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The 767 Long Haul and ETOPS Guide

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Publishers:  LROPS

Description: Instructional material for transatlantic crossings.

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Reviewed by: Tim Capps AVSIM Staff Reviewer - August 21, 2009


Flight sim enthusiasts dedicated enough to master the LDS 767 will probably want to strive for similar realism in operations. With Captain Sim’s recent 767 releases, new fans of the near-classic wide-body may also want to learn how to plan realistic flights for the Mistress of the Atlantic. While written with the former folks in mind, the procedures in The 767 Long Haul and ETOPS Guide will be just as useful for the Captain’s fans (including 757 owners).


The Guide is largely written by a 757/767 pilot, and explains the complexities of real-world North Atlantic crossings for simmers. It is not about flying the airplane. It presumes you know all that. What it seeks to do is roll a sturdy foundation of realism beneath what you are already doing. This means step-by-step instruction on not only planning, but operations. For example, there are a number of checks you need to perform to protect yourself from GNEs. The Guide will teach you how to do them and why they are important.

The PDF is only 69 pages with many illustrations, but since by page five you are already being directed to a website for the day’s North Atlantic Tracks, it gets right to the point. By page eight you meet NARs, which are collected in the appendix. At the other end of the flight, you’ll need to know about SRDs, and there is an explanation of those as well, complete with a link to a groovy online PDF. (You’ll see what I mean.) Details like Equal Time Points and Enroute Alternates are covered. The writing is lucid and easy-to-follow. It wasn’t long before I felt both intrigued and confident enough to order a set of real NAT Plotting Charts from Jeppesen. It will definitely set you to sharpening your pencils for some serious scribbling.

There is a tutorial for planning a New York to London flight. Forms are provided to record essential information for your crossing, and an ETOPS checklist will keep you safely in simulated compliance with regulations. There is helpful information about fuel planning and take-offs, and a comprehensive glossary, so you don’t have to ask someone what “SLOP” means. (You will also be able to understand reviews that inconsiderately toss around undefined jargon like “GNEs”). There is even a gouge for briefing your FO. It is the flight simulation long-haul equivalent of one of those big red Woolworth’s Christmas stockings chock full of fun stuff.

While patient searching could assemble much of the information from online sources, it would remain a jumble to the uninitiated. Finding everything in the proper operational context is what makes it well worth the price, which is 8 GBP or just less than 13 USD.

It might be worth mentioning that you should not expect the actual plotting charts and sectionals. There are some partial reproductions sufficient to follow the tutorial, and maybe even use across the North Atlantic with a bit of eyestrain, but to get the most of out of your new-found knowledge, you will want to obtain a plotting chart. A set of real ones from Jeppesen will cost about 18 dollars. (LROPS says they offer Jeppesen charts, too, and at a slight discount with a PayPal option.)

Closing Remarks

Unless everything I’ve been talking about is already old hat to you, you will want this download to add realistic planning and operations to your Atlantic crossings.



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767 Long Haul and ETOPS Guide

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