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Wilga X

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Publishers: Aerosoft

Description: A classic Polish GA aircraft.

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170 MB

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Reviewed by: Aaron Graham AVSIM Staff Reviewer - November 10, 2011


The Wilga is a Polish designed and built STOL (Short Take-off and Landing) aircraft. The production line of the Wilga started in 1962 and runs to this very day. It was designed for use in sports and civil aviation with a strong emphasis on glider-towing and parachute training.  The Wilga 35A is powered by a Polish 220hp engine called the PLZ WN-6RB.

*Information sourced from Wikipedia

Installation and Documentation

Installation is simple and straight forward. The Wilga installs using an automatic installer. It will then register the Aerosoft Launcher application which is designed to prevent piracy. The documentation provided is detailed and includes information about the Wilga aircraft. The documentation is provided in a .PDF formation. It includes several tables about aircraft performance.

The manual also includes information about all the systems in the Wilga 35A aircraft. Also included is the usual information about how to take-off, climb, cruise, decent and land. The manuals go into great detail on how to perform the above.

Installation will then begin
Installation is easy with the automatic installer.
Aerosoft Launcher Application
Enter your E-mail address and Serial Key to unlock the software

Virtual Cockpit

The Virtual Cockpit is made up of high definition photo textures. All switches and knobs are 3D and even the ones that don’t have any effect on the aircraft. There is even a pair of binoculars, although they don’t function. All the gauges in the VC have a smooth animation when they are rotating unlike some other GA (General Aviation) aircraft I have used before. The gauges have a high resolution which means they won’t get blurry if you zoom in.

The VC has some wear and tear effects. I personally think the aircraft has hit the sweet spot for dirt effects. It is not too dirty and not to clean, just as I would imagine it would be. The VC also has window reflections although they aren’t as prominent as many other window reflections.
The night lighting is nice. It is not too bright or to dark. I can’t judge how realistic the light colour is as I haven’t found any images of the Wilga 35A a night.
Great virtual cockpit

Fantastic Night Lighting in the Virtual Cockpit

The aircraft includes no 2D panels although you won’t miss them because it has a fantastic virtual cockpit.

The virtual cockpit comes in English, Polish and Germany with the language of the gauges adjusted to match each language.

To summarize it in a few words, it is a very fine virtual cockpit.

External Model

The external model is great. It matches all images that I found of the Wilga in real life. The textures on the external model are crisp and sharp. The entire model is highly detailed. There are even wires running down from the aircraft to the gear! On the propeller blades you can see the logo of the company who made them.  The wings are full of detail, they are so detailed you can count each rivet. There are six different repaints installed by default. The level of detail on the external model is on par with Carenado.

External Model
Great detail on the propellers.
More great detail
Great Wing Textures


The Wilga 35A has a very distinct engine sound. The sounds included with the Aerosoft version are nothing short of brilliant. The sound reproduction could be louder as I often had to turn up my speakers to get the full effect. The sounds match what I have heard of real Wilga 35A aircraft. Most of the switches in the VC have a sound effect accompanying them.

Flight Dynamics

Test System

Computer Specs

Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400S at 2.66GHz

NVIDIA GeForce 330 GT



Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

Flight Test Time:

45 hours

While it is great to have an aircraft with an outstanding visual model but if the flight dynamics don’t make the grade it will put off many people from purchasing the aircraft and sadly this is where this aircraft fails.

The aircraft feels underpowered. I have seen videos of the Wilga 35A pulling two gliders however I doubt Aerosoft’s version would have enough power to carry out that task. I sometimes struggled to keep the aircraft from stalling even when I am cruising. I was talking to real world pilots and they say the aircraft is very powerful. I think this issue could be fixed in a service pack.

Apart from the aircraft feeling underpowered, everything else is fine. Overall, I felt the flight dynamics were average.


The Wilga 35A is extremely frame rate friendly. I was able to achieve a smooth 50FPS in the virtual cockpit with the Aerosoft Corfu X scenery add-on and 38FPS in the virtual cockpit at Innsbruck within Approaching Innsbruck X.

While flying I could achieve over 90FPS. If your frame rates are smooth with the default aircraft this aircraft with also be smooth.


The Aerosoft Wilga X add-on is a great aircraft for many GA fans to add to their hanger. Apart from a few minor issues, this is a great aircraft. The aircraft is a bargain at £15/€18. In my opinion, if you are a GA fan then this is a must have.


What I Like About the Wilga

  • Fantastic Visual Model
  • Good Night Lighting
  • Great engine sounds
  • Amazing Frame rates


What I Don't Like About Aerpresentation's DVDs

  • Flight Dynamics need some tweaking
  • Sounds for switches and knobs could be better



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Wilga X

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