Alphabetical listing of all reviews from the past 5 years.

Aircraft Reviews A team of AVSIM Online test pilots shake down recently-released aircraft add-ons for Microsoft© Flight Simulator™, Fly!, X-Plane and other popular simulators.

Multipurpose/Multifunction/Utility Add-ons: AVSIM features many articles and reviews related to the add-ons, programs and other material designed to increase the functionality, appearance, or enjoyment of MSFS, Fly! and other simulators. You'll also find some special "how-to" articles, and features about hardware and software generally related to your flight simming or Internet usage.

Scenery Reviews: To enhance your simulation pleasure, the AVSIM Reivew team looks at various scenery packages released. Covering the four corners of the globe, both large and small areas are covered in this section.