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Mega Airport Munich

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Publishers: Aerosoft

Description: Scenery add-on.

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230 MB - FSX

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Reviewed by: Roger Curtiss AVSIM Staff Reviewer - February 16, 2011


The airport in Munich (EDDM) is the second busiest in Germany in terms of passenger numbers and in 2009 was named by Skytrax to be the second best airport in Europe and the fifth globally.

The airport is comprised of two main terminals with 43 conventional gates and an additional 60 apron positions at Terminal 1 for aircraft parking and loading.  The terminals are connected by a midfield center that features shopping, business and recreation areas.


Aerosoft has chosen to expand its airport scenery offerings by modeling EDDM and has created quite the impressive package. The purchase price includes scenery for FS9 and FSX but each requires an individual file download (which accounts for the two download sizes listed above).

Once the zip files are on the computer, installation of either version is quite straightforward and simple.  The user has the options of installing with or without static aircraft and the installer asks whether Ultimate Terrain Europe is already installed and also checks to see if Aerosoft’s German Airports 1 is present in the scenery library (which, if it is present preserves the other airports and changes only the EDDM entry).

The Scenery

This is a beautiful airport treatment.  It seems as if no detail has been left out and every time I visit this virtual EDDM I find something new.  The FSX version is especially intriguing as one can use the freeware “aircraft” BOB to roam about the airport grounds.

FS9 Default EDDM
Midfield Centre FS9

BOB, being a virtual person, gives you the opportunity to visit areas not accessible by an aircraft.  I parked an aircraft at one of the gates and then used BOB to walk onto the roadway between the gate and the main terminal where there were all sorts of small surprises.  I also used him on the airport perimeter roads. This ability to traverse the entire airport area makes for a very interesting visit.

Just beautiful
The airport environment is quite alive

There is considerable activity at the airport in terms of vehicular traffic as baggage carts, service trucks, security vehicles and busses make their appointed rounds.  Additionally, the perimeter roadways are depicted and there is a flow of traffic representative of the time of day (lots of traffic during daylight hours and very little at 4:00 am as would be expected).  These vehicles are aware of your presence and if you obstruct their lane they will patiently wait until you move out of the way.  Some of the traffic even goes so far as using their turn signals, which is a feature I have never seen elsewhere.

Rwy 8L in FS9
Terminal lighting is very well done
Remarkable detail and the use of light in FSX

I inadvertently stopped a backing aircraft as I was pushing back from a gate and within a very few minutes had a considerable backup of ramp vehicles.  Fortunately, I was firmly ensconced in my cockpit and they had their windows closed so I was unable to hear the virtual German swearing the drivers were undoubtedly directing at me.

The attention to detail is maintained with abundant signage throughout the airport.  From location signs on the roadways to taxiway markings, the area is robust with directional guidance.  There are numerous locations where embedded red lights in the surface are present to instruct you to stop so as not to encroach on the right of way of aircraft on intersecting taxiways or on an active runway.  The lights obediently extinguish when the area is clear to proceed.

Roadway signs in FS9

After using the scenery in FSX, I loaded the FS9 version and was quite pleased with the quality of detail present.

I could probably drone on pointing out small details of this scenery enhancement but I honestly do not believe that is necessary.  Suffice it to say that this is a very well executed rendition of EDDM.

FSX - rwy 8L lights
FS9 - Turnoff lighting at A5 intersection
FSX - taxiway turnoff lights
FS9 - hold point at A2
FSX - the wight by the runway sign is a wig-wag

I found myself just parking the airplane in various spots and simply watching the wide variety of activity on the airport surface consisting of ground vehicles.  If the setup is also populated with significant AI traffic or real world traffic, the added aircraft movements will nicely round out the experience and you may be sufficiently entertained that there will be no need to even leave that airport.   Aerosoft has outdone themselves to bring this airport to life.


Very few, but since you asked.  The automatic docking guidance system at the gates leaves a bit to be desired.  The indicator does not appear until very close to the stopping point and the display itself is rather small and moves out of sight in most of the 2D cockpit views I used, necessitating a quick switch to a virtual cockpit view at a rather inopportune and critical time.

Furthermore, there is but a hair’s breadth difference between receiving a Stop notice and the Too Far message.

Gate docking system in FSX
The gate sign evens displays the Lat/Long for FMS settings
Gate docking system in FS9




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Mega Airport Munich

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