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Reviewed by: Marlon Carter AVSIM Staff Reviewer - June 4, 2011


Aeropresentation seems to be a new comer to the world of Aviation Video Documentary. Thus far they have started off with four DVDs which were filmed in HD and are available in Blue Ray as well! In this review we will take a look at three of these DVDs and we will see how they stack up against the competition.



NextJet is the largest regional airline in Sweden. The company is based in Frösundavik just north of Stockholm. This DVD features the operations of the BAE ATP aircraft to destinations such as Arlanda, Vilhelmina and Hemavan. From the very beginning it was very noticeable that these DVDs would have a very different approach to filming as compared to other DVDs and video documentaries available.

We start off with a graphical introduction and our flight crew welcoming the viewers while they stand on the wing of the ATP aircraft. Many of the highlights of this DVD were the numerous camera views which provided not a dull moment in the cockpit. During most of our flights the viewers have the chance to experience the challenges of flying through snowy/rainy weather. This also provides the opportunity for amazing views from the cockpit of the snow capped mountains on departure from Vilhelmina and other destinations.

One of the features that differentiate this DVD series from the rest is the laid back and humorous approach on the part of the flight crew. While this DVD does not go extensively into the systems of the aircraft, there is a segment where the F.O takes the time to give a brief but comprehensive cockpit presentation. This documentary mostly features the day to day operations of the airline and the work duties of the pilots. At some points you often wonder if they knew the camera was present by some of the things they talk about.

Finally, apart from the amazing views from within the cockpit of this aircraft, there is a bonus segment which features the ATP doing fly bys and sharp turns in a mini air show of sorts for the viewers which I thought was outstanding. Jan Mogren has done a fantastic job with the many camera views and candid interviews with the flight crew as they provide a lot of background on themselves and their career.
This is a good DVD and I would recommend it to anyone who is an avid aviation enthusiast or a fan of the ATP.

For more information: http://aeropresentation.com/nextjet-bae-atp/



While this DVD does not have a cockpit panel presentation or interviews with company management, there was certainly not a dull moment in this 2.5hr documentary. Our first flight takes us from GOT to LHR which begins with the Captain of the flight checking the volcanic ash activity over London.

Highlights of this flight are the preflight briefing, many interesting views from the cockpit and stunning views from the cockpit while flying through the cloudy skies, flight procedures and an interesting landing behind an A340 at LHR. It’s not often that we get to see landings and takeoffs from the cockpit at Heathrow, so this segment of the DVD was a fantastic privilege.

Our return flight and continuing flights to ARN, CDG and OSL feature much of the same activities and scenery which makes this DVD one of best MD-80 DVDs I have ever seen. I was very impressed with the quality and editing of this DVD that features views from nearly every conceivable angle of the MD-80 cockpit and much more. I think it will be a great addition for any fan of the MD-80 and to anyone who is interested in seeing the day to day activities of flying the maddog around the EU skies. Recommended
For more information: http://aeropresentation.com/sas-md80-dvd/

Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia


This DVD starts off with our camera man following the flight crew as they make their way to the crew briefing room. From the briefing room viewers have the opportunity to follow along with the captain as he reviews the flightplan, fuel and weather information for the round trip flight from Goteborg to Palma.

After the crew makes their way to the flight deck, the first officer sets up the aircraft in preparation for departure while the captain reviews the tech log of the aircraft. Some of the highlights of this trip include the amazing camera views and scenery from the cockpit. Also, one of the most intriguing portions of the flight comes with the captain explaining how he became an airline pilot which was quite interesting to say the least and a definite highlight of this entire DVD. Crowning off the highlights of our first round trip, the captain gives the viewers a very informative cockpit presentation which covers most of the major systems of the aircraft.

Our second round trip from Goteborg to Agadir starts off with the FA preparing for the in-flight service and our first officer preparing the flight deck by entering the route information into the MCDU. Highlights of this trip are much the same as our first trip with the exception of many interesting views of other aircrafts flying in mid air and an amazing approach into Goteborg at dusk.

This DVD was quite a treat and it was filmed in a very unique style which captures the unedited day to day activities of pilots. The interaction with the flight crew and amazing camera views provides viewers with over 2 hours of non stop fun and informative entertainment. Recommended

For more information: http://aeropresentation.com/thomas-cook-airlines-scandinavia-a320/

Summary / Closing Remarks

These DVDs were an absolute pleasure to watch and I think anyone who loves aviation will enjoy them. There are other companies that produce these types of DVDs but quite honestly the camera quality and the editing of these DVDs by Aero presentation is quite impressive. Price wise, Standard HD DVDs cost $31.95 in Europe and $29.95 in the USA. Blue Ray versions will cost you $33.95 Europe or $34.95 in the USA.

While the prices may seem a bit steep I honestly feel that the unique editing, camera views and overall experience provided in these DVD might be worth it. How does Aero Presentation compare to the competition? While others might be cheaper and perhaps more educational, Aero Presentations approach to filming makes their product as equally unique as any other and since this is just the beginning, I can only imagine that their products will get better and better.


What I Like About Aerpresentation's DVDs

  • Unscripted documentary that portrays the true to life daily activities of pilots
  • Creative editing and camera views
  • Amazing scenery
  • Features very unique aircrafts and destinations
  • Pilot interaction with the viewers makes you feel part of all the action


What I Don't Like About Aerpresentation's DVDs

  • My only suggestion would be to have a segment of the DVD that provides more background on the airline itself.



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