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Project Airbus A300-600
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The Lufthansa Airbus A300-600

A real Lufthansa Airbus A300-600. Photograph couresy of Holger Penka and Airliners.net
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Project Airbus
Four of the best looking Airbus A300-600s available on the Net.
D/L Size:
2-4 MB
Reviewed by: Pardave Lehry, AVSIM Associate Editor
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The A300 was what started it all for the consortium of European companies that came together to form what we know today as Airbus Industries. And since then, Airbus has slowly worked its way up to rival Boeing, now claiming over 50% market share. They have a solid product base, and more and more airlines who were traditional Boeing customers are taking a serious look at this European giant.

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With the release of FS2002 and the new techniques used to paint aircraft and create scenery, we are once again in an area where we are starting to see more and more real looking aircraft and scenery. Take a look at the Project Opensky classic 747s (in particular the Lufthansa livery) and you'll see what I mean. Developers are able to produce more realistic looking aircraft thanks to advancements in painting techniques and processes. And with the release of FS2002, we saw the coming together of another talented team of designers, collectively calling themselves Project Airbus. Currently, they only have one offering, the A300-600, but are working on their next project, the A320. So let's take a look at this fine aircraft.

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Here, we have the Lufthansa A300-600 on climb out in overcast conditions. These sort of textures were first seen on the Feel Real Flight 747-400.
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Here we have one of Thai's machines getting ready for the journey back to Bangkok. Notice the level of detail, right down to the huge retract actuator at the nose gear.

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The Thai machine on rotation out of Heathrow...
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... And another shot during the climb. Notice the detail level is so high, you can actually see each individual fan blade.

Test System

AMD Athlon XP 1700+
Windows XP Professional
512 Megs RAM
MSI GeForce 3 Video Card
Sound Blaster Audigy Sound
MS Sidewinder FF Pro
Panasonic 19" Monitor

Flying Time:
8 hours over 6 days

Four liveries for the A300-600R are available. China Airlines, Lufthansa, Thai Airways and the A300-600 Beluga transport airplane. All four aircraft are beautiful and contain some excellent textures. All four aircraft contain features such as wheels that rotate when the aircraft moves, bogies that compress and expand while taxiing, fully transparent windows, entry doors that open when the aircraft is parked at the gate, and all the usual stuff like moving flaps, gears and gear doors and flight controls.

Contours wise, the aircraft looks just like the real thing. Flap fairings, doors, pitot tubes all look like the real aircraft. The A300/A310 engines are installed quite a way away from the wing leading edge because of center of gravity issues, and the same can be seen with these aircraft. Ground handling is superb. The aircraft turns very smoothly whereas some aircraft are extremely sensitive to rudder movement.

With a full load, the aircraft should become airborne at around 160 knots, with a climb speed of about 310 knots being ideal for the initial climb to around FL250 and then March 0.78 being ideal for cruise and a further climb up to FL310.

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The contours look splendid.
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Our first stop: Mumbai International Airport. Check out the shiny core cowls on the engine.

With real aircraft, if the engines are brought back to flight idle they have a tendency of dropping like bricks. Most flight models have a hard time recreating this feature. With this flight model, you'll notice that with an average descent rate of around 2000 fpm and engines at idle, the airspeed does creep down slowly, without the use of spoilers. So meeting the 250 knot/10,000 feet restriction shouldn't be too big of a problem. With 130,000 pounds of fuel on board, the landing speed was around 160 knots.

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The night textures on the Lufthansa machine look just as beautiful as the day textures do. Check out the look through the flight deck windows.
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And here we go for another long haul flight.

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And another shot during the climb out.
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There are a lot of well known freeware groups out there, such as Project Opensky, the Freeware Flight Group, Feel Real Flight and CSI. To these names, we can add one more: Project Airbus. As of this point, they have a special livery 767 available, the Antanov An224 as well as the four A300-600s. Currently they are also working on the A320 and hope to have it released soon. In the mean time, you can download these great aircraft either from the Avsim library or by checking out the website by clicking here.

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Another nice shot.
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On final into Heathrow, a few hundred feet of the deck.

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And touch down, with reversers and spoilers deployed.
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At the gate, with all the doors open and airing out the upper deck.

What I Like About the Project Airbus A300-600
  • The level of detail is splendid
  • They're free

What I Don't Like About the Project Airbus A300-600
  • Nothing



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