Lionheart Creations Ltd.
releases their newest creation, the
Classic Bellanca Cruisemaster

gamepack add-on for FS2004

Press Release; January 17, 2006

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The Bellanca Cruisemaster was a sleek, fast, and yet affordable family plane from the golden days of aviation. Manufactured in the 1950's on, they were a common sight at all American airports. Sporting a cabin layout for 4 plus a luggage compartment and powered by a flat six Franklin that boasted 150 horses, she was able to get up to 165 plus knots due to her clean shape, rivetless wings, and retractable landing gear. One of her most noted features however wasnt her high speed or economic ownership, but that she could take off at 50 knots and land likewise 'on a dime', as her advertisements reported, making it the ultimate commuter for those that needed to land in small fields.

In the Classic Bellanca Cruisemaster package, you will find eleven aircraft ready for flight. Each of these has a different colored and detailed cabin interior matched with its external color package. The Virtual Cockpit is elaborately done with fully functioning controls to make VC only flights capable. New animations include a hand crank for the landing gear that spins when the under carriage is in transit, an opening Map box cubby compartment, the fuse cover, and much more.

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Another feature of the classic bird is 3 different panels that range in shiny white to krinkle black and a choice of gauge packages, from old to new. These are fitted to various models of the eleven Bellanca's supplied in the package.

Alot of work was incorporated into the cabins for the right 'feel' of that particular model. Some were to reflect a feeling of vintage era, so black leather was used with some wood trim touches, while another was to reflect a modern day 're-fit' of upholstery, and so some more modern colors were used in it. The list goes on.

A new 'sound pack' was created for the little four seater Bellanca that includes new sounds for things such as flaps, gear carriage retraction, gear alarm, etc. The engine sound, you will find, has a unique and realistic sound to it. It was not widely known that Bellanca Aircraft Company would soundproof their planes, so the interior sound levels are much lower inside then outside, which is superb for online flights.

Lastly, the famous Bellanca airfield that is no longer standing and not in FS2004, has been recreated. This features a paved runway, 2 grass runways, several factory buildings and two of the Bellanca hangers, with static scenery details surrounding the area. Many a world famous Bellanca's came from this production fascility that had for the era set monumental records. This package brings it back to life.

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If you like unique aircraft and planes of the golden era and would like a total change of pace, and some nice planes to add to your hanger collection, then the Bellanca Cruisemaster might be for you.

For more information on this aircraft, go to the Lionheart Creations webpage.

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