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Panel Reviews (Cont'd)

This Page was last updated: Monday, May 3, 1999

Managing Editor - Reviews: Maury Pratt
Panel Reviewer: Bill Dailey
Panel Reviewer: Pardave Lehry
Panel Reviewer: Michael Toussaint

2nd 12 Panel Reviews

Falcon 50 Panel: Bill Dailey, AVSIM Panel Reviewer, gives us a look at Ralph Tofflemire's new photorealistic Dassualt Falcon 50 panel and tells us that it is "an excellent and very realistic representation of this high performance airplane." Bill says that this panel is just another step in Ralph's revoluntionary panel creations and the only thing keeping it from being 100% accurate is FS98's inability to accuratly depict complex aircraft subsystems.
ATR 42/72 Panel: Designer Nicolas T. Gourna-Douath offers an appealing panel for the ATR 42 and 72 series turboprops. These smaller but sturdy brothers of the DASH 8 will challenge your "bush flying" skills. AVSIM Panel Reviewer Pardave Lehry says this panel's properly fitted for a turboprop and is easy on your eyes.
Boeing 777 Panel: AVSIM Managing Editor Maury Pratt gives us a detailed look at Tony D'Ambrosio's new Boeing 777-300 panel. "This panel, designed for 1028x768 resolution (and adequate in 800x600 as well), is both reasonably authentic and replete with pilot-pleasing features -- and it's one of the most legible panels I've had the pleasure of flying."
Boeing 757/767 Panel: AVSIM Panel Reviewer Mike Toussaint takes us inside for a glimpse of Paul Golding's repaint of Eric Ernst' Boeing 757/767 Panel. Mike says that while this panel maintains many of the features Eric provided it with, Paul has done an excellent job in taking it to the next level. Read this review and find out why Mike says "If you enjoy the B757 as much as I do, then this is THE panel to have."
Cessna CitationJet Panel: Bill Dailey, AVSIM Panel Reviewer takes a look at Michael Tscherdantzew Jr. Cessna CitationJet Model 525 Panel in his latest review. The Cessna CitationJet Model 525 is one of the few, if not the only, business jets which is certified by the FAA for single pilot operation. Which of course makes it perfect for FS98. Bill says this is a not to be missed opportunity of now making all of your jet transport category FS98 flying "legal" by adding this combo of an outstanding airplane and panel combination put together by Kevin Bales and Michael Tscherdantzew Jr., to your hanger.
747-400 Panel: Reviewer Pardave Lehry takes a look at Mirko Weber's realistic 747-400 panel. Pardave says "this panel is excellent," and "there are very few panels out there that give pilots as many options as this one."
The Airbus Panels: AVSIM Reviewer Pardave Lehry reviews version 4 of Fred Carter's set of two- and four-engine Airbus panels, and finds the set to be a solid freeware package.
Boeing 707 Panel: AVSIM Reviewer Mike Toussaint looked forward to reviewing Armando Weinberger's Boeing 707 Panel, as the venerable 707 offered young Mr. Toussaint his first experience aboard a commercial airliner. Mike was not disappointed, saying, "For his first panel, [Weinberger] has certainly impressed me with his skill in implementing nice features..." Mike concludes that "I've seen B707 panels in some payware packages and this one is a lot nicer and by far more realistic."
Airbus A330 Panel: Pardave Lehry, one of AVSIM's new reviewers has a treat for all the Airbus fans. Pardave starts off a series of reviews of panels for the Airbus fleet. In the first of the series, he takes a look at Andreas Jaros' panel for the Airbus A300/A310. While Pardave hasn't had the chance to fly on an A300 or A310, he says these cockpits give pilots the best of both worlds, analog and digital.
Bombardier Learjet 45 Panel: Senior Review Editor Maury Pratt appreciates the latest work of Alexander Lawrence, calling it "gorgeous" and recommending it "without reservation." We think you'll like the panel too, which features an enhanced PFD and Alain Capt's ACS-GPS98 KLN90B, an excellent GPS which supports wind drift compensation.
Bombardier Canadair CRJ-100/700 Panel: Senior Review Editor Maury Pratt takes a look at an oldie but a goodie: Ralph Tofflemire's Canadian Regional Jet Panel first released last November. This is one of Ralph's earlier photo-realistic panels, and he's not updated it since, so it lacks the finese of his current award-winning panels. Nevertheless, it is a very worthwhile panel to more fully enjoy your CRJ flying experience, and Maury thinks you'll find much to like about the it.
Piper Seneca V Moving Parts Aircraft, 3D Panel (Version 2.0) and Sound Package: Remember the Old Milwaukee beer commercial of a few years back? The one where the punch line was "You know guys, it doesn't get any better than this." Well, in a nutshell, that pretty much sums up the combination of Graham "Dotcom" Waterfield's moving parts Seneca V aircraft, Alexander Lawrence's 3D panel (Release 2) and Leon Medado's authentic Seneca V sound package. In Reviewer Bill Dailey's opinion this package, as a combination, represents the state of the FS art as of mid October 1998. Things may get better with the release of FS2000 but for now - this is as good as it gets! Winner of the AVSIM Gold Medal for Excellence in Flightsim Design.


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