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Publisher: ImagineSim
Description:  FS2004 Airport Add-On.
Download Size:
18.6 MB
Simulation Type:
FS 2004
Reviewed by: Alexis Esguerra AVSIM Senior Staff Reviewer - October 23, 2006


Atlantis Casino on Paradise Island, Cable Beach, and Lyford Cay. What do these attractions have in common?

If you said the Bahamas, you’re extremely close, but the answer we’re looking for is Nassau International Airport, the gateway through which you most likely will be flying into if visiting those places (yes, I know Paradise Island has it’s own field, but lots of luck for a larger jet using that tiny runway). The largest airport in the country, it serves airlines coming into and going out to such places as the US, Canada, Great Britain, and of course, the numerous other islands of the Bahamas. And don’t let the smallish-facility charm fool you either - evidence exists that this place has no problems handling heavies like the B777.

ImagineSim, already well known for their previous airport sceneries, break the mold and seizes the initiative and, for the first time, concentrates their efforts outside the continental US with MYNN. Grab your snorkel and the suntan lotion - it’s time to fly to the entry point of a favorite warm water vacation getaway.

Installation and Documentation

Two installers are available for MYNN. One is sponsored by SimMarket and the other is by Flight 1. If you happen to opt for the latter, rest assured that the Flight 1 Wrapper will be utilized; this should quash any concerns about the installation procedure as it is – by personal experience - as reliable an installer as they come. The SimMarket installer is also extremely good, sending the user a download link for the installer via email after the purchase has been made. Also available, is a demo version (which makes the buildings appear and disappear in hocus pocus fashion), documentation, and an optional replacement AFCAD file (more on the last one later).

The installation is up to current standards; meaning it is simple, reliable, and gets the job done. For more advanced FS2004 users, this may prove to be a minor sticking point as there is no installation option or scenery configurator tool to omit the static airliners or objects during the process I have found in other airport sceneries. Instead, one must go directly to the scenery folder and manually remove whatever undesired BGL files may exist.

Documentation is in the form of a 13-pg PDF file. While seemingly short, it has everything one may require of it, including an airport diagram, scenery how to’s, PC tweaking hints, and FAQ’s.

The Facelift

Once all is said and done, MYNN jumps onto your screen in a manner that is indicative of ImagineSim’s reputation – in layman’s terms, that means what you see is far closer to the real deal than MSFS’s rendering could ever hope to replicate. The two runways the airport sports were about all that were nailed down in the default representation; everything else came up short. ImagineSim to the rescue.

Nassau - default and ImagineSim's version

The major changes to the airfield are numerous. Retexturing the airfield’s area in general so that it matches satellite imagery, accurate layout of the taxiway system as it is today, and adding the Million Air FBO ramp (complete with it’s largish tarmac stenciling) on the southeast end of the field are but a few of the major improvements that will leap out at you. More truthful buildings replace the default ones, and new ones are placed where they didn’t exist in the first place. A see-through perimeter fenceline that mostly surrounds the airport (trees fill in the gaps) is now in place, as are the various facilities for operations, navigation, communication, and instrument/visual approach systems. It’s quite a different world from what existed before, easily meeting the standards of airport sceneries today. I’m fairly certain many will appreciate what was done to the field.

Closer up, the finer points are also enhanced. The main terminal area shall serve as my example, where the boarding areas are considerably better than before. Bring the building to it’s current appearance in 10cm/pixel resolution, add a jetway here and there, litter the area with static aircraft, ramp personnel, and equipment, and you’ve got a place that’s as immersive as it is generally accurate. The efforts put into the scenery are as clear as the waters that the Bahamas are well known for.

At night, the place gets better… at least in my opinion. One thing about numerous airport sceneries that I’ve seen, is that the ramp lighting is often a touch too dim. The general idea about illuminating the ramp is so the workers can continue to work efficiently once the sun goes down, and I can personally vouch for the fact that the power of those lights are considerable. MYNN really drives this point home, where the ramps are considerably brighter than most other airport sceneries I’ve worked with. Another night lighting item that really caught my eye was the taxiway edge lighting fixtures (amongst the more true-to-scale versions I have ever seen to date in MSFS), and flush taxiway centerline lighting fixtures (the first I have seen in any airport scenery).

Airfield Night Lighting Runway Signs Centerline Lighting

Overall, the improvements are great. Crosschecking the scenery against photos and other reference material would seem to indicate that ImagineSim did their research well. I did note, however, that the efforts were more concentrated to within the security fenceline than outside of it, and this was one area that I felt could’ve been done differently. An example, I’ll use parked 3D cars in the passenger parking lots, which seems to be much more the norm these days with airport sceneries; MYNN does not have them.

