AvSimming in Slovenia
By: Miro Majcen
Editor, Slovenia / Croatia

As you probably know, Slovenia is a small country. Never the less, there are many real life pilots, many of which fly various simulators. I could easily say that most of them fly Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.1 and many are upgrading to version 6. FS6 gained a lot of popularity after the release of the Microsoft FSFS converter, which allowed them to use their existing a/c models.

Slovenia has all those things that make flying here interesting; from high alps to panoramic lowlands and of course, the seaside. This makes the area interesting in Flight Simulation and the release of a Slovenia Scenery set made it possible for all to see the beautiful scenery and geography. The latest version of the Slovenian scenery set is version 2.0 and it is available from the Slovenian Flight Sim Page at http://www2.arnes.si/guest/ssdszupa/mirofs.htm under the scenery section. But, with the release of such great new tools like Schiratti commander and now ASD , Slovenia version 3.0 will be released very soon. The new version will incluse most of the geographic features (mountains, rivers etc...) all airports ( 3 INT'L and more than 20 smaller airfields). All airports will feature realistic building positions as well as realistic surroundings in order to make the simulation as life-like as possible.

Just imagine the glider flying between all the hills in Alps region while enjoying the magnificent view the scenery has to offer. If you like to buzz around the seaside and watch the girls on the beach..hey, why not. (Editors Note: We had to pull Miro away from the beach to write this article!).

Here are some screen shoots of the early beta version which we think will wet your appetite:

Ljubljana International Airport

Ready for takeoff at Lesce sport airfield
(The highest hill in the back shows our
highest mountain Triglav 2864 meters asl)

Parking the Cessna on LJLJ Apron
while looking at the alps in the background.

Slovenia Army Zlin 242 L over the seaside.

Adria Airways Airbus A 320 overflying Ljubljana INT

Flying in a country can only be realistic if you fly the aircraft found predominently in that country. The Slovenia 3 pack will also include some aircraft that are used in Slovenia in order for you to get a real feel for the country and the challenges. Here are some preview shots of those as well:

Adria Airways Canadair Regional Jet 200 LR

Falcons Nest Airschool Antonov AN 2

Slovenian simmers are also preparing to participate in the next Interstate event when it happens.

So, if you would like a diversion from the standard simming fare, download the scenery and aircraft and take a look at Slovenia from the eyes of those of your fellow simmers here.

Miro Majcen

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