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Air Canada 777-300ER

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Publishers: Just Planes / World Air Routes

Description: Airline operations documentary .

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Reviewed by: Robert Whitwell AVSIM Reviews Editor - December 4, 2010


Air Canada is the largest airline in Canada. It was founded in 1936 and was originally named Trans-Canada Airlines. In 2001, Air Canada acquired our second largest airline, Canadian Airlines, and became our only “national” carrier.

Today, Air Canada is the world’s 12th largest commercial airline. It operates the A330, B767 and B777 on the long hauls and A319, A320, A321, and Embraer E170/E190 on the short hauls. The fleet comprises of 204 aircraft with 37 more on order, flying 1,370 flights daily.


This DVD is covers 3 flights; Toronto to Tokyo and return and Toronto to Frankfurt. The first leg is a 13 hour flight with a 12 hour return haul. The YYZ-FRA leg is a quick 7 hours.

As you strap yourself into the jump seat to observe first hand what happens on the flight deck, the Captain and First Officer start their pre-flight checks and continue on with their emergency takeoff brief. They continue with the procedures prior to takeoff and after V1 is achieved. They also discuss an engine fire scenario. This leg is going to be the co-pilot’s flight with the Capt assisting.

We witness the ticks in the box as the crew go through the before start checklist and then request pushback. Taxi clearance is soon received and we’re ready to go. This section shows the unique cameras attached to the aircraft so they can see the gear and the engines throughout the flight. It also presents a great shot and explanation of the electronic checklists.

After we’re in the air, the Captain explains their takeoff procedures and reviews the charts (SID) and the airport diagrams. The co-pilot explains the load and weight information they receive on the ground and how they calculate their takeoff parameters in accordance with their performance charts. This section also explains the “electronic flight bag” (a must have for simmers).

During the flight the autopilot and FMS are explained, along with the flight computer and the why various waypoints are entered into the system. We also get introduced to the air route charts, comminications and radios and fuel management systems.

Prior to landing in Tokyo, we hear the pre-landing brief and consult the approach plates. This is followed by the pre-descent checklist. ATC guides the plane through the ILS approach. The airport diagram is consulted again and after touchdown we taxi to the gate and are greeted by the auto marshalling system to end the flight prior to our return trip to Toronto. (not in the same day).

On the return leg we are introduced to the Chief Cabin Steward and he explains the various meal selections available on the flight. Having flown on this aircraft to South America, I think these meals are only in Business class, as that wasn’t even close to what we were served in the “back”.

As we approach Toronto, the co-pilot goes through the STAR and ILS procedures as well as what to expect for taxi instructions once on the ground. As we pull into our designated gate, we are greeted once more by the auto marshall system, except this time it’s in meters and counts down to “stop”.

The main difference on the Toronto-Frankfurt flight is that we are introduced to Oceanic Clearances and these are explained in detail.

Summary / Closing Remarks

To anyone who loves the 777, this DVD will not disappoint you. If you haven’t had the opportunity to fly on one yet, it’s not to be missed. Now that the front end has been revealed, simmers will have a greater appreciation of the procedures to be followed, as well as being enlightened to the technical simplicity that modern airline pilots have at their fingertips for cockpit management.

While I’m not a heavy metal flyer, this DVD has given me a greater respect for the day to day operations of these “air taxi” drivers. I may start to delve into this genre and start pushing more buttons and interacting with onboard computers.


What I Like About This DVD

  • A great instructive documentary
  • Thorough, informative presentations of the aircraft systems and flying procedures in layman’s terms by knowledgeable staff


What I Don't Like About This DVD

  • So many aircraft titles, so little time.



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