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Dream Factory Studio Brussels 2007

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Publisher: Dream Factory Studios

Description: Add-on Scenery.

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35 MB

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Reviewed by: Kevin Boydston AVSIM Staff Reviewer - November 17, 2007


Brussels is not an airport thought about too often as a place someone would want to flyin or out of. Most simmers would opt for, oh, St. Maartin, Sydney, or Los Angeles. However, Brussels has some of the best cargo and heavy charter flights than any of the other airports out there.

I like to think of Brussels as the place to go when you’re bored with the typical LHR-JFK route, and want to try something a bit different.

Brussels is home to the Headquarters of the European Union, thus having many government flights from all around the world, so you can now haul your favorite politician to and from the EU HQ in style. In addition, Brussels is one of the biggest Cargo hubs in Europe, and has many cargo flights including DHL, Saudi Arabian Cargo, Singapore Cargo, Korean Air Cargo, and much more.

Test System

Intel Core 2 Duo 4300 at 1.80GHz
1 GB of RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 7300GT 256MB
24” Apple Cinema Display
Saitek X52
Windows XP Pro SP2.

Flying Time:
7 hours

Installation and Documentation

After purchase, a 35.2MB install .exe is downloaded, and a serial number is sent to your email's inbox. Just a simple double click on the .exe, enter your email and serial number, and choose whether or not to have mip-maps in your textures and you’re done.

If you wish to, like many detailed airports in Aerosoft’s shop, you can download a copy of AES (Airport Enhancement Services) and purchase a serial number for use with this or any of the other AES compatible airports, adding much more realism to your “gate experience”.

Added to your FS9/Aerosoft directory is a simple PDF document titled “Brussels_2007.pdf” which contains a 4 page “manual” containing credits, uninstall instructions, performance notes, a brief history of Brussels, and a very helpful list of navaids complete with a link to EBBR plates.


Every building inside the airport is modeled appropriately and proportionally accurate, along with a very detailed perimeter around the airport.

Brussels contains one passenger terminal with three concourses, A, B, and C. Concourses A and B are fully operational with AES functionality, however the C concourse, which is also the satellite concourse, does not include parking spots in the AFCAD. I'm assuming this because my AI refuse to park there. Concourse C does not have moveable jetways with AES, thus requiring an extra air stair.

The main concourses (A, B) are amazingly detailed both outside and in. This is one of the most detailed terminal interiors I’ve seen in FlightSim, so when you pull up to the gate, you can look inside the realistic terminal and not just stare at a blue window.

All cargo complexes are modeled fully as well, creating a great visual experience when pulling up to the ramp in your freighter.


DFS has included plenty of eye-candy in this offering. Included is AES “Aerosoft Enhancement Services” which is a simple download off Aerosoft’s site, purchased serial put into the “AESHelp” application, and credits assigned to the desired airport, in this case, DFS Brussels. Serial’s are purchased from Aerosoft’s site as “AES Serial Packs” which contain one serial number, equaling ten credits.

What does AES do? AES adds dynamic scenery to Brussels, such as moving jetways which dock perfectly with the aircraft, cleaning trucks, air stairs, cargo loaders, and catering. All of which is configurable through the AESHelp application which then places a intelliscene.cfg file in the aircraft folder. Unfortunately, as of this writing, Aerosoft has yet to update their AES software to add support for cargo aircraft.

The beautifully modeled terminal interior does not contain any movement and is a ghost airport. It would have been nice to see some people walking around in the terminal. Outside of the terminal there is abundant activity from dynamic vehicles, driving in and out of the airport in BMWs, and Audis.

On the ramp's interior, there are no moving vehicles. So other than your service vehicles, the ramp appears as a ghost airport once again.

There are no AI plans included with the scenery, however my custom AI quickly filled that gap and all my AI seemed to go to the correct spots. Looking at the screenshots, you can see clearly where the DHL area is, where the other cargo area is, and get a pretty general idea of the domestic European area with a few internationals here and there.

The border of the scenery extends out a bit covering some buildings and land features more or less depending on which direction you scan. Near the cargo area, the scenery covers an intricate number of buildings tightly packed behind the cargo terminal. The border of the scenery coverage blends in nicely to transition to the default landclass.


Every time I glance at the runway/taxi/apron textures, my eyes don’t want to let go as the true beauty of this scenery lies in the amazing textures. The borders of runways and taxiways are very smooth and detailed, along with modeled lights on the sides of both runways and taxiways.

Terminal textures look just as good and are very appealing, especially with the aforementioned 3D interior.

Landclass is fantastic as well. Incorporating nearby geographical features such as the small body of water off the threshold of runway 02 and the small hill to the left of that runway. You’ll find your final approaches to be quite enjoyable with realistic textures extending out about 3000 feet before the runway threshold, with modeled approach lighting and animated traffic.


Performance isn’t quite as great as some of the detailed sceneries we’ve seen elsewhere (ie. FlyTampa), but it is, for this level of detail, very good. With FPS locked at 26, I typically saw a drop of about 25%, typically giving me around 15-20 FPS with full custom AI, on a cloudy day with ASv6. Of course these are specs on my C2D system, I can’t say this would be the same for some of the older P4 systems.


I can say that if you like being a "Trash Hauler" this would be a fantastic addition to your library, with or without AES. Even if you fly small European carriers, this is a great airport to purchase. I recommend AES along with it.

With the incredible detail implemented through the use of textures, as well as it being frame friendly yet incorporating complex modeling techniques, this is certainly a winner for DFS in my book.


What I Like About Brussels

  • Incredibly realistic textures
  • Excellent modeling
  • Performance is very good
  • Landclass details
  • AES Compatibility


What I Don't Like About Brussels

  • A bit of a ghost airport inside and on some parts of the ramp.



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