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  1. It looks like you're not using a pre-release version of MFS, so you'd probably do better asking in the FSX forum.
  2. Ian Box

    New Issues with RC

    My memory may be a bit shaky as I haven't simmed, and hence haven't used RC, for some years, but I think that even though the VOR must be close to the destination, you are instructed to hold 40 nm from the VOR. In case you're wondering - I'm just spending some time here whilst waiting for more info on the next MFS, in case it might tempt me back to simming.
  3. Ian Box

    Why no Flybe, only Jersey?

    Flybe used to be Jersey European Airways, and has retained the jersey callsign. I suppose the airlines list ought to be updated with the new name, but it wouldn't affect the callsign.
  4. Ray,One for jd realy I guess, but can I suggest that if RC5 uses similar data files then please do not use the .csv suffix as that's just inviting people to edit them with Excel (or OpenOffice or whatever). Many people will have these applications installed on their system, and they automatically claim the .csv suffix as a comma separated values representation of a spreadsheet. It would be much better to use another suffix, such as .dat to avoid the possibility of editing them with the wrong application.
  5. Just to let you know I've tried a test version of FSUIPC supplied by Pete Dowson and this fixes both the missing flight numbers and the problems with supplying ground traffic details immediately after starting FSX. I've done a brief test with RC and I got no airlines being read out phonetically, so I'm confident that this has fixed the problem for me.I understand Pete is still working on one or two other unrelated problems, but I'm fairly sure he will soon release either a public beta with the fixes in, or perhaps even FSUIPC 4.12.
  6. Hi Jim,I'm in dialogue with Pete Dowson over on his forum about the lack of flight numbers against certain airline flights. I know from past experience that if Radar Contact is expecting a flight number but doesn't find one it reads out the entire airline name phonetically. I'm not saying this is the only possible cause of that, but it does seem to be the one hitting me.I'm pleased to say that Pete seems to be making progress towards a solution. There's a beta version of FSUIPC (4.112) which seems to fix this, but there is still a problem outstanding in that initially I'm seeing no ground traffic at all via Pete's Trafficlook application.Hopefully both of these problems will be resolved by the time FSUIPC 4.12 is released.
  7. Hi Ron,Trafficlook isn't actually included with the 4.x versions of FSUIPC, but it's available as a separate download - I don't have the details to hand at the moment as I'm at work.I haven't had much time to check but I too found that some (but by no means all) AI aircraft were suffering from this problem. Trafficlook confirms that there's no flight number displayed for the offending aircraft. It seems to occur in all phases of flight. I'm not sure if it is a problem with FSX SP1, or with FSUIPC 4.10. I hope it's the latter, as that way we're more likely to get a quick fix from Pete. I hope someone else can report it to Pete, as it's going to be some time before I'm in a position to do so.
  8. Hi,See my other post. I may have been mistaken that it was VFR flights causing this - it might be, as you say, that the flight number is missing. The GA-Traffic program generates both VFR and IFR flights, but these always have a flight number of 0000. My solution was to exclude the airline planes from GA-Traffic - yours would probably be to add flight numbers to the TTools definitions.
  9. Hi Jean-Claude,I used to get this happening too. I think in my case it was when I used the Markus Brunner's GA-Traffic to generate flight plans for all the FS9 default GA aircraft. One of the aircraft it picked up was the Cessna Caravan Amphibian paint1 - this is a Gaia airlines plane. Some of the flights generated for this aircraft were VFR, and it was these that were causing the Golf Alpha India Alpha callsign.By removing this particular aircraft from the GA traffic configuration I got rid of the problem.I guess it would happen with any aircraft with 'atc_airline' defined when used in a VFR AI flight, not just those created using GA-Traffic.
  10. Ian Box


    Andrew, If you look at the pinned post at the top of the forum "FSX Compatibility" jd says that he'll be releasing the new version in a few days, once it's been confirmed that the new FSUIPC has fixed the 'gear up' problem on aircraft without retractable gear.I can confirm that the beta version of FSUIPC 4.062 does indeed fix this problem, so when Pete Dowson releases 4.07 we shouldn't have long to wait.
  11. Today I was testing the RC 4.3 beta with FSX. I was on final into Key west (KEYW) when all of a sudden I was told to go around. I couldn't see any reason for it, but began to climb anyway to signal I'd heard the instruction.The controller then gives me the speech about ovserving me with gear up on final. What on earth is he on about? I'm in the default Cessna 172 with no retractable gear. I guess they'd better buy him some new spectacles.I then reflew with debug on, so a log is available if needed.
  12. The EULA for FSX, which is in the Microsoft Flight Simulator X main folder, states:TRANSFER TO ANOTHER DEVICE. You may uninstall the software and install it on another device for your use. You may not do so to share this license between devices.Now it doesn't explicitly state that you can do this transfer more than once, but also it doesn't explicitly limit the number of times you're allowed to do it.The EULA for Windows Vista DOES explicitly limit this to one transfer only, which is why many people, myself included, are currently of the opinion that this alone will be reason not to upgrade to Vista. Over the time that I've had XP, I've had a number of disk failures, I've upgraded motherboards, CPU etc. etc., so I've had to reactivate XP a number of times. Most of those times the reactivation was straightforward over the 'net, but I've also been forced to do it by phone about three times now. Two of those were just a case of (slowly) punching the product number into the keypad, but the last time I had to speak to someone from Microsoft and explain my reason for reactivation. Once I'd confirmed that this copy of windows was only in use on one machine he readily gave me the new activation code.In short, I don't see activation in FSX as any sort of problem. As for Vista...........
  13. Ian Box

    FSX times out

    Alternatively you could save the flight after about 25 minutes and then re-load it after you have restarted the demo.
  14. I suspect your .WAV may have been created with different attributes to the others in RC (sample rate etc. etc.). When RC concatenates the .WAVs together to play it uses the attributes for your file for the whole set, so you hear 'connect' correctly, but the rest is garbage.I once tried to edit some of the .WAVs in the Dean Barry pilot set, as some of these have unusually long pauses at the beginning and/or end. I used the free version of WavePad, but could never get them to play correctly in RC and gave up.Ian
  15. Ian Box

    AI Parking Specs

    Parking specs only apply to the AI aircraft, not the aircraft you're flying.Ian