AVSIM 2003 Bravo Zulu Awards

By the Editors, AVSIM Online
October 5, 2003

AVSIM Online is pleased to continue our "Bravo Zulu" awards tradition begun in 1998. "Bravo Zulu" is a time-honored maritime signal meaning "Well Done." We thought this a fitting designation for the truly outstanding contributions of new simulators and related hardware, aircraft, panel, scenery, and add-on utilities we've seen this past year. We've selected what AVSIM Online's Editors judge to be the best from both freeware and commercial product (including shareware) publishers and developers. The entrants we considered are those reviewed by AVSIM Online that earned 5 Stars or at least 4˝ Stars (or equivalent AVSIM Freeware Gold Awards) and that have been published since August, 2002.

Here's our Bravo Zulu award line up for 2003:

Best Commercial GA Simulator

Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight
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  • Dramatic improvements in weather capabilities-innovative 'moving front' and cloud dynamics
  • More convincing ATC implementation,
  • Creativity in "Century of Flight" themed aircraft, adventures and multimedia documentation
  • Overall improvement in the "look and feel" of the flight simulation experience

Best Combat Simulator

IL2 Forgotten Battles
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  • Great sound and graphics
  • Variable Dynamic Campaigns
  • Time compression feature
  • Multiple national aircraft



Best Hardware Product

GF-MCP Autopilot Module & Flight Deck Console
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  • Takes away the need for mouse and keyboard interaction
  • Ease of installation and configuration
  • Detailed manuals
  • Operation is very straight forward



Best Commercial Aircraft Package
VMAX Flight Systems - Ralph Tofflemire

747 'Ready for Pushback'
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  • Highly accurate exterior modeling using GMAX
  • Models all three crew positions with excellent accuracy
  • Requires that accurate procedures be followed
  • Wide variety of well-crafted liveries including Cargo and Freight models
  • A "gold standard" for Heavy-Iron MSFS add-ons

Honorable Mention
Captain Sim

Legendary 727
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Honorable Mention
MAAM Simulations: Bill Rambow, Jan Visser, Fred Banting, Rob Young and Mike Hambly

North American B-25J Briefing Time
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Honorable Mention
RealAir Simulations: Rob Young, Sean Moloney, and Peter Sidoli

Siai-Marchetti SF.260
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Best Freeware Aircraft
AC Design: Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas, André Folkers

Aero Commander 520
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  • Amazing attention to detail-age corrosion around rivets, fuel stains on top of the wings, every thing is very finely detailed
  • Outstanding panels, both 2D and VC
  • One of the best designed FS light twins ever – captures the feeling of flying the real world Aero Commander

Honorable Mention
Antti Pankkonen

AS365 Dauphin
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Honorable Mention
Project Fokker

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Best Freeware Panel (not included in an Aircraft package)
Richard Probst

B-727 Panel
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  • Detailed photoreal panel artwork
  • Multiple night-lighting settings
  • Autopilot functionality
  • Accurate gauge representation and function
  • VFR view for final approaches
  • Authentic background sound and associated gauge sounds
  • Instruction manual with speed charts and cruise-power settings

Best Commercial Scenery

'Emma Field'
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  • Care and attention to detail
  • How it blends in with the surrounding default scenery
  • Superb animation, interaction and sounds
  • The documentation



Honorable Mention
Aerosoft Australia / PC Aviator Magazine: Andrew McLain

MegaScenery USA 2004: Los Angeles & San Diego
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Best Freeware Scenery
Tom Curtis /X-Plane Freeware Project

SOCAL for X-Plane 6.40+
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  • Scenery detail
  • Improved objects at major airports
  • Area covered



Best Utility/Multifunction Product

Ultimate Traffic
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  • Simple install
  • Lots of traffic and lots of options
  • Easy update system
  • Minimal frame rate hit


Please join us in congratulating these publishers and developers for their outstanding contributions to our enjoyment!



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