The AVSIM Award of Excellence

In addition to garnering the elusive 5-Star rating, any product that maintains a 5-Star Rating following the overview of the AVSIM Editorial Review Board is also automatically eligible for the AVSIM Award of Excellence. The AOE is the Ultimate honor a product can receive from AVSIM Online. It is reserved for those products that exemplify the finest qualities of computer based flight simulation. In the end, the product is of such distinction that the very nature by which we will judge future products is forever changed.

Once a review has formally received a 5-Star rating by the Review Editor, that editor will draft an Award of Excellence proposal. In this proposal, the editor provides the Pros and Cons for awarding an AOE. This is distributed to the members of the AVSIM AOE Committee for a final look. If the product gets a super-majority of the cast votes it qualifies for the AOE. There are some requirements the developer must agree to for final awarding of the AOE, but at this point the ball is in the court of the developer.

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