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EZdok Camera Add-on

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Publishers: Flight 1

Description: Camera and effects system.

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7 MB

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Reviewed by: Aidan Sandri AVSIM Staff Reviewer - August 12, 2011


So what is EZdok? Flight1’s website says it is a camera and effects system and a manager that enhances the pilot experience in FSX and that it also incorporates visual effects caused by aircraft acceleration and turbulence in flight. These are features that are lacking with the default FSX without any add-ons.

So we will see what this product is all about and if it adds that extra bit of realism to FSX that we all want. Flight1’s EZdok has the following features:
- Travel over the virtual cockpit of the aircraft, around the aircraft and around the flight simulator world.
- Camera smoothly "floats" from the current to a new position.
- Create up to 255 internal, external aircraft, and world cameras for every aircraft. Edit POV and location of the camera "on-the-fly" with the mouse and keyboard.
- Switch between the cameras with joystick buttons or keyboard shortcuts. This switching can be instant, or smooth thanks to PtP technology.
- Enable and disable mouse look mode with the middle mouse button.
- 3D panoramic mode.
- Create and modify your own dynamic head movement effects with built-in effects editor.
- Export and import settings to external file for back-up or for sharing with other EZCA users. You can export camera settings and settings for every single effect or module separately.

Test System

Computer Specs

i5 750 @ 3.5Ghz
Nvidia 9800GT 1Gb
8Gb DDR3 Ram
Windows 7 64

Flight Test Time:

12 hours


EZdok uses the default Flight1 wrapper, download the 7 MB file and run the .exe file, purchase the product and it will begin to install the files. Once the product has installed - run the config file and you are set to go.

There is a good tutorial on how to set up the software on the EZdok forums (I will post the link in Review Feedback on the AVSIM Forums shortly after this review is published) - also included is excellent documentation on how to set up the product (I found the videos easier though).

The product's features:

I'll start with the default aircraft, included are different COCKPIT views and AIRCRAFT views (under those settings if you right click > select a view). They have an easy transition to each view and allow you to turn/flick knobs/switches easily and have more realistic views in your aircraft than what is provided by the default settings without EZdok.

You set up the button on your joystick or keyboard that changes the views and you get an extremely smooth transition to the next view. Unfortunately, with 3rd party add-ons, no views are available - you can create them yourself which only took me about 30 minutes to have them exactly where I wanted them.

There was a problem when I did name them, for example - I’m in the RealAir Duke making my views, I have a view set up onto my GPS, when I name this view GPS/Radios, EZdok gives me an error that will stuff my views up - I may be doing something wrong, but this was rather annoying as all my views would then not work as I programmed them.

EZdok also gives a shaking effect; this added a load of realism into the simulator as with the default MSFSX you do not get any shaking whatsoever. On taxi, you get those little bumps that you would expect, and on takeoff roll it does get rather bumpy and your screen will begin to shake.

In turbulence, you also get a realistic feel of yourself moving around - if you zoom into a knob to turn it, it will require some patience as you may have to keep moving your mouse. Even with touchdown, you get a rather heavy shake (depending on how hard or soft your touchdown is) - which also added to this products realism. You can edit the effects by right clicking on RND, DHM or CR.

Although this feature was more for editing, I loved how you had the ability to move around your COCKPIT or AIRCRAFT views. This actually enabled me to explore the aircraft’s details that you would not be able to find by pressing Shift+Ctrl etc (which takes a lengthy amount of time)

Configuration with TrackIR:

I was reviewing v1.17 which has support for TrackIR using the TIR 5 software, compatibility with EZdok was flawless and I noticed no errors. If you do not have TrackIR, you will not be able to use the Mouse + Space to move around the cockpit anymore as EZdok takes over this function. Instead in the EZdok settings you have to give EZdok the ability to let you move your mouse to see what you are viewing. This can be frustrating at times if it is shaky and you are trying to looking at one location and not able to turn your look to what you want to.

Performance Impact:

This product did not come with any FPS hits as you would expect, after all - it is a utility!

Summary / Closing Remarks:

Flight1s EZdok is a very realistic and useful utility for our simulation. In ways it can be compared to REX, it isn't like an airport or aircraft which you eventually get tired of and move on to another, you will always use it no matter what. I enjoyed this product, and will be sure to be continually using it.

At $35USD, some would argue that this is expensive for a small utility, and in way it is, and in way it isn't, but at the end of the day it is an excellent utility. Flight1 offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the product, so I guess that offers you less risk when purchasing the product.


What I Like About EZdok Camera Add-On

  • The shaking effect is pretty cool, adds a lot of realism and can be customized!
  • The ability to move around your aircraft and look at different views of the aircraft or cockpit.
  • A very useful utility.


What I Don't Like About EZdok Camera Add-On

  • Setting it up can be a nightmare, and sometimes the software won't run as you wish it to.



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