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AVSIM Online is one of the oldest and largest web sites online dedicated to serving the simulation community. Currently we run three servers and have a very large "pipe" connected to the Internet. Our 40+ volunteers, from top to bottom, work daily to bring you the best in simulation news, resources, discussions and files. Those servers, the pipe and our philosophy of continuing improvement in services provided to the sim enthusiast cost money. Lots of money. AVSIM spends tens of thousands of dollars a year bringing you the Premier Resource in simulation that AVSIM is. Advertising, commissions from product sales, and other revenue generating efforts on our part do a lot to help pay the bills. But you can help! Donate today to your simulation resource! Help us continue to provide you service and feature enhancements as well as all the great news, files and forums focused on our hobby. Please contribute today - your contribution will be put to good use supporting your hobby and community!

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AVSIM serves up 10's of thousands of files a day to our community of flight simulation enthusiasts. Those downloads consume over 4 terabytes of bandwidth each and every month and that continues to grow. We do not charge for access to the AVSIM Library and we apportion our downloads equally to all users of the system. However, we can always use your help in paying our bandwidth bill. Please, if you enjoy this service and want to guarantee it continues, take a moment and donate a dollar or two to AVSIM! Help us to continue this great free service by donating less than the cost of a soft drink.

Donations to AVSIM Inc. are not tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.
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