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Iberia A340 and SAS A330

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Publishers: Just Planes / World Air Routes

Description: Airline operations documentary .

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Reviewed by: Marlon Carter AVSIM Staff Reviewer - December 4, 2010


Iberia is an airline which perhaps needs no introduction. Iberia is the flag ship airline of Spain based in Madrid. Iberia was founded in 1927 and it now operates a range of domestic and international routes using a wide array of airbus aircrafts. This DVD focuses on the operations of the A340-300 on a roundtrip flight from Madrid to two destinations in Ecuador. It also features footage from Ecuador itself that viewers may find interesting.
The second DVD that we will look at is the Scandinavian Airlines also known as SAS A330 operations on a roundtrip transatlantic flight from its Stockholm hub to Newark. Scandinavian Airlines was founded in 1946 and it now operates both domestic and international flights using various Boeing and Airbus aircrafts. This DVD focuses on the A330-300 as it flies to a US destination.

Just Planes has always delivered top quality DVDs that allow aviation enthusiast the opportunity to see the day to day operations of airlines and their flight crew. Let’s have a closer look at some of the highlights of these DVDs.


Iberia A340-300

The Iberia DVD is by far one of the most enjoyable DVD’s I have looked at in a while. I always enjoy the short to medium haul DVDs but sometimes find it difficult to always enjoy the long haul DVDs. This DVD however, is very unique since it features a flight crew that is very interactive with the viewing audience by always finding an opportunity to explain and educate the viewer on nearly all aspects of their day to day duties.

The Capt on this flight is also very friendly and it was commendable that he highlighted just how hard First Officers work and that they are a team of equals when it comes to flying abilities. The combination of both a friendly crew and an interesting aircraft makes the 10 hour flight to Ecuador jam packed with captivating footage.

One of the highlights of this DVD is a segment which features clips from Ecuador itself. I am sure the team at JustPlanes had a lot of fun travelling to the equator and witnessing some of the phenomena that is associated with being on either side of the equator.

The next highlight of this DVD was the stunning smooth landing by the First Officer on the return flight to Madrid. It was the very first time I have seen a landing with an A340 in which you barely noticed when the aircraft actually touched down! The Capt also showed how amazed he was with the landing when he initiated a hi-five with the First Officer saying that he has to buy the beers!

All in all there is not a dull moment on this DVD and it is very instructive and informative when it comes to international operations, flying in and out of Ecuador’s high terrain and the various features of the A340.

Here is a preview video provided by JustPlanes.

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SAS A330-300

When I first saw this DVD I was intrigued by the fact that this flight takes us from Stockholm to Newark airport. It has not been very common to find US destinations among JustPlanes DVDs and I would imagine that this is in part due to many regulations since 9/11.

This DVD is also very informative as it features various aspects of preparing an aircraft for an international flight. This DVD goes a step further by also showing how the flight attendants prepare for their duties, highlighting when and how certain items are served.

The approach into Newark airport was a highlight due to the fact that the crew had to contend with some very bad weather on their approach. The return flight was also unique in that you are given a priceless view of the New York City skyline at night. It also shows just how busy the skies of NY can be at times with a view of aircraft lined up one after the other to land at Newark Airport.

All in all this DVD was very enjoyable and I am happy to add it to my collection.

Here is a preview video provided by JustPlanes.

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Summary / Closing Remarks

In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing these DVDs. I was especially hooked on the Iberia DVD since the style of the captain’s presentation really made you feel like you were part of the flight. The SAS video was likewise just as good in that the segments showing the cabin crew’s preparation and service were very interesting to say the least.

Would I buy these two DVD again if they were lost? Yes I would! They are definitely high on my list of some of the best JustPlanes DVDs available and I would tell anyone that these are a very good addition to your collection, especially if you are an Airbus fan.


What I Like About These DVDs

  • Exciting and instructive video documentary
  • Very thorough and informative presentations of the aircraft systems and flying procedures
  • Stunning scenery from the cockpit
  • The thrill of flying in and out of Ecuador’s challenging terrain was surely a highlight
  • Superb display of flying skills from the crew of Iberia and SAS


What I Don't Like About These DVDs

  • I couldn’t honestly think of anything I didn’t like about the product. My only suggestion would be for these videos to come in HD format but after a recent announcement by JustPlanes, it seems like this may be a reality from 2011 onward!



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