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German Airports 3

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Publishers:  Aerosoft

Description: Airport scenery add-on .

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Reviewed by: Jason McKee AVSIM Staff Reviewer - March 22, 2010


The latest package in the German Airports Series is German Airports 3X, this covers the following five airports: Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel, Bremen,
Berlin-Tegel, Paderborn/Lippstadt and Lübeck. I will be focusing on the last airport, Lübeck, for the purpose of this review, as the other four airports have been covered in great detail by my colleagues. See the reviews for: Bremen, Berlin-Tegal, Hamburg, Paderborn/Lippstadt.

First a little history of the Lübeck airport. In 1916 the Lübeck Airbase was started and was completed in 1917. At the end of WWI the airbase was closed. In 1933 it was reopened again as an airbase, and extensive construction was carried out. The airport was used during the Berlin blockade to ferry supplies to West Germany. The airport is known as Lübeck Blankensee Airport and is the second airport in the Hamburg area.

Lubeck Airport on a cold winters day.

After Germany was reunified, air traffic started to grow out of Lübeck and the arrivals terminal was expanded in 1997. There are future plans to expand the airport to handle future demand.

This review will focus solely on the FSX version as I do not have FS2004.

Installation and Documentation

Aerosoft has combined all five airports in to an easy to use installer that installs and registers the airports in the FSX scenery library. You do have a choice as to whether you wish to have the static aircraft installed or not. I use Ultimate Traffic II, so I chose not to install the aircraft. Once installed you will have the season setting tool, and the AESlite control program for the five airports (you get a separate control program for each airport).

The season tool allows you to change the trees to the current season; spring, summer, autumn and winter. This is a limitation in FSX that won’t change the trees in the airports to the correct season; I personally didn’t notice the difference so I didn’t change the trees from the default summer setting.

The tree tool that allows you to change the tree seasons for the airport, as they don’t change with the seasons. The AESlite configuration tool that allows you to turn off the airside and landside traffic.

The AESlite program controls the airport traffic. This traffic is like it says a lite version of the AES program. The traffic is airside and public traffic around the airport, things like busses, trains and trucks are on the public side of the airport; on the airside it covers things like baggage carts, vans and the like. The only interaction you can have with these is they will stop and wait for you to pass them before moving on, unlike the FSX default traffic that just plows on through. They also use their indicators before they make a turn, very nicely done.

As you process through the automated installation you will have charts and manuals put into the German Airports 3x folder under the Aerosoft Folder on your start menu. The manual is well done and covers everything you would need to know about the airports. The manual gives you a history on each airport and a guide to settings for both FSX and FS2004.

The manual is in both English and German and goes into some of the technical compromises that had to be made, things like aircraft shadows and AI traffic. Also included is a full set of charts for all the airports; these charts include (where applicable) SID and STAR plates, ground and parking locations and non precision approaches.

Lübeck Blankensee Airport

The airport itself is a small sized airport that can handle up to 767/757 sized aircraft. Ryanair is the main operator out of the airport flying to destinations all over Europe. Wizzair also flies out of Lübeck. There are six gate positions at the airport, these handle 737 and A320 sized aircraft and larger when required, the larger aircraft will be catered for with the expansion that is coming in the future.

Inspecting the runway reveals a nice well looked after surface that is realistically reproduced. The gliding club or Luebeck, it includes static gliders and clubhouse.
The Approach lighting as seen from the ground. The airport blends well with the default scenery, and also Ultimate Terrain Europe. The AESlite traffic is great, it will stop and let your aircraft past, unlike the crazy default traffic that will drive straight though your aircraft.

The airport for FSX is well detailed and has all the building in their correct locations. The main runway and gliding runway are accurately placed and modeled, the textures around the airport from the tarmac to the ramps looks exactly like the pictures on Google Earth.

Driving around the airport reveals well detailed hangers and ground markings, with realistic wear and patches. Textures could be a little sharper though.

There are a couple of things I need to mention. The runway does not show the FSX water effects as this is due to a limitation with FSX and the way the runway was created. To be honest, you do not really notice the difference. And as mentioned above, the trees do not change with the seasons, that is what the tool is for if this really bothers you.

With AES activated you get ramp vehicles like these. They will park properly and service your aircraft. The push back will push your aircraft to the correct location with no guiding for you.

The night lighting is great, with the runways and taxiways are easy to follow. From the air there is a nice white glow around the ramp from the floodlights at night. If you can afford the impact on performance, the lighting bloom looks fantastic at night.

The approach lighting for the runway is as you would expect for a modern airport, easy to see and use. The overall lighting around the airport is well done and show off some nice ground glows.

This is a nice small airport which Aerosoft has modeled as realistically as FSX will allow. As a small airport, the frame rates were excellent on my PC, of course your mileage will vary, but being able to customize the airport traffic to help your frame rates is great.

Overlooking the ramp area, with the default FSX ground vehicles in place. Looking toward the arrivals/departures area.
The fuel truck parking, with the rather default looking fuel truck. Outside on the public side of the airport, the detail is still here, even down to the security gates. The front of the terminal show a nice detailed entrance way, along with the traffic that moves around smoothly.

Summary / Closing Remarks

Test System

Intel 920 I7 Quad Core
3Gig 1333 Ram
ATI HD4800 1Gb
Saitek Pro Yoke and 2 throttle quadrants
Pro Flight Rudder Pedals
Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit SP2

Flying Time:
5 hours

Overall the package is a great value for your money. You get five airports for the price of two. Even better is that all the airports have full AES support, and they use very little credits to activate them. I have previously used the FS2004 version (before these airports were upgraded) and they were great then. I can say that the FSX versions are even better and give you very good frame rates without comprising on details.

Aerosoft seems to have a knack of creating realistic and well priced airports and these airports included in this package live up to this reputation.


What I Like About German Airports 3

  • Five airports for the price of two
  • One simple installation process
  • Full AES support
  • Excellent performance from all airports
  • Customization of traffic on both ramp and outside areas
  • Blends well with Ultimate Terrain Europe
  • Ultimate Traffic 2 works well with all the airports
  • Great night lighting


What I Don't Like About German Airports 3

  • Small issue with not showing the rain on the runway (not a big deal for me)
  • Minor texture blurriness (but then that could be my setting)



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German Airports 3

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