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Class 67 Advanced
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Publishers: Just Trains

Description: New engine and rolling stock .

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Reviewed by: Gene Davis AVSIM Senior Staff Reviewer - January 25, 2012

This new package from Just Trains offers up yet another great engine and a set of cars for Train Simulator 2012. This time around you will be in control of the Class 67 Advanced engine hauling everything from freight and passengers to brand new cars using the new car carriers that are included with this add-on.
The package includes six different liveries for the Class 67 Advanced and the IPA Car Carriers that both use ACTIV Train and ACTIV Wagon features and a full sound set. What is ACTIV you ask? ACTIV gives the virtual engineer a more realistic cab environment by allowing more features within the engine and ACTIV wagons add more interactive features to the carriers, such as the ability to load and un-load.


Installation is relatively painless as is with just about any Just Trains add-on, simply insert the disk and let the installer do its work. The version I received was that of the boxed product and it does include a printed manual that will definitely come in handy when trying to learn the Class 67.

The Class 67 Advanced

From the cab this has to be one of the more complex engine add-ons I have seen from Just Trains, as it offers a fully functioning cab environment and does require a little bit of learning to get the thing moving.

The Cab layout is wide and stretches the width of the engine and has controls from both left to right. With this add-on, I recommend disabling the virtual controller that comes with train Simulator 2012 and using the controls in the Class 67 instead. The cab features a modern layout using modern gauges and control systems, along with warning sounds and driver alerts.

The exterior model holds nothing back and incorporates itself well into TS 2012 environment using many of its new features, this along with an absolutely superb sound set both inside and out, makes it a must have for Train Sim aficionados!
The engine itself comes with several different scenarios and I recommend starting with the one named Trial Delivery as it puts you on a first run with a load of cars in a brand new engine on a run from Plymouth to Taunton. This is a great place to start because the scenario actually guides you through the start up procedure of the Class 67. The only thing I didn’t care for was the fact that it doesn’t wait for you to follow through on an instruction before continuing onto the next instruction and if you are not paying 100% attention, you can skip a step quite easily.

There are only a few scenarios included with the Class 67 and they will have you on the Oxford to Paddington and Bristol to Exeter routes, along with free roam scenarios for each. I would have liked to have seen more scenarios for this engine, especially for European routes designed by Just Trains, but adding them to other routes is not really that hard.

IPA Car Carriers

This part of the Class 67 package isn’t just another set of freight cars, but a completely modeled and interactive rendition of the IPA Car Carrier. Each car includes a full load of automobiles to haul across the English countryside with the Class 67 Advanced or whatever European engine you choose to add it to. Each car is accurately detailed, has custom markings and includes a custom sound set.

The Car Carrier incorporates ACTIV Wagon which allows for the cars to be used loaded or empty and allows for more functionality in the simulation. The car carriers feature three different types of vehicles, mostly compact types and in different colors.

As with every Just Trains product, the external model of the Car Carriers is where the money is at, because each is accurately detailed, includes custom markings and it even has a flashing tail lamp on the end of the last car. This is a signature addition to just about every Just Trains freight add-on because it is a feature of their ACTIV Wagon and ACTIV SCRIPT technology designed for TS 2012 to make their add-ons much more interactive than others.

Words really can’t bring out the detail of these cars, so I have included some screenshots that can better express the detail and love that went into creating this add-on.

Custom Scenarios and Environments

The great thing about add-ons like this is that they can be added to any scenario or world environment in TS 2012 and that offers some element of customizability and reusability. To where I spend more time on routes that are not default to TS 2012, I like having the ability to add these add-ons to those routes.

You can also create your own scenarios via TS 2012 and incorporate either the Class 67 or the Car Carrier to those scenarios. Though I have done little with custom scenarios, it doesn’t appear to be that difficult. I usually just end up doing the free roam scenarios in whatever route I choose and both titles can also be added easily to those as well.


The Class 67 Advanced and Car Carriers from Just Trains is yet another fine example of what Just Trains has accomplished with add-ons for Train Simulator 2012 and what they will continue to do in the future.
The product can be purchased via download or boxed version for $29.99 from the Just Flight/ Just Trains website and in my opinion, it is worth every penny and a fantastic addition to an already great simulator!



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Class 67 Advanced & Car Carriers

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