The Terminal - Default and ImagineSim

Animated/Interactive Features

ImagineSim has always taken animated and interactive features to heart, and MYNN carries on this fine tradition. I, for one, am personally thrilled by that, as I am a sucker for those kinds of things in a scenery. Nothing breaths life into MSFS like things that move about and items you can affect when you get close enough. For this airfield, it pretty much falls to jetbridges, marshallers, and vehicles (oh my!).

Jetbridges are first and foremost on my list, and MYNN has seven ready and waiting for use (almost – several are occupied by static aircraft that must be removed first). The manual spells out which ones are more appropriate for given aircraft types, and they’ll cover aircraft from 737s all the way up to 747s. Tuning the predefined frequency into NAV2 to get the bridge moving is also required. Provided you follow those rules, the jetbridges work just fine. I ran planes ranging from 737-500s up to 767-300s (size appropriate for regular flights serving this airport that would need a gate) and as long as I kept going to the gate the manual recommended, the jetbridge swung into position and was perfect for deplaning each and every time. Note that if you intend to remove the AI aircraft, that previously mentioned replacement AFCAD file will come in handy. Without it, AI aircraft will not use the gates previously occupied by their former users.

Of course, what good is a jetbridge when you can’t position the plane in the correct spot in the first place? Enter the marshaller, which has been seen in ImagineSim airports before, but are welcome nonetheless. These little guys will ensure you get that plane of yours into the right spot provided you follow their signals. They are found primarily around the terminal area; GA drivers are left to their own devices.

Last are vehicles. They are on the move getting that last second virtual bag to the appropriate virtual aircraft cargo hold. I noted a few zipping around here in predefined repeating loops, within the perimeter of the airport (good to know that the local rampers are doing there bit… I just hope they haven’t lost my virtual bag in the process).

As with the static details, animations are restricted to within the airport itself. This is less of an issue as I would imagine that MYNN is much more of a laid back place than say, KORD. Still, to have a car or bus coming to or leaving the airport would’ve been nice.

Test System

CPU: AMD 64 X2, +3800
RAM: 2.0 GB
Video: ATI X800XT X2 (SLI) 256 MB each
Sound – SB Audigy, Klipsch 5.1 (digital)
Joystick – MS FF2

Flying Time:
40 hours


* Reviewers Note - Recently, I have had to rethink my whole performance testing process. Given today’s PC technology and standards, I have elected to break down my tests into two individual sessions. The first sticks to my prior practice of testing under what may be considered by some as basic standards, sticking to what FS2004 has to offer in the ways of traffic, weather, textures, and lower settings. The second moves into a more advance level using mainstream add-ons and higher resolution settings. While I admit that my products will vary from other users, I figure simmers may get a more accurate idea of just how well things will perform based on what they have.

MYNN is one of the more frame-friendly airports out there on the market, averaging 23-25 FPS under test conditions. I feel it is important to point out that the field never handled a large amount of air traffic at any given moment (I never saw more than four active aircraft at any one time), so there wasn’t a lot of resource-stealing activity going on. On the same side of this coin, the scenery is much less dense than other add-on airports I have worked with, possessing quite a bit of open space within its confines as its real-world counterpart does.

Basic Tests Parameters

Resolution 1024X768X32, Detail & Autogen & Land & Water Detail Sliders – LAND ONLY
Traffic 75% (Airline & GA enabled)
Weather Setting - FAIR, Detailed Clouds (MAX), Sight Distance, Cloud Draw, & 3D Sliders – 75%
Aircraft Used Default B737-400
Frame Rate 28-29

Advanced Tests Parameters

Resolution 1280X1024X32, Detail & Autogen & Land & Water Detail Sliders - MAX
Traffic (Traffic2004) MAX (Airline & GA enabled)
Weather (ActiveSky 6) Setting - FAIR, Detailed Clouds (MAX), Sight Distance, Cloud Draw, & 3D Sliders - MAX
Aircraft Used Level D Sim B767-300 (UAL-NC, High-Res Textures)
Frame Rate 22-23

Stability-wise, MYNN was excellent, with no adverse effects on my PC. For compatibility issues, there were none noted.

Adding It Up

I have no complaints to field about ImagineSim’s latest offering. Overall, MYNN is a great scenery that easily accomplishes its goal of making its slice of the default world a better place to fly into (or out of – your choice), and does so in a manner of performance that is top notch. Other than location, I cannot imagine any reason that this package would put any one off.

Oh… there’s my bag. My apologies, but I’ve got some snorkeling to do.


What I Like About Nassau (MYNN)
  • Great take on the airfield in question.
  • Excellent framerates.
  • Animated features.

What I Don't Like About Nassau (MYNN)
  • Personal preference aside, nothing worth noting.


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