all virtual cockpits are usable and IFR ready This is something that X-Plane always lacked, and one of the reasons why it always remained niche, even during the V10 run. This time, the impression is that their number one focus was to have a more polished and user friendly product, especially for new users. In other words, having that kind of product quality that X-Plane always lacked compared to... pretty much every other flight simulator on the market. I think this is a VERY good thing. At the risk of overstating the matter, in the medium-long term this could even be more important than if they "just" improved weather and seasons but left all the rest as it has always been (poor GUI, poor default aircrafts, etc.). The impression is that this time they're really aiming to be a prime actor in the flight simulator market, and this of course means more users, more addons, more resources for further development...
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    Wow! This post should be a sticky! A warm thanks to you Elaine. Back to the old days! :--))
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    Pity they don't give details of their fleet and liveries. I can't understand why so many VAs don't provide this information up front.
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    Reality XP offered its first avionics simulation product in March 2002, garnering a track record of offering among the most authentic and valuable Flight Simulator add-on products one can acquire, and supporting and listening to its customers. Some of you even have had the chance to fly the first RXP GNS back in 2002, and upgrade free through versions from v1 to v6 since then. It shows in our products that RXP have always considered your feedback and criticism, both negative and positive over all these years, and that we have continuously improved our products the best we could, sometimes adding small features for only a few of you, and also by adding greater features for all of you. Having said this, RXP is also well aware our reputation has not been as glorious as it was for the last couple years. No matter what the circumstances, some being business related, others just bad luck, and unfortunately the rest personal related, no matter that the quality of our products showed sustained and trouble-free value for years for the many of you, we are to be held accountable for the lack of support some of you have experienced. Our oldest community friends and customers could certainly figure out this was an unusual and unaccountable situation, and I can’t stress enough how much it was. Most who know me personally or in the community must know this is a peculiar and unexpected situation, to consider we have purposely abandoned customers without a word just doesn’t add up. Sometimes the odds are against your every move no matter what, no matter how hard you fight, and I don’t think all our customers have been fairly and timely treated either and I sincerely apologize for their situation. We were established in the add-on market for sharing our love and passion for Flight Simulator. These passions are what motivated our undertaking and they are as strong today as they were back then.