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Pilot Seat

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Publisher: Contact Sales
Description:  Flight Sim and Gaming Seat
Reviewed by: Robert Whitwell AVSIM Reviews Editor - July 2, 2007


It’s not often that we get a chance to review hardware, especially anything of size. I came across the Pilot Seat by Contact-Sales in an advertisement on a flight sim commercial product website. I been previously been using the Sim Cockpit Simulations flight sim “desk”, however, this required me to move my three 19’ monitors back and forth between that setup and my computer desk when not simming. When I saw the Pilot Seat and saw that it had adjustable platforms for the various CH Products hardware I was using, I thought this might be the answer to solve my “re-configuration” dilemma I found myself in when flying.

Some Assembly Required.

I’m the type of guy who typically puts things together and ends up with “spare parts”. So when I saw the minimum number of pieces that came with the Pilot’s Seat, I figured I wouldn’t have any problems with this one. Wrong, there were no instructions included with the package and I don’t have a mechanical engineering degree. I’m thinking this was a glitch by the shipping department. I immediately emailed Contact-Sales and asked if they could email me a copy of the instructions, which they did right away. I single sheet of paper with colour pictures….you figure it out. So step 2, go to their website and see what the thing looks like from various angles.

Contents of the box How to assemble your Pilot Seat

Now on the upside, it does come with all the nuts, bolts, washers, Allen keys and Velcro to hold your flight hardware on with, the tools also include a wrench to tighten those lock nuts.

Trial and Error

After staring at the online pictures and rotating the instructions pages around and around, I commenced assembly. I soon learned that I needed a 3rd hand to hold the base parts to the frame and tighten the nuts at the same time. Enter my wife, after all women can multi-task.

Once we figured out what went where to get the frame assembled, the adjustable platforms fell into place and the rest was gravy. Contact-Sales’ quote of “easy to assemble” holds true once you know where everything goes. Within 30 minutes I had my new toy assembled.

Fully assembled with empty equipment platforms.

She Looks Great

Auxiliary Equipment

CH Flight Yoke
CH Throttle Assembly
CH Rudder Peddles
CH Fighterstick

I now had a very comfortable Pilots Seat to fly from. I attached all of my CH Products flight hardware to the platforms with the Velcro that came with the seat. The yoke is adjustable telescopically in and out so you don’t have to “reach” for it and have your aircraft climb for the heavens and the side platforms adjust up and down accordingly. The rudders can now be placed at an appropriate distance under the desk. As I cozied the seat up to my computer desk, I made some final adjustments on the height of the yoke and its distance from the seat.

The nice thing about the dual side platforms is that you can put the throttle quadrant on either side depending on your preference or “handedness”. This leaves the other side open to place your keyboard, should you choose to do so. Personally, I liked leaving my keyboard on my computer desk as I’ve associated most common functions to the switches on the CH throttle quadrant.

I was now ready to climb aboard and start flying. But wait, how am I going to get in as the seat isn’t on a sliding rail. Answer….the yoke platform folds up and down. Simply fold the yoke up out of the way and climb aboard.

Ready for action.

Everything is now within reach. I just need to light the fires, and we’re off.

Not Just for Simming.

As I mentioned earlier, this Corbeau Racing Seat is very comfortable. If I drop the yoke column down and move it forward, combined with removing the side “wings”, I can move right up to my computer desk and do other PC tasks. No real need to switch back and forth between my office chair and this one. Besides, this is a bucket seat, great for long hauls in front of the PC.

If you should chose to use your office chair when not simming, this unit is easily transportable out of the way. I simply unplug my flight controls from my USB hub and place the Pilot Seat away from my desk and roll my office chair back in.

Summing it up.

Contact-Sales support was first class. Even though they are in the UK, every email question was answered right away. In fact, I would email them in the evening here on the west coast and I would have my answer when I checked my email in the morning.

Discussing the assembly instructions, I mentioned that with all the nuts, bolts and washers used to assemble this seat, an “Assembly for Dummies” would be appropriate as I like to see insert bolt A into slot B, apply washers and tighten nut C. There are 2 sized bolts, and I realized I had made a wrong choice at one point when I heard wood creaking when I started to tighten things. The manufacturer said that a revised version of the instructions is in production to simplify things.

Shipping was straight forward, even though it changed hands from the UK shipping contractor to a Canadian one once it arrived in country.

I’m thoroughly enjoying my flight experiences in this new seat. At 400 UKP, it’s a little more that a really good office chair but is more versatile, and in my opinion, far more comfortable with its bucket seat feature.


What I Like About The Pilot Seat

  • Very comfortable
  • Fully adjustable for anyone to use
  • Compatibility with a computer desk
  • Left or right handed choice
  • Multifunctional, not just for flight sim


What I Don't Like About The Pilot Seat

  • Lack of clear instructions (vendor working on this)
  • Pricey for the average simmer



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