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JoyLoc Gaming Bracket

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Publishers: JoyLoc

Description: Fighter cockpit controller layout .

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Reviewed by: Robert Whitwell AVSIM Reviews Editor - July 24, 2011


If you're like me, you fly multiple types of aircraft. I mainly fly BizJets, GA and military aircraft, so I have 2 types of controllers...yoke and throttle, and HOTAS. As we all know, the yoke and throttle configuration is set up in front of the pilot while the HOTAS configuration is located on each side of the cockpit, with a stick on one side and the throttles on the other.

Most of us who use a HOTAS controller usually have them set up on top of our desk which means they're not in a comfortable position in comparison to the real thing.

A new company called "JoyLoc" has now given us the opportunity to place our HOTAS setup in the correct position at the side of our cockpit chair, thus simulating the real feel of the fighter cockpit.

Installation and Documentation

A small one sheet, 4 sided "pamphlet is included with the package and has all of the instructions, with diagrams, you'll need to properly set up these brackets. The rugged metal brackets clamp on to your desk front with rubber pads adhered to the clamping mechanism so as not to damage the desk's finish.

The kit also comes with velcro strips that you can custom cut to fit your HOTAS controllers should they be of a lightweight material. I was using the HOTAS Warthog set from Thrustmaster, so their own weight made them stable when sitting on top of these brackets.

I would recommend a 2 ft minimum opening under your desk in order to fit these brackets comfortably to get your knees under the desk while flying.

The brackets are 16" long and 8" wide with a drop of 8" from the top of the bracket to the base where your controllers will sit. The surface available to rest your controllers on is 11.5". That's plenty of room for your controllers.

Flight Operations

With these brackets in place, I had the feeling of sitting in a fighter's cockpit with the throttle/stick combination at the exact position I wanted them to comfortably fly in a modern fighter (F16/A10). Having only flown in an F18 and T33, with center stick and side throttle, I'm sure that this side by side configuration would be easy to adapt to by pilots who have flown the aforementioned cockpit configuration.

It is possible to set the right hand bracket in the center of your desk to simulate a center stick configuration, but I found that the depth of the bracket made this set up uncomfortable as I had to move my chair further back than I wanted. The plus of side by side, is that you can configure your cockpit for left or right handed control.

With these brackets being clamped to my "flight station", it was a simple task to remove them and reconfigure my cockpit with a yoke and throttle .


You can purchase these brackets as a single or double set. They are compatible with Saitek, Logitech and Thrustmaster controllers. Single units sell for 55/73/85 UKP in the UK/Europe/USA and doubles for 88/105/133 UKP in the UK/Europe/USA. Multiply that by at least 1.5 for us across the pond and they can be a bit pricey for the non hardcore jet jock.

Since I fly fighters often and like the side by side cockpit configuration, I would recommend these to anyone flying long range missions. The ergonomics of the bracket's design make those flights a lot easier on your arms, which are now by your side instead of stretched out in front of you.


What I Like About The JoyLoc Gaming Bracket

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Fits most desktop flight sim configurations
  • Results in the look and feel of a modern fighter cockpit


What I Don't Like About The Joyloc Gaming Bracket

  • Pricey for the casual simmer
  • Uncomfortable when attempting a center stick set up



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