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NZ Pt 2 - Rotorua & Tauranga

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Publisher: Godzone Virtual Flight
Description:  New Zealand add-on scenery.
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49 MB
Simulation Type:
FS 2004
Reviewed by: Hector Davila AVSIM Staff Reviewer - September 4, 2006


You probably already realize how beautiful a country New Zealand is. Its majestic lakes, rivers and mountains are just a little of what New Zealand offers to flyers and, in that case, people.

For a long time, New Zealand has been ignored by the FS community except by maybe the people that actually live in New Zealand. Most GA airports in FS are missing or inaccurate, so New Zealand has been in need of some good add-on scenery for a long time and this package really gives New Zealand's beauty justice.

Installation and Documentation

The installation process is semi-automatic meaning that it includes an auto installer but like all FS scenery, you must manually activate it. The manual explains the installation process in great detail, and even if you have never installed a scenery before you will get the hang of it quickly.

The manual does provide helpful information, but I would recommend you go to Godzone Virtual Flight's website for more up-to-date information regarding the scenery.

Installer and Manual.

Rotorua Regional Airport (NZTG)

Rotorua is an incredible add-on. There is not a lot of information about this airport, but it is really detailed. Photo realistic ramp and taxiways, realistic buildings and airport equipment, it is all there. I have never been to this airport but from what I can imagine it is pretty darn close to the real thing. Even the parking space is detailed with cars and signs etc. In real life, 737's fly to this airport as well as a number of other commuter aircraft. The airport has a 4500 ft runway and it sits at an elevation of 936 ft.

This scenery is very nice and detailed.

The Rotorua airport also includes scenery of the surrounding areas, and I have to say it is pretty breathtaking. Geothermal features and the lakes are directly attributable to continuing volcanic activity which has formed and reformed the landscape.

Detailed lake area. Great Autogen and Landclass. Hot Spring.

The Rotorua scenery is full of surprises. Apart from the airport, detailed lake, autogen and photo realistic texturing, you also get a seaplane base operated by Volcanic Air. This extra feature also has photo realistic texturing and detailed models; though, a bus in the scenery is untextured.

Nicely detailed buildings. Great extra, except for the untextured bus.

I experienced a problem in Rotorua when I installed Red Baron's 75 meter mesh as recommended by Godzone Virtual Flight. The water was uneven and had mounds in it, making it almost unlandable. The developer promptly supplied me with a fix and I couldn't be happier with the customer service. Also, the airport has very little AI traffic. You can add more traffic if you install traffic from a 3rd person developer, but the most you will see is 3 default airplanes max at the same time.

AI traffic.

Tauranga City Airport (NZTG)

Tauranga city airport is a medium sized airport with 4 runways; 3 of which are grass strips. The airport is like Rotorua, extremely detailed. A combination of photo realistic texturing, quality modeling and artistic skill make this airport the best I have seen for New Zealand.

If you are not sure which scenery for New Zealand to buy, this is it.

Main runway Realistic airport terminal.
Photo realistic ramp.

What makes this scenery so great is not only the great airport, but also the surrounding scenery. Like Rotorua, great attention has been given to the area but this scenery just stands out. Tauranga's scenery is geographically correct right down to the last detail, being enhanced even more by Red Barons 75 meter mesh which I highly recommend to add to this scenery.

The docks. The port. Impressive view.

The Flight

I decided to make a flight using Flight 1's excellent Cessna 421C. I started from Tauranga and landed in Rotorua. I filed a flight plan and filled the Ccessna with fuel. It was a sunny afternoon, perfect for flying. I contacted ATC, requesting permission for takeoff from the intersection because I knew the Cessna didn't need the extra runway to get off the ground. I was granted permission and the Cessna lifted off the runway without a problem.

It is a privilege to fly in New Zealand just because of its breathtaking scenery. Of course, Flight Simulator does not do it justice, but while you are flying in Godzone territory you realize just how breathtaking it really is.

The Cessna 421 is a great airplane and provides a smooth ride. Before I knew it, I was nearing Rotorua and started my pre-landing checklist while surrounded by the beautiful Godzone scenery.

ATC cleared me for a long final approach to runway 36. The landing was smooth and without problems. Before I knew it, I had to shut down the engines and tie down the aircraft. It was a real fun flight and I hope to do another one like this real soon.

Test System

AMD 4000+San Diego
2GB DDR3200
Windows XP Home
GeForce 7800GT PCIx 256MB
19” LCD 1280x1024x32
Top Gun Afterburner II

Flying Time:
15 hours


Godzone has made a work of art with this scenery. Sure, the airports aren't perfect in every way but you need to view the big picture. Awesome texturing, awesome modeling, awesome work by the guys of Godzone Virtual Flight.

Never has a scenery package provided me with such fun and feeling of exploration. You will get your money's worth with this package and more; you have to see it to believe it and you have to believe it to love it. Then there's the great costumer support to boot. 5/5 for detail and service.


What I Like About Rotorua & Tauranga
  • Everything

What I Don't Like About Rotorua & Tauranga
  • Nothing


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