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MegaCity Atlanta

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Publisher: Megascenery and PC Aviator
Description:  Scenery Add-on.
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FS 2004
Reviewed by: Jeremy Jeffreys AVSIM Staff Reviewer - July 19, 2006


If you have ever flown along the East Coast of the USA then you have probably flown into Atlanta, Ga. A busy intersection for Domestic and International flights, Atlanta is also the main hub of Delta Airlines. Atlanta currently is the second busiest airport in the States, following Chicago and processes approximately 85 million passengers per year.

Aerosoft Australia and PC Aviator have brought this area to life for the Flightsim community, covering ten thousand square miles of Georgia countryside and metropolis. Highways, golf courses, sports venues and parking lots are all included in this highly detailed 2 foot per pixel photo scenery, giving you the feel of actually being there.

Test System

A64 Venice 2600 Over clocked to 2500MHz
1024MB RAM
Seagate 250GB SATA Hard Drive
CH Yoke and Rudder, X45 Stick and throttle

Flying Time:
10 hours

Installation and Documentation

PC Aviator provides MegaCITY Atlanta on a single boxed DVD. Installation is as easy as following the on-screen directions. One feature that I really like, while the scenery is installing, tips for best performance are displayed on the screen. Once installation is complete it gives you the option to automatically make these changes, which I allowed it to do.

First Impressions

I first loaded FS9 at KATL in the default Cessna, default weather and daytime. I immediately departed and took it up to 4000 ft AGL, as this is the recommended altitude for viewing. My first impression can be summed up in one word AMAZED!

I have never owned a photoreal scenery because I have always been an IFR pilot who never really thought there was a need to have the extra resources spent on the scenery. MegaCITY has just changed my perception of life in the FS world. My FPS were great and the scenery was spectacular. I flew around and watched the transition from day to night, thinking that there was no way that it could get any better.

I was wrong; the night textures are a masterpiece of their own. All of the roads that are portrayed in the day are lit to perfection at night. Flying in the VC, I was so completely immersed that I had the actual feeling of night VFR flying. I was able to follow roads and see landmarks that I would normally not be able to follow in the default FS world.


As I anticipated, there is a slight FPS hit on my system but nowhere near what I expected. I averaged between 60 and 75 FPS in the daylight hours and 45 to 65 at night. I was very surprised that I did not see any stutters; this was what I was really expecting to be the downfall to the scenery. My system ran this scenery without a single problem.

Geographic Accuracy

Not being a native of the Atlanta area the only thing that I can go by is maps. I spent an entire day comparing what I was seeing to actual maps, and from my view point I think they have got it as close as you possibly can. Every major road and intersection is portrayed in their correct location, suburbs appear to be in the correct locations, as do the golf courses.

I am sure that if you are a native of the Atlanta area you will probably be able to find some small detail, but from my point of view I could not find any.


MegaCity and PC Aviator have done a fabulous job in meticulously recreating one of the USA’s most frequented destinations. Both day and night is accurately reflected in a complete package that I would highly recommend to anyone that is a scenery lover from anywhere in the world.

This scenery is great for VFR flying either in a small plane or in a 777 returning from a long overseas flight. It will add to a great experience whatever your flying may be.


What I Like About MegaCity Atlanta
  • Accurate realistic ground textures for a 10,000 Square Mile area around Atlanta.
  • Accurate realistic night textures.
  • Great frame rates

What I Don't Like About MegaCity Atlanta
  • Nothing that I could find


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