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July 4, 2002

This past Monday, we released EZ-Landmarka nifty little add-on that reveals all of the easter eggs in flight simulator scenery. When you fly with EZ-Landmark you'll clearly see the name of hundreds of sites down below including buildings, schools, stadiums, rivers, lakes, bridges and mountain peaks. In fact, any static item in your scenery that has a latitude, longitude and elevation can be identifed as a landmark!

Users can fly FREE using its demo mode within a 50 mile radius of Chicago's Miegs Field.

Its intelligence comes from the database that identifes the name and location of the landmarks within the scenery. FS Wizard Konstantin Kukushkin cleverly developed this program to display the landmark's name at the latitude, longitude and elevation found in the database.

Earn a Free Copy

Our initial database contains nearly 1000 entries, but we need help to expand it. We need help to identify the prominent landmarks in the default scenery for these geographic areas:
Beijing Munich
Anchorage Phoenix
Athens Rome
Charlotte San Antonio
Cincinnati Sydney
Frankfurt Tokyo
Jerusalem Vancouver

The landmarks may be rivers, lakes, major highways, prominent buildings, factories, schools, stadiums, parks, etc, The first user who sends us at least 10 landmarks for one of the above scenery areas will receive a free copy of EZ-Landmark . Other users who submit ten entries will have a chance to receive one of ten additional free copies - drawn at random from all submitters. *** see details below

Oshkosh Demo too!

Microsoft recently released a great, new scenery add-on of the Oshkoh Whitman Regional Airport and convention gounds. These expansive fair gounds are lined with display aircraft, exhibits, workshops and in late July each year.

For users who haven't yet visited Oshkosh, wevre expanded the demo mode of EZ-Landmark to 20 mile radius of Oshkosh so they can see these sties too. This slick software can be used identify sites in any flight simulator scenery including Oshkosh. After we installed Microsoft's new Oshkosh scenery, we added many of the sites for Oshkosh which you can now experinece the fly-in from the air. In fact, adding the new landmarks for the Oshkosh sites was a quick 15 minute task. Here's a few of them.

This software is so simple and useful that you'll wonder why it wasn't invented sooner.

Fly before you buy

EZ-Landmark is part of our Premier Collection where users can "fly before they buy". Users can quickly download (less than 2MB) and fly in demo mode where EZ-Landmark shows the landmarks within a 50 mile radius of Chicago Meigs Field as well as the 20 mile radius of Oshkosh. Online registration is available for only $19 and unlocks the demo mode for worldwide siteseeing

A boxed version will be sold in chains throughout the US & Canada in August and through our global puslhing partners worldwide.

For more information, users can visit our site at Abacus.

*** About the Database Entries

A single entry requires the name, latitude, longitude and elevation for each landmark. You can easily determine this information by "slewing" to any site in the scenery that you recognize and recording it's location. For example, an entry is specified by the following information: Navy Pier N41 53.63 W87 36.62 610. This landmark in the Chicago area is the Navy Pier, latitude N41 52.63, longitude W87 36.62, elevation 610 feet. Users can send their 10 entries by email here.



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