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Boeing 737-100/200 External Model

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Publishers: Captain Sim

Description: The Boeing 737-100/200 External Models Only.

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Reviewed by: Aaron Graham AVSIM Staff Reviewer - November 27, 2011


The mighty 737. The Boeing 737 is the backbone of almost all airlines. It is also the world’s most popular aircraft with one taking-off or landing every 5 seconds, however things weren’t always like this. When the 737 first launched in 1967 is had very few orders, so few that Boeing was considering terminating the program. If it weren’t for the success of the 737-200Adv that is probably what would have happened.

Captain Sim is known for making high quality products. They normally make classic Boeing aircraft. All of their aircraft have top notch visual models coupled with good flight dynamics and systems. When Captain Sim is developing aircraft they will release the external model first which includes no sounds, flight dynamics or virtual cockpit. There is only an external model; everything else is based upon the default 737-800.

Installation and Documentation

Installation is easy and painless. The aircraft installs using an automatic installer. All you have to do is agree to the license agreement then the installer does everything else. It will automatically find your FSX installation. There is no documentation included which isn’t surprising considering it is only a visual model. The visual model is also not complete and will be updated for the final release. It’s almost like a beta product that you paid for.

Welcome page
License agreement
Activation Method
Order Number
FSX Location
Installation begins
Aircraft added to FSX

External Model

I feel Captain Sim have got the model dimensions spot on as it looks great. The nose also looks good, something which can be difficult to model. All the little grooves are modeled. The quality is suburb. Every little radio antenna is modeled along with a whole host of other ‘sticky out’ bits.

The detail on the engines is amazing. Just about everything on the engine is modeled. Everything about it is great. The model is a native FSX model which means it takes advantage of bump mapping and specular. The landing gear is designed to perfection. Everything about this model screams awesome!


Each model comes with a range of repaints. You can go to the Captain Sim website to find out what repaints are available. Each repaint is historically accurate with no visible errors. Captain Sim claims they are four times higher resolution compared to their standard textures. The repaints contain beautiful dirt and scratch effects. There is no need for McPhat textures for this aircraft.

Wing Scratches
Repaint Quality


The model comes with a virtual cabin, although it is not perfect. It doesn’t look very finished. The model itself is fine but it has some rough edges. However, I like the inclusion of the cabin.

Virtual Cabin

Animations and Effects

The aircraft has plenty of animations although they aren’t all finished. The flap animation is realistic along with all the other control surfaces. The reverse thrust animation is good; however the reverse thrust isn’t how it was originally designed. There is a smoke effect when the engines are pushed to full thrust which looks great.

Engine Smoke Effects


Test System

Computer Specs

Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400
NVIDIA GeForce 330 GT
Windows 7 Home Premium
24” 1920x1080 Display

Flight Test Time:

7 hours

The model does have some issues. I found that when on the ground my landing gear will randomly disappear. It makes the aircraft look as if it is floating in the air. Another issue I have is that the flight dynamics will freeze up and not respond. It feels like it is a demo where no matter what speed you are travelling at, you won’t lift off the ground. I found this highly annoying.

Summary / Closing Remarks

If you would like to play around and admire the external model of the 737-100/200 series get this product, but I would advise everyone else to wait until the full product is released at a later date. Hopefully by then the bugs will be fixed.

I feel this review is rather short and brief but what else can I really write about, it’s an external model? Overall it is a solid model but only purchase it if you are sure you will only admire the model and be ready to battle with unresponsive controls.


What I Like About The Boeing 737-100/200 External Model

  • Windows ‘cut out’ not textured on
  • Engine details
  • Dirt and Scratch Effects
  • Cabin
  • Animations
  • Smoke Effect from Engines


What I Don't Like About The Boeing 737-100/200 External Model

  • Textures sometime turn solid black
  • Gear do sometimes go invisible
  • Flight Dynamics freeze as if they are in a ‘demo’ mode
  • Engine fan blades don’t turn



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Boeing 737-100/200 External Model

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